Lil Wayne Sued For Clocking Man With A Skateboard

Lil Wayne Sued For Allegedly Clocking Man With A Skateboard

Lil Wayne is being sued by a man who claims the rapper — or someone in his crew — hit him on the head with a skateboard.

The man said he was taking a picture of Lil Wayne last May on a Los Angeles street when he felt something that “appeared to be a skateboard” hit him on the back of the head. The man is suing Lil Wayne along with his Young Money Entertainment label and Trukfit clothing line, E! News reported.

A source with knowledge of the lawsuit said it seemed like a trivial matter at the time, certainly not worthy of going to court over.

“This alleged situation happened so long ago and really was not a big deal at the time,” a source told E! News. “It is shocking to a lot of us that so many months later this is being brought to court.”

The man suing Lil Wayne, Alfredo Marino, doesn’t actually know who it was that hit him, so the suit claims John Does 1 through 100 as defendants. But he said he believes the individual was working for Lil Wayne at the time the incident took place.

Plaintiff Alfredo Marino states in the lawsuit that he doesn’t know who “intentionally struck [him] on the back of his head”—hence the inclusion of Does 1 through 100 as defendants—but he believes that the individual was working for or was otherwise in the employ of Lil Wayne on May 3, 2012, when the alleged incident occurred.

This isn’t the first time Lil Wayne got in trouble while skateboarding, Hip Hop Wired points out. Just one month before the alleged attack on Marino, Wayne and his skateboarding crew were accused of attacking a photographer and forcing him to delete pictures from his camera.

Lil Wayne is being sued by Marino for unspecified damages.