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350 Lb. Running Back David Fangupo Will Play For Hawaii [Video]

350 lb running back

David Fangupo, a 350 lb. high school running back, will soon be playing for the University of Hawaii.

A video of the massive high school senior surfaced online this week showing Fangupo literally running over his high school opponents. The 350 lb. running back will be facing stronger defenses at the college level but the University of Hawaii thinks that Fangupo will get the upper hand. The school offered the Hawaii high school football player a full scholarship this week.

Fangupo said:

“I felt like it was not real at the moment… I’m excited and feel blessed that they would do that for me.”

According to West Hawaii Today, Fangupo also received offers from BYU, Georgia Tech and Utah. The high school senior chose Hawaii, however, because he wanted to stay close to home.

Fangupo said:

“It’s just pretty much playing for my home team and family and being around people I know. It goes from going to home (on the Big Island) to home again. All the support from my family is still there.”

According to Max Preps, Fangupo is 6-foot-2 and 348-pounds. He carried the ball 75 times this season for 534 yards and six touchdowns.

Here’s a video of the 350 lb. running back breaking off on some long runs.

Do you think David Fangupo is bound for college stardom? Or will he get smothered by bigger defenses?

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9 Responses to “350 Lb. Running Back David Fangupo Will Play For Hawaii [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Only time will tell. I don't think he will make the NFL as 350 lbs rb. e should have some limited success in college. Probably more as a short yardage back. He might be difficult to bring down and stop before gaining 2 yards if the offensive line make a couple of good blocks. I don't know why guys are trying to arm tackle him or tackle high. Take his legs out. He's too big and strong for that other stuff.

  2. Tony L Bullock

    Will not happen at the college level, guys his size are running 4.5 on defense, and they just as big!

  3. Eduardo Guti

    I wonder it will work in college ball… there's guys way bigger than him in the tackle so who knows.

  4. Anonymous

    I cant imagine this kids diet. imagine how good and fast he could be if he would just stop eating.

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