Bangladesh Ferry Capsized With 100 People Onboard

Ferry Capsizes In Bangladesh While Carrying 100 People

A Ferry capsized in Bangladesh on Thursday night. The ferry was packed with more than 100 people and was traveling through a river in the country

Local villagers are believed to have rescued 38 people follow the accident. The ferry sunk in a river located in the Munshiganj district, 20 miles south of Dhaka.

Government officials have not yet commented on the accident. An investigation is currently underway.

At the time of the accident, the ferry was traveling from Narayanganj city to Matlab in the south.

Government officials sent a rescue ship to the area after receiving notice of the capsized ferry.

Ferry’s capsizing in Bangladesh are a regular occurrence. Many of the 153 million residents pack into the vessels as a major mode of transportation.

More information to follow as details are revealed.