Real-Life Rapunzel

Real-Life Rapunzel Shows Off Hair Longer Than She Is Tall

A real-life Rapunzel has hair longer than she is tall. The woman, Terelynn Russel, boasts hair that is six feet and three inches long.

While the natural instinct as women get older is to chop off their hair for a more sensible (and practical) hairdo, the mom of three hasn’t conformed to the norm.

Russel, 43, can’t remember a time when her hair was above her waist. Yahoo! Shine reports that she revealed:

“My earliest memory of the shortest hair would be when I was four years old starting kindergarten and it was down to my waist. To me, short hair would be just above my waist.”

Inspired, and possibly also in awe, by their mother’s super-long mane, Russel’s three daughters are following suit. To help the family cope with the mass of hair, the real-life Rapunzel has set some ground rules.

All four girls have to have their hair up in the kitchen — especially near the stove. They also have to wash their hair regularly, which Terelynn stated is “a big event.”

Inside Edition notes that the girls go through a lot of shampoo, and even more conditioner. Their brother also has a long wait for the bathroom. Blow drying Terelynn’s hair takes an hour. She commented, “I burn up a lot of blow dryers.”

To cope with the massive amount of hair in their household, Terelynn Russel taught her girls how to style each other’s hair. She added, “You have to have patience to be in this house with all of this hair.”

But the girls do cut their hair — sometimes. The Russel women recently donated some of their hair to Locks of Love. Their donations will be used to create wigs for children suffering from medical hair loss. As for the men in the family, both Russel’s son and her husband are supportive of the women in their family.

The real-life Rapunzel’s husband commented, “I love all my girls’ long hair.”