Shrek themed wedding

‘Shrek’ Themed Wedding Approved By Jersey Government

A couple from the European island of Jersey wanted to dress up like Shrek and Fiona (from the popular Dreamworks franchise) for their wedding, but they had to get special governmental permission first.

MSN reports that Paul and Heidi Bellas had to apply for permissions to dress as the Shrek characters for their wedding ceremony, because Jersey law requires that the couple remain identifiable during a wedding ceremony. In fact, a registrar had to be physically present while the couple put on their makeup.

They also obtained permission from Senator Ian Le Marquand, Jersey’s home affairs minister.

The couple were ultimately allowed to walk down the aisle at the Radisson Hotel as Shrek and Fiona while the rest of the wedding party were dressed as fairytale characters, reports the BBC.

Paul Bellas said that the idea of a Shrek-themed wedding came to the couple while they were watching the film with their son.

“The essence is that Shrek represents true love,” said Paul. “It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, if the love is there then that is what it is about.”

Some of his guests didn’t share the sentiment. When he told them that they would have to dress up, he got a mixed response.

“I was standing at the altar, there were only three guests in the room and they were dressed up. As the lift opened these people started to sit down but there was one dressed as a Flintstone with big feet,” he recalled.

“I started jumping up and down with laughter, if it wasn’t for my friends and their embracing it, it wouldn’t have been as special as it was,” he beamed.

Are you a fan of Shrek? Have you ever considered having a themed wedding?

Shrek themed wedding