Beyonce Talks Giving Birth To Blue Ivy And How She Felt She Could Communicate With Her Before She Was Born

Beyoncé: Superstar Earth Mother On Blue Ivy’s Birth, ‘I know It Sounds Crazy But I Felt A Communication’

On January 7, 2012, Beyoncé’s life changed forever when she gave birth to her daughter Blue Ivy.

Cover girl of US Vogue’s March 2013 issue, the first time mother, superstar and wife of rapper and Roc Nation head Jay-Z, opened up to the magazine about her birthing experience.

Describing it as “the best day” of her life, Beyoncé told Vogue’s Jason Gay:

“I felt very maternal around eight months, and I thought I couldn’t become any more until I saw the baby. But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door.”

Of the extraordinary but not unheard of emotional connection, the 31-year-old star added:

“And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain. We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.”

Revealing that the people in the birthing room were her “family and my closest people,” Beyoncé continued, “everything that scared me just was not present in that room.”

Beyonce Holding Her just Born Daughter Blue Ivy On January 7, 2013