Harlem Shake With My Son

Father And Son Do ‘Harlem Shake’ While Mom Is Out [Viral Video]

Moms, if you ever wanted to know what kind of antics father and son get into when you’re out of town, the below viral video is a pretty good introduction.

Yes, when mom is away, the kids will play, and that goes double for the unique combination of young father and young son. At the perfect intersection of age, imagination, and good old-fashioned stay-up-all-night fun, dad Matt McClard dons a bike helmet and a bathrobe to dance the Harlem Shake with his young, enthusiastic son.

McClard’s video, uploaded to YouTube on February 7, has quickly gone viral with over 700,000 views as of this posting, and 11,000 “likes.”

“Mom was out, so uhm this happened,” McClard writes.

Out of over 1,000 comments, the Harlem Shake video has primarily been well-received among YouTubers, with comments like “Father of the year. Well done, sir. Well done,” being the most common.

Another point of fascination among viewers seems to be the reaction of the dog in the background (which I circled for you in the above image, because some commenters seem to have trouble finding it).

“lol the dog’s reaction is so damn funny XD,” writes a top commenter.

You can watch the video, “Harlem Shake With My Son,” below. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Is Matt McClard on the short-list for “dad of the year?” Is this our first truly viral video of 2013? Sound off!