Rihanna Chris Brown engaged

Rihanna, Chris Brown Engaged? Either Way, Twitter Isn’t Having It

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown engaged?

Rihanna and Chris Brown are making multiple headlines this morning following a shot of the two getting cozy at last night’s Grammy Awards. Brown, for his part, is snapping up headlines all his own for sitting out Frank Ocean’s standing ovation and possibly being scolded by British songstress Adele.

But one thing that snapped everyone’s attention a bit late is Rihanna’s left hand in her snuggle picture with Chris Brown. On her ring finger (you know, the one reserved for a wedding ring) you can plainly see a huge rock, leading some publications to wonder whether the controversial couple is now engaged.

There’s no official word yet, but we all know how much Rihanna and Chris Brown love attention. RiRi has her own brand of “subtlety,” having tweeted out a deluge of Instagram pictures late last year that completely confirmed her renewed relationship with Brown, even if the Barbadian singer denied all of the rumors and speculation.

In the Grammy photos, Rihanna is kind of casual, but you can tell she’s positioning herself to show her left hand in a not-so-subtle way.

So far Twitter is in an uproar, with some tweeps cringing at the thought of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s engagement, while a few others support the controversial couple.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown are engaged? I guess if they want to play Ike Tina, that’s their business.