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Joe Biden Shotgun Advice Was Sexist: Mom Questioner

Mom says Joe Biden's shotgun advice was sexist

Joe Biden sexist or just Joe being Joe?

Kate Ernest, a parent of one-year-old baby, claims that Vice President Joe Biden’s dismissive answer to her question about the Second Amendment right to self defense in his recent Parents Magazine Facebook town hall forum, was sexist. His shotgun advice also might even be illegal.

Biden is promoting the Obama administration’s gun control agenda in various venues.

The question Ernest posed during the online event concerned gun control regulations having the practical effect of disarming law-abiding citizens. Biden seemingly smugly insisted that he has never heard anyone in Parents Magazine ask these kinds of questions.

During the online forum, Biden attracted a lot of social media attention by repeatedly insisting that American citizens should buy a shotgun for personal self defense and that there is no need for the anyone to own the weapons or ammo clips that the Democrats are trying to ban.

Kate Ernest appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Channel show to discuss her interaction with the gaffe-prone veep over gun control. Ernest said, in part:

“As a parent who has weapons in my home, I just wanted to know … in terms of placing bans on certain weapons or magazines … you’re going to remove them from the hands of the good guy — no criminals are going to hand in their weapons, so my question was, if he claims that our police officers are being outgunned, should we be outgunned in our homes as well … “

Megyn Kelly asked her about Biden’s recommendation –- advice that he claims he has given his wife — about firing two warning shots with a double-barrel shotgun out the window if there is trouble. Kate Ernest had some strong reservations:

“That advice is probably some of the poorest advice he could give anyone, let alone a loved one … for anybody who knows anything about guns, they would know a double barreled shotgun only holds two rounds, so once she goes out in plain sight and fires those two rounds, she’s a sitting duck … in a high-pressure situation, is she going to sit there and fumble with shells to reload it?… it was poor advice and comes off a little sexist, like ‘let me tell you what you need’ versus arm yourself or protect yourself in the way you feel necessary.”

Enest, who apparently is an AR-15-owning mom, also maintained that an AR-15 is easier to fire than a shotgun contrary to what Biden claimed. She added that with so many AR-15s already in circulation, wrongdoers will always find a way to gain access to them regardless of what new restrictive government regulations might come to pass.

Separately, US News reports that following Joe Biden’s advice could get you thrown in jail in Delaware where Biden lives:

“A sergeant with the Wilmington, Del., police department explained to U.S. News that city residents are not allowed to fire guns on their property …

“[Former Delaware deputy attorney general John] Garey said that under Biden’s scenario, Jill Biden could be charged with aggravated menacing, a felony, and reckless endangering in the first degree.”

Do you think Joe Biden was giving out good or bad advice about shotguns? Was the advice sexist?

Watch Megyn Kelly’s interview with Kate Ernest about Joe Biden’s shotgun advice:

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103 Responses to “Joe Biden Shotgun Advice Was Sexist: Mom Questioner”

  1. Jeff Carr

    What a crock! there's nothing sexist about what Biden said because it's good advice for men too. There are many men who can't handle an AR-15 or any semit automatic guns.

    This beotch is just looking for a fight and an argument because she's an obvious gun nut.

  2. Randy Laclair

    biden is an ass always will be an ass-they pawn his actions as being almost mentally retarded but truth is he is just an ass.

  3. Jim Delora

    Terrible advice, Because now that you shot both rounds with your double shot gun, you now have to reload while the person or persons are entering your house with at least a 10 round clip because they will adhere to the new gov laws and kill you while you are reloading…..

  4. Jerry Ward

    Biden is once again showing why he is a terrible waste of precious resources. I say let Barney Fife be his one and only body guard. Oh the interesting conversations those two could have.

  5. Michael Parks

    gteat fire off the only two bullets you got as a warning shoot could this man be any more stupid and what does that say about the man the picked him just asking.

  6. Chad Martinez

    As much as I dislike Obama, at least he's not Joe Biden. The man is an idiot. He's also smug and very condescending. I hope he never has to assume the president's duties for any reason.

  7. Eric Gray

    Don't subject Fife to that idiot. Poor man, no one should have to endure Biden.

  8. Leonard J Boschma

    They really should stop worrying about all this weapons debate and make a law to incarcerate anyone who uses the phrase "RETARD", that went out with the "N word!" But then again I guess those who use it prove there is something far sadder than being mentally challenged. You can't fix stupid! Ignorant is even harder yet!

  9. Leonard J Boschma

    They really should not stop worrying about the weapons issues and make a law to incarcerate anyone who uses the phrase "RETARD", that went out with the N Word!

  10. Jim Pattan

    Not only was it bad advice and tactically suiidal, it was condecending aswell. He spoke as though he were speaking to a two year old. Women are far too intelligent to be spoken to on that level. The American poeple are too intelligent to be spoken to that way. The women who choose to defend themselve usually know more about firearms than their given credit for. Certainly more than this idot does. Most of these idots are clueless about firearms, how they work, the purpose of each type of firearm and basic gun safety. By the way Joe, there's very little difference between the way a shotgun is aimed and the way an AR-15 is aimed. The sights are a little differet but no more complicated. Just another lie used to sway the American people away from owning whatever firearm they see fit. As long as civilians own anything that could be used as an infantry rifle, (that's what an AR-15 is at best. Not an assault rifle) this administration feels threatened. That's the way it's the way it's supposed to be. As long as they fear us, they will behave themselves. When we fear them, look out! That's when democracy dies and dictatorship takes over.

  11. Larry Rosner

    I love the attitude and tone of this buffoon…talking down to the people who the democrat party is supposed to be the champions of: women. His condescending words and tone should piss anyone off who heard this. His advice, if it weren't so dangerous, would otherwise be laughable. Countless semi-automatic weapons, called "assault weapons" to make them sound evil, are lawfully possessed by American citizens, without ever killing any one person, let alone several. With 80 million or so, legal gun owners in the country, I don't understand how a reasonable person would think that because of thousandth of a percent of people might use their weapon to commit murder or mass murder, all of those guns should be banned. With literally thousands of laws that prohibit using guns to commit crimes, and all of the various regulations concerning gun ownership, how can more bans and laws do anything but make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens, or worse, disarming them and violating their constitutional rights.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey ease up on Smoking Joe, I took his advice and bought a shot gun! A Saiga 12 semi auto spits out 20rds.
    has 2 pistol grips adjustable stock and a powerful flashlight / laser so I won't accidentally shoot my dog!
    This makes me feel halfway safe when loaded with 00 buck and slugs.

  13. Jim Angielczyk

    And the stupidest of all is the insistence on being politically correct, as if politics could ever be a gauge of correctness. As for fixing ingnorant – keep trying. There's always hope with research.

  14. Randall Turtleface

    I can't believe people are defending an obviously not sexist comment. What is going on with america when people are more concerned with their own political positions than actual logic and making sense?

  15. JayCee Scott

    Biden has the common sense of a door knob. Anyone who tried to converse with that man would be lowering themselves to the level of a habitual liar and charlatan. Perfect front man for the teflon president (or should I have said king)?

  16. JayCee Scott

    After the Civil War they described people like Biden as carpetbaggers and scaliwags and they usually ended up on the short end of a rope.

  17. Anonymous

    Joe has a tendency to speak before he thinks. On second thought, I'm not too sure he even thinks. As for what you should do if an intruder is behind the door, do like that Olympian in South Africa and blast away!

  18. Bill Peace

    the amount of stupidity on both sides here is ridiculous… but the right wing jumping down the lefts throat for trying to do good is just pathetic… the hillbilly lifestyle refuses to die in america.

  19. Anonymous

    Her question: "…should we be outgunned in our homes" was a rhetorical question, not really worthy of an answer. Just like a woman to ask such a stupid question. Oops. Pardon me. I meant to say just like a gun nut.

  20. James Stamper

    The worst part if his advice is ignoring safety rules. Always know your target and what's behind it & never point a weapon at anything your not willing to distroy. By pointing a shotgun out in the dark and firing blindly, a kid cutting through back yards to get home would be killed as easily as a bad guy.

    It would also be bad advice to empty your weapon if someone is coming, and after retrieving your gun dial 911. They get paid to search for the bad guy. The gun will keep you safe until they get there.

  21. Ron Bristow

    Joe Biden is Vice President for one reason; to make Obama look intelligent and informed! He does a good job, but the problem is Biden makes PeeWee Herman look like a brain surgeon and the Three Stooges look like the Supreme Court. Obama and Biden have the same problem; they know absolutely nothing about guns and they are too arrogant to listen to those who do! The only reason their picture is not in the dictionary under the words Fool and Jerkoff is because the publishers didn't want to offend the fools and jerkoffs in the world.

  22. Gerald Summers

    Why did the Congress prohibit studies of how to prevent gun violence? They actually passed a law. Studies of automobile accidents and safety actually helped prevent accidents and deaths to the point where they have been substantially reduced. In fact, gun violence is about to overtake automobiles as a cause of death in this country.

  23. Dan Janda

    Just another reason to pray for Mr. Obama's long life, although I did not pray for his re-election!

  24. Clay Slaughter

    Nothing more than Sheriff Joe being Joe. Translation: Just an idiot being an idiot.

  25. Robert Lawson

    Here we have the dumbest embarrassment of a vice president ever to come along and the left says that it is "just Joe being Joe". Yet when Dan Quayle misspelled a word or when Sarah Palin just shows up the left wing media assassinated both of them and countless other conservatives. They have done such a good job of character assassination that even the retards on the left actually think they are smarter than the smartest conservative.

  26. Cornelia Malies

    I hope Biden is face to face with an angry momma wild boar and her young. Good luck if you only have 1-2 rounds. When faced with multiple wild animals , may it be coyotes , wolfs, raccoon , wild boar… even a pack of feral dogs – its always better to have a large clip. The last thing you want is a huge injured and now really pissed of animal running at you. I shouldn't shoot them? Well then tell some kids that their pet dogs, chickens and ducks are less valuable than a wild animal.

  27. Gordon Padget

    Does anyone else notice that this has gone from a 2nd Amendment issue (A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed) to a home protection issue.

  28. James Swanstrom

    The thing that worries me most about Joe Biden is that he is one POTUS heart attack away from being the Leader of the the USA…and THAT is scary!

  29. James Engeman

    I'm glad I don't spend my days worrying about bands of marauding burglars storming my house while I'm watching law and order. I don't live in a gated, security protected community, I'm 62yrs old and I've never had to fire a shotgun to scare potential thugs off my lawn no less gun down a dozen of them with an AR15 as they break my front door down. I sense alot of these NRA members believe their living in a "Clockwork Orange".

  30. Walt Ledbetter

    I shoot to kill anyone who illegally comes into my dwelling intending to do harm. I won't ask questions. I will tell 911 to send a coroner.

  31. Robert Lawson

    The 2nd Amendment was written specifically for the citizen to protect their freedom from an out of control oppressive government. Our government over the last century has become far more oppressive and controlling than King George ever was to the colonists.

  32. Sam Spencer

    Joe Biden is an idiot. I particularly was amused at the part of his comment that a person should "just" step out of their porch and fire the shotgun as a deterrent. Wouldn't doing "just" that be an Illegal discharge of a firearm in public?

  33. Marilyn McCants

    Thank you James. I was just sitting here wondering where people live that there are so worried about their homes being stormed by thugs and rapists.

  34. Manuel Vega Jr.

    She claims to have more than one weapon in her home, if she had any brains she'd fire the warning shots while keeping another weapon at the ready to actually shoot someone if she had to.

  35. Anonymous

    Also in Ohio it is illegal to Shot a weapon near a Inhabited Building. Also a Double Barrel Shotgun won;t even defend against a Six Shot Revolver. Smart Thinking Joe (NOT).

  36. Anonymous

    Like the idiot he is, he has advised the housewife to commit a felony assault by attacking a citizen with a deadly weapon. I don't know about every state but in Florida and in most states I'm familiar with, the criminal must attempt physical entry to the residence or building and the defense must originate from inside.

  37. Dixie Miller

    It would appear and could very well be sexists if Biden is as arrogant as he appears to be. It could also "Joe being Joe", because again, he is not the brightest light on the tree and arrogant. Lets keep in mind the advice he gave was illegal because he is afterall, "joe".

  38. Anonymous

    Why are we even listening to this nut. Any cop will privately tell you that if someone is in your home, shoot to kill and claim self defense. If they try to crawl back outside, shoot them again. The Obama rules do not mean squat. Pick up the paper or turn on the TV any day and read about another shooting. This man cannot speak without putting his foot in his mouth. What a joke!

  39. Maryanne Looby

    I think this woman is insane. To own a AR15 with kids in the house, He didn't tell his wife to go outside and shoot two rounds, he said to fire two shots from a window. I would assume he told here to do that simultaniously calling 911. I would never own anything more than a revolver for protection. Multi round guns are for people who do not take the time to practice shooting. They shoot with the idea that even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. If some one has targeted you just for a break in, chances are fired shots of anykind, plus a good alarm system will send them running. If someone is out to get you with an assault gun, there is probalby a reason. I suggest you check your activites, or move.

  40. Don Mc Kee

    Mr. Biden does all Americans a really big favor , Ask your Boss if it is all right for you to retire and take you pension.
    Because it is becoming apparent you are of no use too us or yourself. Either that or have your physician double your dose of prozac to help you calm down.

  41. Anonymous


  42. Anonymous

    Joe Biden Is Not A Sexist! He is entirely too stupid to be anymore than the dunce he is. To call him a sexist is to attribute far too much intelligence to this court jester.

  43. Buce McLaughlin

    Joe WAS NOT being "Sexist". This 24-year-old mom from Scottsdale, Ariz., is blowing this out of proportion. I wouldn't be surprised if she were just some right wing nut teaparty rethuglicon cunt.

  44. Frank Ravely

    Leave it to Joe dumb ass to send a woman out of the house in the face of danger with a weapon that holds only two shells. I suppose the nit-wit didn't think to hard on the subject and feels no fear with all the armed security he has to protect his worthless ass.

  45. Suzanne Hopkins Blievernicht

    I so wish the word "retard" was banned from the language. It's not a matter of being "politically correct;" it is an insulting word with no value as a way to demean someone with whom you have a difference of opinion or dislike. Get creative and don't fall back on something insulting to innocents. It shows a definite lack of intelligence of the person who cannot come up with something more descriptive and fitting for someone with whom you have a political difference.

  46. Ryan Murphy

    The trouble with gun owners is right in this article. She calls them "good guys." Good guys? Bad guys? These people think they are living in a movie! And they wonder why the rest of us don't want them carrying guns? Never mind that the odds of being robbed are up in the 1 in 400's range. Plus, home invasions almost always happen when no one is home. These people see one home invasion gone bad on the news, they think there is an army of thugs out planning to attack them.

  47. Ryan Murphy

    What fantasy world are you living in that anyone would be THAT determined to rob you after being shot at? What paranoid fantasy are you living to think you are likely to be robbed in the first place?

  48. Ryan Murphy

    You want a good reason to keep guns out of people's hand? Go out in rush hour traffic. These are the people you think should be armed…

  49. Dorothy McAndrews

    Apparently there s a great deal of ignorance about not just AKs and ARs but also about shotguns. I've owned a Mossberg 500 since my father gave it to me in my teens. I would not feel unprotected with it as my only firearm.

    Biden is a twit. Why do people even listen to him?

  50. Anonymous

    At least her kids will have easy access to guns. And that hasn't been a problem, right?

  51. Keith Watson

    That's right….who the hell gets robbed these days?? Buncha idiots to think anyone is out robbing people or doing home invasions. Good God – this isn't Mexico!! No one here commits crimes!!

  52. Mark Ayotte

    The second amendment was passed to protect us from our government not thieves.

  53. Allen Mazza

    Quite frankly, Congress, the Senate, and the White House want to take our rights and our guns because the Second Amendment was designed to prevent subjugation from an out of control government. Hunting was a given in 1776; if you didn't hunt, you didn't eat. But all the founding fathers all came from Caste society where all they did was work and pay taxes to the government, so that those in the ruling classes could live the life of gods. OH wait a minute, that's what's happening here, except they want to live the life of super movie stars. If you doubt what I am saying then explain this: Congress and the Senate just voted in a 4% raise, and, because of inaction for the last 5 years on balancing the budget, 800,000 civilian workers will loose 20% of their income. They will have to take 1 day a week off, without pay, for 22 weeks. Doesn't sound like much, but that means those people may lose their homes and certainly will have to tighten their belts. There will be less money in the community, because of them not spending money. So, in fact, it will affect ALL communities across the U.S. Biden's response to this woman is completely disrespectful, but he can't answer an intelligent question, where a truthful answer is required. None of the people we have trusted to represent us will be truthful with us. All they care about is political survival. In that, neither party is an innocent by- stander. You have to give them credit – they have kept the American taxpayers at odds with each other over party lines (aka smoke and mirrors) while they fleeced the greatest country with the greatest spirit on earth. There is no greater spirit on this planet than the American spirit. But, because of our faith and hope, we honestly believe in the ones we elected. They have lied to us and are deceiving our country. There is no reason the greatest country in the world is in debt. Canada is not! Maybe our politicians need classes from Canada. VOTE 'EM ALL OUT!

  54. James Engeman

    Its disingenuous to say the 2nd amendment was passed to protect us from our government. That was one possible explanation but certaintly was not the main reason people were given the right to bear arms. I know alot of current day loons that hate President Obama like to equate the 2nd amendment with a tyrannical government but thats mostly the boy scouts that belong to troop leaders glen beck&sean hannity's pack. To perpetuate that life in 2013 america is in anyway the same as in 1776 is frankly insane. At the time of our founding fathers there was limited law enforcement,limited military protection and lets not forget hunting because there were'nt any stop&shops in 1776.

  55. Timothy Rodgers

    one should always expect the worst and hope for the best. i have many loaded firearms in my home i hope that no one in my family ever has to use them. the fact is there are home invasions everyday, they may not happen a lot in your area, but they can. i learned when i was 12 that anything can happen. i'll explain, tornadoes do not happen often in our area. on may 31, 1985, i survived an f5. it was one of 30 or so tornadoes in Ohio, PA, and New York. We spent the next 6 months renting a mobile home while our new home was being built. we thought won't get us. now we know better and i apply that philosophy to everything. I may be a victim, but i won't be an easy victim!

  56. Timothy Rodgers

    Mr. Murphy, i hope you were trying to be sarcastic. People under the influence of narcotics may not even know they are shot. Home invasions happen every day.

  57. Bernie Couture

    Kate Ernest, LIGHTEN UP! The chances of your home being invaded by someone with an automatic weapon are quite low. These killings in the news lately are done by people who want to use guns to make a big statement in a public place. Besides, those of you who insist on owning them will still own them regardless if they are illegal or not. (just like pot smokers!) And like pot smokers, you will not consider yourselves criminals because you own said weapons. I'm all for gun ownership, but those who do own them need to be responsible enough to respect the damage that can be done when they are misused.

  58. Larry Merchant

    More hypocrisy dressed-up as "public safety". Psychopaths will kill people, regardless of whether they use a gun, a car, or gasoline. They need to be locked-away from the rest of us, or–put down by their intended victims. I know–I have treated hundreds of psychopaths over the years. I am disappointed that fellow liberals allow Obama & Co. to get off cheap and easy on the "culture of violence" issue by merely blaming guns as the end-all, be-all. Plus, we are allowing rogue nations to get nukes and the ability to land them here. That threatens our children far more than armed citizens.

  59. Larry Merchant

    That is your choice, James. So be it. I am a combat veteran of two wars and live in an area where meth addicts do home invasions and some have been shot 12 times without falling due to the meth affect. So the 2nd Amendment is there to allow each what they feel they need. Don't threaten my rights by exercising yours, please!

  60. Michael Gange

    It wasn't sexist… it was just stupid. It wasn't tactical suicide, it was stupid.

    In reality, if a robber or rapist or what have you is trying to break into your house, if you fired off a shotgun, they will most likely run away. This may be fine with Joe, but personally, I'd rather have them break in so I could blow them away. If I scare them away from my house, who's to say they won't come back even more armed, or go to someone else's house and possibly hurt them?

    No, if someone is going to come onto my property and try to steal the stuff I have worked for, I will do society a favor and splatter them all over the wall.

    Now, do I think this will happen? No, but it's certainly a possibility. The Northside of Pittsburgh has gone down hill within the past years with drugs being sold on damn near every other street. I know damn well there are some nuts here as well, and I'll be damned if I am going to take the chance and leave myself defenseless.

  61. Michael Gange

    I would argue that most people trying to break into someone's house are not psychopaths. The psychos are the ones out there doing the mass killing. That being said, I think everyone should carry a handgun on them at all times, and certainly have a more powerful weapon at home.

  62. Christopher Hobbins

    It's not for criminals, it's for overthrowing a tyrannical government.

  63. Mary Ann Enault

    Biden and "DUMBO" are both idiots. Someone should user one of these guns to teach them a lesson. There are plenty of illegal guns that will never be turned in and why not let the goofy old boys learn a lesson! Homeowners should be allowed to protect themselves against these other hoodlums.

  64. James Engeman

    Well Larry if your sitting on your porch with an AR15 waiting for meth addicts to attack I'd say its time to move. I believe the 2nd amendment gives you the right to bear arms but not to own semi-automatic weapons and handguns with large capacity clips. The 2nd amendment isn't there to allow each person what they think they need.In "Heller" the supreme court has already ruled that the 2nd amendment isn't limitless. You can't decide that the founding fathers believed when they wrote the 2nd amendment that everyone one day should be able to own an F16. They had no idea of the advancements in arms. So now its just a matter of where you draw the line. And I really don't believe the government will ever tell you you can't own a shotgun or deer rifle. But I don't believe its your right to own semi-automatic murdering machines and I would fight to keep those types of weapons off the streets. If your involved with organized crime or drug dealers your gonna have one of those guns anyhow. If your a law abiding citizen,working 5 days a week and playing golf on saturdays I don't believe you'll ever actually need an AR15. You may think you should be able to have one, but I don't and thats the debate.

  65. Chad Martinez

    The 2nd amendment was not passed to protect us from anything. It was passed so that we could protect ourselves… from everything. Your opinion is that it was not passed to allow us to protect ourselves from our government. However, your opinion is obviously not based on facts or documentation of any sort. Your argument is that we don't need guns because there are MORE perils today than there were in 1776? Are you sure that's where you stand? Never mind. I can see you've thought this through.

  66. Jason Daniel Mays

    Some of us like to use archaic words. It's a club we belong to. Want to join?

  67. James Engeman

    Your putting words in my mouth. I didn't say that the 2nd amendment wasn't passed to protect us from our government. That certainly was not the main intent of the 2nd amendment. Your saying I said we don't need guns because there are more perils today than in 1776. I don't know where your reading that. I actually agree with the 2nd amendment. And this is where I find the big problem with gun advocates. Many of them are either not paying attention to the debate or people like sean hannity are purposely clouding the issue.Its not whether you can own a gun….its the type of gun you can own. And apparently you didn't se where I documented my argument. The supreme court under "HELLER" upheld the second amendment but stated the amendment is not limitless. That means the government can restrict the type of arms you can own. That has basically always been in effect. You are not allowed to own a sherman tank and park it in your driveway. You can't own a rocket launcher,an F16 fighter, an armored personnel carrier. Are you seeing my point here. You can own a shotgun,deer rifle, winchester, even a six-shooter. The government just doesn't want people to have rapid fire killing machines.

  68. James Engeman

    What happened Judy? We went from "All you need is Love" to all you need is an AK47. Something is seriously wrong in america. We should see if we can get some of these people together to pull taffy for 6hrs or so.

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