Brazil Spiders

Raining Spiders In Brazil: Arachnids Spin Massive Sheet Web Over Town [Video]

Is it raining spiders in Brazil? Folks who are absolutely terrified of spiders may want to bring an umbrella if they’re planning a trip to Santo Antonio da Platina in the near future.

A video recently uploaded to YouTube shows what appears to be hundreds upon hundreds of spiders suspended in thin air. Although the floating arachnids are terrifying on their own, the situation gets a little creepier when you realize what’s happening.

According to The Independent, the spiders known as Anelosimus eximius tend to work in groups. These “social spiders” create massive sheet webs that allow them all to cluster together and work in unison. One scientist told the website that massive “dangling” is completely normal.

The amateur video recently uploaded to YouTube seems to show this scenario in action. The spiders, which are much larger than one may expect from a distance, have created a massive web between several utility poles in Santo Antonio da Platina.

The person who shot the video wrote:

“Still do not know what causes such behavior. We are researching and will post the answer to the question here.”

Gawker reports that this fascinating and downright frightening situation was captured by 20-year-old Erick Reis. He and his friends saw what appeared to be spiders raining down from the sky as they were leaving a friend’s engagement party last Sunday.

These communal spiders are often found spinning webs for their friends and families in tropical areas such as South America. According to The Huffington Post, there are approximately 39,000 different species of arachnids currently scurrying around on the planet. However, only 20 of them are known to work together.

You can find the footage embedded below. If you’re afraid of spiders, then you may want to steel yourself before diving in.

What would you do if you discovered it was raining spiders outside of your home?