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‘The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’ Releases A New Trailer [Video]

Activision has released the first official trailer for the upcoming game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

Roughly two months after a “fan made” trailer failed to impress prospective gamers, Activision has dropped an official look at Terminal Reality’s upcoming survival horror title. According to the company’s press release, the title is expected to hit retail shelves on March 26.

Activision describes the story as follows:

“The game follows the mysterious, crossbow-wielding survivor Daryl Dixon, brought to life by TV series star Norman Reedus, alongside his overbearing brother Merle, voiced by Michael Rooker, on a haunting, unforgiving journey across the Georgia countryside. Players will need to tread carefully on this desperate quest, scrounging for food, water, and ammunition to survive against nightmares both living and undead.”

In an effort to get folks to pre-order their very own copy of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Activision is offering some exclusive content to both GameStop and Amazon.

If you choose to reserve the title at GameStop, then you will receive the so-called Herd Mode Challenge. Judging from the description in the press release, this expansion doesn’t sound too far removed from the Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode. Players will face an endless wave of the undead, each one more dangerous than the last.

Those who decide to pre-order a copy through Amazon will receive the Walker Execution Pack, an add-on that includes five different melee weapons for your character. These items will be available as soon as you begin your adventure.

You can find the first official trailer embedded below.

As for the much-maligned trailer released last year, principal effects artist Glenn Gamble said the clip was made using old footage. He asked gamers not to judge the game based on that particular video.

Gamble explained:

“That’s the thing about a game. It’s constantly evolving and getting better. Time is the ultimate enemy of any game. If everybody had four years and an infinite budget every game would probably be infinitely better than they are. But eventually you run out of time and the date gets cut off and you just have to make the game at that point.”

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct?