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Justin Bieber Gets X Tattoo

Justin Bieber nerf gun assault

Justin Bieber recently got an “X” tattoo on his left arm.

The Canadian pop star, who is currently on a world tour, was spotted this week with a small X tattooed below the owl on his left arm. According to, this is Bieber’s 12th tattoo.

Bieber already has a tattoo of an owl, a pair of praying hands, Jesus, the word “believe,” and a crow. The pop star has not explained the significance of his new ink just yet but the Daily Mail suggests that the “X” may actually be a cross.

The Biebs has several religious tattoos on his body so it wouldn’t be surprising if the X really is a cross. He already has the praying hands, the Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage, and a portrait of Jesus on his thigh.

Bieber already has a dozen tattoos and the pop singer said that he plans to get more in the future.

Bieber said:

“I definitely see myself getting more in the future but slowly but surely. I’m not going to go too crazy right away and get something on my neck or anything like that.”

Justin Bieber’s X tattoos isn’t the only style choice the singer has made recently that has gotten people talking. The pop singer was recently spotted shopping in London wearing a gas mask.

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23 Responses to “Justin Bieber Gets X Tattoo”

  1. Dan Glover

    fresh from the threat of castration… bieber decides to get an x tattoo to show the world that not only does he know a letter of the alphabet but that he is not going to stick his neck out for a new tat cause he don't want to go all crazy with it.

  2. Anonymous

    That's what happens when your Look uptos are a bunch of no good criminals.

  3. Billy Van Duser

    Hes gone nuts. Anyting to get his name in the news. A white Michael jackson in the works. Can't wait for him to crash and burn. Enough of Bieber please.

  4. Anonymous

    Why does it mean something to someone to put something on your body. You must have to be an idiot for it to.

  5. Dan Schlamp

    I have a tattoo of 3 C's on my dick. It reads Chattanooga Choo Choo. Want to see?

  6. Bob Tucker

    Hey Yo! Leave my Bieb alone. He has talent..Shame on you Billy Van Duser.

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