Dawnguard hits PSN today

‘Dawnguard’ Hits PSN Today, Completing Skyrim DLC Collection For PS3

Today, February 26, PS3 players can finally complete their Skyrim DLC collection (after almost a year of waiting) with the release of Dawnguard on the PlayStation Network later tonight.

Dawnguard follows the release of Dragonborn and Hearthfire earlier this month. The add-on offers about 10 to 20 hours of gameplay, giving players the option of joining either a vampire hunting organization (Dawnguard) or joining the vampire lord Harkon in his quest to blot out the sun.

Dawnguard was the first Skyrim add-on to be released back in June, originally as a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. Bethesda promised that the DLC would be available on PC and PS3 shortly after, but ran into problems with the Sony console.

The company continued to release DLC for the Xbox, while remaining mum on when the add-ons would finally hit PS3.

After announcing that they had finally figured out the PS3, Bethesda started releasing the long-awaited content in February, offering each package at half-price for the first week as a mea culpa to upset Skyrim fans.

Still, the DLC release on PS3 hasn’t been entirely smooth, either. When Hearthfire was released, gamers had to wait longer than normal for the PSN to update, though Bethesda said that the delay was on Sony’s side.

For me, Hearthfire finally became available around 10pm CST.

If all goes well, the PSN will update tonight between 7pm and 8pm EST, and Dawnguard will be posted then. As promised, it will be half-price. UK PS3 owners will get their shot at Dawnguard on February 27.