Julie Postle is today’s Tiger Woods mistress

Okay, girls, now you’re just late to the party.

Basically, everyone’s lost count of how many women have allegedly banged golf’s biggest star (who quit golf but no promises on quitting shagging) and there’s even evidence that Tiger tapped 10-15 girls at a time. So what’s one more? (And do hookers count towards a sex count? Like if you’ve had sex with ten women and two were hookers, is your “number” eight or ten?)

Latest Woods jump-off Julie Postle was allegedly trying to cash in on the Tiger Woods side-dish gravy train, and politely asked the dude she ran around on with Woods for his cellphone records to prove the affair. The ex-boyfriend appears to have run to the press first because, hey, wouldn’t you? Well, at least the girl had some morally superior advice on how to handle an affair with a married sports star:

“Tiger was obsessed, really hunted her,” Nola Coles said. “He used to go into Roxy demanding Julie. ‘Where’s Julie? I want to see Julie.’

She was 20, and I said, ‘You’ve got to get a condo out of this,’ ” the mother said, “and she said, ‘Oh, no, I can’t do that to Tiger.’ ”

Is anyone else wondering where Tiger found time to bone his actual wife?