Megyn Kelly Panelist: Joe Salazar’s Rape Comments Were Disgusting [Video]

Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar has been blasted by a fellow liberal Democrat on Megyn Kelly’s FNC show for what she deemed his disgusting and shameful comments suggesting that a frightened women could misidentify someone as a possible attacker and shoot the wrong person.

Salazar remarks came as the Colorado House of Representatives debated (and subsequently passed) a bill making it illegal to carry a licensed weapon in the college environment as a way to make campuses safer.

Megyn Kelly discussed the Salazar controversy on her FNC daily program America Live this afternoon.

Kelly noted that what Rep. Salazar apparently tried to say was that you can make a mistake and open fire on someone who actually isn’t trying to hurt you, but the way he expressed that thought “came out all wrong.” It sound like he was saying something along the lines that “women in particular are so hysterical … that they can’t be adequately trusted to judge when they’re about to be raped and when they’re not.”

Although Salazar has apologized, he hasn’t backed off from what he was suggesting.

Panelist Leslie Marshall, a liberal Democrat, admitted she was raped at 19 and that a gun would not have helped her in that incident. Nonetheless, she took strong exception to Salazar’s remarks:

“This is why I always say I’m is a woman before I’m a Democrat, because I have heard men on the left and the right make disgusting and offensive remarks when it comes to women, when it comes to our emotions, and when it comes to our ability … it’s disgusting and shameful …”

Chris Plante, another panelist, said he thought Salazar’s comments and the University of Colorado’s safety tips collectively sounded anachronistic:

“They sound like they are coming from the University of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, they sound like they are coming from the 1920?s in the United States of America, and the idea that the best way to keep women safe is to disarm them, announce that they will be disarmed, so there’s no deterrents whatsoever, and run to a call box …”

In addition to summoning armed security via the call box, the university’s anti-rape safety recommendations include telling the attacker that “you have a disease or are menstruating” or “vomiting or urinating” on the attacker.

Plante correctly pointed out that, if Salazar were a Republican, the mainstream media would be running wild with the Salazar rape comments story as they did with the idiotic, offensive comments made by Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock in the 2012 election cycle.

Do you think it is a good idea to ban concealed weapons from college campuses?

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Watch the Megyn Kelly panel discussion on Joe Salazar’s rape comments:

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