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Ohio Man Sees Jesus In Bird Poop

Brooklyn, OH – A local man claims to have seen Jesus in some bird poop he found on his car windshield.

Jim Lawry was paying a visit to his parents when the miracle reportedly occured. The Daily Mail explains that Lawry was in the driveway when he noticed the spot on his car windshield. When he looked closer at the bird poop, Jim claimed he saw Jesus staring back at him.

Lawry said he was “astounded” by appearance. The resemblance was so strong that Jim called his family out to have a look. They too thought the bird droppings strongly resembled Jesus.

According to NewsChannel 5, Lawry was so excited about the find that he decided to contact the local television station to share his story. Since he believed the bird poop to be some sort of sign, he thought other people would like to see it.

This isn’t the first time someone has claimed to seen the face of a religious figure in something unusual. According to Fox News, a 10-year-old girl claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary in a piece of burnt toast.

The girl ultimately sold the toast on eBay to an online casino for $28,000. Company executives said they were willing to pay as much as it took to acquire the iconic bread.

The Herald-Sun explains that a pizza shop employees in Brisbane, Australia were surprised when Jesus appeared on one of their pies. In an effort to raise money for charity, shop owners put the pizza up for grabs on eBAy.

Scientists believe they know why so people like Jim Lawry see Jesus in bird poop. According to The Huffington Post, the brain is designed too look for familiar things when faced with abstract images. The blob of droppings is just a blob until the brain matches it up with something it can recognize.

A picture of the droppings in question has been embedded below.

Jim Lawry

Can you see Jesus in the bird poop?

[Image by Jim Lawry]