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Dorner Was Calm, Says Carjacking Victim Of Fugitive Ex-Cop

Dorner Was Calm, Says Carjacking Victim Of Fugitive

Los Angeles, CA – Christopher Dorner was calm and “almost professional” as he carjacked a man on a rural mountain road in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

That’s according to Rick Heltebrake (below), whose truck was carjacked by ex-cop Dorner as he fled from police. Speaking to The Associated Press, Heltebrake revealed:

“[Dorner] wasn’t wild-eyed, just almost professional. He was on a mission. It was clear I wasn’t part of his agenda and there were other people down the road that were part of his agenda.”

Heltebrake added Dorner was calm as he told his victim:

“I don’t want to hurt you. Start walking and take your dog.”

Dorner, clad in camouflage from head to toe, emerged in front of Heltebrake’s pickup truck on Tuesday morning. Heltebrake noted the fugitive, who has now been confirmed dead by Los Angeles police, was wearing a bulletproof vest packed with ammunition. He was also carrying a large, assault-style rifle.

When Dorner pointed the gun at Heltebrake and ordered him to get out of his truck, Heltebrake exited his vehicle with his three-year-old Dalmatian, Suni. After Dorner drove off in the truck, Heltebrake contacted police and then hid behind a tree.

Within hours, police had caught up with Dorner, who holed up in a cabin in the Big Bear region east of Los Angeles. After a firefight in which one sheriff’s deputy was killed and another wounded, the cabin burst into flames.

Heltebrake’s truck was crashed and written off by Dorner.

It is perhaps not surprising that Dorner was calm throughout his encounter with Heltebrake. As a former cop with extensive law enforcement and military training, it’s likely potentially dangerous confrontations were familiar to the fugitive.

Dorner Was Calm, Says Carjacking Victim Of Fugitive 1

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7 Responses to “Dorner Was Calm, Says Carjacking Victim Of Fugitive Ex-Cop”

  1. Anonymous

    f.b.i. needs to investigate this I beleive he went nuts but why? and L.A.P.D is known around the world as corrupt. look at the o.j. simpson case. and other facts we've heard over the years!

  2. Anonymous

    Why are people making this murderer out to be hero. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS?

  3. Susan Gare

    Andy he is not a hero, there is just something really fishy about this whole thing. They need to check it out completely independent investigation and all the stuff should have been taken from LAPD all the files that this man had put in. Someone is covering up something. sorry I feel sad for all the people who were killed but we have to find out why this happen and prevent this from happening again. When someone brings a charge against their employer it should be checked out by and in depend counsel period not the LAPD… make sense doesn't it.

  4. Mario Picozzi

    hey crack head no one is making him out to be a hero.just another retart like yourself changing the story.please tell me where you heard that .or are you assuming that .

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