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Percy Harvin Trade Rumors: Altercation With Coach Leslie Frazier May Have Ended Harvin’s Career With Vikings

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Percy Harvin’s time with the Minnessota Vikings may soon be coming to an end.

According to CBS, the Vikings are expected to trade Harvin during the offseason. The wide receiver missed several games this season with an injured ankle but the Harvin trade rumors point to an altercation earlier this year with coach Leslie Frazier.

Mike Max of WCCO in Minneapolis reports that Harvin went on a tirade against Frazier back in November. The wide receiver was disciplined with an “injured ankle” and put on the injured reserve list. Harvin’s behavior may have been excused but the wide receiver went on a similar tirade a few years ago against coach Brad Childress.

The Vikings, as well as Harvin’s teammates, are reportedly disappointed in the wide receiver’s actions.

But Harvin’s days in Minnesota aren’t quite up yet. The wide receiver can be a dangerous threat for the Vikings and General manager Rick Spielman said earlier this week that he doesn’t like to get rid of good players.

Spielman told Pro Football Talk:

“Percy Harvin is a member of this football team and he is a very good football player. We don’t like to get rid of good football players.”

According to Yard Barker, Harvin has one more year left on his rookie contract. NFL News reports that Harvin could get more than $10 million per season if he leaves Minnesota. No one’s put in an offer yet but New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is reportedly a big fan of the Vikings’ receiver.

Do you think Percy Harvin has played his final game in Minnesota?

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32 Responses to “Percy Harvin Trade Rumors: Altercation With Coach Leslie Frazier May Have Ended Harvin’s Career With Vikings”

  1. Luqman Seraaj

    Are they stone cold stupid? His there 3rd best player IMO…AP, Jared Allen, then Harvin….Every team in the NFC will want this guy….

  2. Anonymous

    just when our offense was getting good, would love to see jarius wright and harvin together.

  3. Nabil Ali

    Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Owen Daniels, and Percy Harvin? Texans would easily be the team to beat in the AFC if Schaub can get his act together!

  4. Walter Darragh

    Let's see here….coaches are a dime a dozen……players with the athletic ability of Harvin are NOT. No DOUBT you have to keep a player in check but really? trade away 1 of your best if not THE best player on your team? Good Luck with all that Vikings!

  5. Anonymous

    ATL needs to work on their defense! 20-0 at half against the #1 defense in the NFL in Seattle and they almost lost it. Special teams and the offense got them back in it. 17-0 against the 49ers. You can't expect the offense to always keep pulling the teams butt out of the fire because the defense allows a comeback. They need to strengthen the middle linebacker position (Jarvis Jones…wishful thinking) and the cornerback positions. John Abraham is a great player but his days are clearly numbered in the NFL. If ATL doesn't strengthen their defense they will not ever make it to the BIG GAME! Harvin would certainly be a weapon but do they really need another troublemaker?

  6. Anonymous

    How about you fire the coach Leslie Frazier, he has been the head coach for 3 years and has done nothing for them. Bottom line if AP wasn't there, they would have had the same season as last year. He is not a good head coach and I would get rid of him before I trade what I consider the 3rd best WR in the NFL.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes AP is the best player on the team but how long do you think his knee is going to last? I say he goes down next year with another injury. Fire Frazier and hire a better coach.

  8. Andrew Jacobson

    Harvin's to injury prone (too many migraines to be dependable), get rid of him for Alex Smith. Get rid of Ponder to open some cap room, pick up Greg Jennings. Draft a D.tackle/D.back early and then a W.R. to be mentored by Jennings = great offseason for the Vikes.

  9. Dennis Mallernee

    No Percy, No! At a time when the Vikings are finally starting to come togther, they simply need one more deep threat to open you up more, and you and the Vikings will at long last become a serious team. Show some maturity and find a way to come to terms. AP opens up a lot of your opportunities, don't lose that.

  10. Nabil Ali

    actually they could. theres rumors that brooks reed will move to the inside linebacker position with b-cush allowing them to not resign barwin and shaun cody thus giving them extra cap room. plus theres rumors of trading ben tate and a first round pick in houston for a chance at percy. not to mention glover quin is his final year and he could easily get franchised. you can also release kevin walter :)

  11. Brian Anderson

    But will they want his recurrent medical issues? Seems like he misses every other week because of migraines?

  12. Saroum Babyj Heng

    fire the coach, keep harvin, bench ponder and give AP a spaceship my dude out of this world!

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