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Teen Gives Judge Middle Finger, Gets 30-Day Prison Sentence [Video]

teen gives judge the finger

Miami teen Penelope Soto could have walked away from her hearing with her bond set at $5,000. She also had the chance to walk away from her hearing with her bond set at $10,000. Instead, the teenager gave the middle finger to the judge, and now she’ll be spending the next 30 days in prison.

According to NBC Miami, Soto was arrested for possession of Xanax and was standing in front of the judge for sentencing. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat wanted to know about Soto’s financial assets before doling out a penalty, but he couldn’t get a straight answer from the teenager.

Soto said that she had a car and “a lot” of jewelry. When the judge tried to get the woman to clarify her statement, Soto responded that it was “like Rick Ross. It’s worth a lot of money.”

The judge said:

“It’s not a joke, you know, we’re not in a club now. We are not in a club, be serious about it.”

After a few more exchanges, the judge decided to set Soto’s bond at $5000. And that’s where it should have ended.

But the judge called the woman back up to the front after she gave him a sarcastic “adios” as she tried to leave. The judge then raised her bond to $10,000. Soto, shocked angry, gave the judge the finger and told him to “f**k himself.”

That, obviously, did not sit well with Judge Rodriguez. He quickly upped her punishment to 30 days in prison.

Here’s a video of the incident.

Do you think the teen got what she deserved? Was the judge too hard on her?

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275 Responses to “Teen Gives Judge Middle Finger, Gets 30-Day Prison Sentence [Video]”

  1. Rodney Hamilton

    Welcome to the fall of journalism and the rise of blogging.

  2. Bill Johnson

    Clearly a judge that puts himself higher and before the public and taxpayers money. Now gonna cost the community over $3,000 cause the judge is butthurt over getting flipped off.

  3. John Griffith

    This is pure exploitation: the $5,000 raise for a sassy attitude is beyond ridiculous but for flipping off a judge she's put in jail for 30 days? That's the exact corrupted bullshit coming from the law system nowadays. This judge should be reevaluated for his job. And that family should think about suing him for it.

  4. David Long

    Okay, I watched the video. The girl was smiling and said adios. so the judge, feeling pompous with his power, called her back and raised her bond to 410,000. Pretty crappy of the judge to do that. Then the girl just got stupid and flipped him off. But the judge should not have tried to be cute by saying bye bye. The girl smiled and said adios. the judge was wrong, but the girl was way out of line to do what she did.

  5. Alan VarBoncoeur

    the judge is a frickin idiot! 30 days in jail would be good..

  6. Shannon McKee

    Well she deserves it. She has to learn that she cannot be disrespectful, especially when the whole situation was her fault to begin with for doing the pills. If she acts like with a judge, just imagine how she acts with her parents.

  7. Scott Lake

    Don't flip off the Judge, he or she is to be respected. If you find yourself in court, your are to be on your best and most professional behavior. Thirty days may be steep for a first offense, and I am not even sure that the girl is to blame because the Judge was exhibiting playful behavior to start with. You still have to be respectful to the Judge though, it is his world once inside the courtroom.

  8. Scott Lake

    Don't flip off the Judge, he or she is to be respected. If you find yourself in court, your are to be on your best and most professional behavior. Thirty days may be steep for a first offense, and I am not even sure that the girl is to blame because the Judge was exhibiting playful behavior to start with. You still have to be respectful to the Judge though, it is his world once inside the courtroom.

  9. Roger Yount

    She got exactly what she deserved. This is more about respect for the law and our legal system thanit is about disrespect for the judge. This spoiled little bit#@ has never had her hands smacked and now she is paying for it. If parents taught their kids to be respectful we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  10. Roger Yount

    She got exactly what she deserved. This is more about respect for the law and our legal system thanit is about disrespect for the judge. This spoiled little bit#@ has never had her hands smacked and now she is paying for it. If parents taught their kids to be respectful we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  11. Shannon McKee

    How is that corrupt? She's showing that not only does she not care about breaking the law but she doesn't even show remorse for it. Why should he go easy on her?

  12. Mark Hatzi

    Tell me Donnie, just what the hell contempt of court is??? she deserves it, high time kids learn to respect justice and the court…

  13. Brett Herrmann

    Good for that Judge! It's time the large percentage of the youth in this country learn some manners. Sure there are some of them that are very polite. But the majority of them are nothing but SPOILED BRATS!

  14. V Stephanie Charles

    I'm a teen my self..17 years old, and honestly I think- I know she deserves that punishment. I see to many fellow peers around me bad mouthing, and disrespecting their elders, being rude. She wasn't taking it serious..she was being very disrespectful..very disrespectful.

  15. Bico Bielich

    she is obviously a troubled teen with menal health issues… what was the judge trying to proof, that he is sooooooo powerful, come on… how is she going to come up with even $500, these guys (judges/prosecutors/etc) just live in a different world.

  16. George J. Mayronne III

    It may seem harsh but the problem with youth today is lack of discipline and if one girl flips off the judge and gets away with it and it shoots across the media then others will follow. Hate to say it, but with youth today its "monkey see, monkey do" and with acts of stupidity on the rise its better we do something about it now and lead by example. Don't forget, she was their for drugs and it was most apparent she wasn't taking her time in court seriously…and that's an issue.

  17. Alan Casey

    Stupid trash mouthed girl.. They should arrest her parents for having a stupid kid.

  18. Kris Oakman

    I you can't show some respect in a court of law, you deserve whatever you get. These kids need to learn there are consequences to their actions and words. Maybe if their parents demanded more respect and adherence to laws and rules, the kids would have some values. Good for the judge!

  19. Mark Hatzi

    well, it seems as if there are a lot of people who do not believe in the judicial system and think a person should get away with disrespecting it.. Hey, time to wake the h e l l up. This is blatant contempt of court. 30 days is the min. she'll be out in 10, and a lot wiser for her next appearence…

  20. Mark Hatzi

    well, it seems as if there are a lot of people who do not believe in the judicial system and think a person should get away with disrespecting it.. Hey, time to wake the h e l l up. This is blatant contempt of court. 30 days is the min. she'll be out in 10, and a lot wiser for her next appearence…

  21. Alan Casey

    Stupid girl, Stupid lazy parents to raise such a piece of trash.

  22. Anonymous

    Well, the judge is teaching the young 'girl' (and she is a girl, bc, she has no respect for anyone older than her), what her parents forgot to do…. teach her RESPECT! She will learn it the hard way. Now, maybe she should have listened to her parents once in a while.

  23. Michael McParland

    It's called contempt of court. It's a very long legal precedent.

  24. David Medlin

    they should have had the baliff to go up to her and bitch slap the bitch into next week.

  25. Kris Oakman

    How old are you, Donnie? 12? Obviously you have no respect, common sense, or values, either. You can understand it in a child. But a grown man?

  26. Billy Pepper

    you're an idiot!…it's what's wrong with kids these days and many people in general…no consequence for any of their idiot actions and no idea of what respect is.

  27. Billy Pepper

    you're an idiot!…it's what's wrong with kids these days and many people in general…no consequence for any of their idiot actions and no idea of what respect is.

  28. Billy Pepper

    ditto to you as well – you're an idiot!…it's what's wrong with kids these days and many people in general…no consequence for any of their idiot actions and no idea of what respect is.

  29. Peter Chacona Chaconas

    You don't get 30 days in Prison….. You serve them in jail… just ask my brother.

  30. Michelle Tomasia

    how can you think the judge was wrong???? From the minute the video starts she bopping her head and addresses the jugde with "whats up" and with arms crossed and full of attitude. She was completley being a smart ass. You cant go before a judge and behave that way. It didnt seem like she really cared anyways I dont know why anyone else would

  31. Eva Herrera Witt

    30 days isn't long enough for that brat. I think he should've given her enough time that would really hurt. Maybe then she'd know a little about respecting authority and the courts. With that attitude she has a long rough road ahead of her.

  32. Anonymous

    The United States of America can use this judge with Lohan. He would put her so far down in the prison system, that she would be an old woman when she came out.

  33. Renee Gaskins

    it's obvious by her looks and attitude that it wasnt her first and wont be her last run in with the law…chica is going to learn the hard way…she has no one to be mad at but herself.

  34. George J. Mayronne III

    Its bad enough most don't respect our legal system AS IS but to allow a teenager to make a mockery of it only encourages others, to a lesser or more degree, to give even less of a damn than they already do. I guess we should go alot easier on those that commit violent acts in the court room as well? Lets give everyone wiggle room and see what happens.

  35. Renee Gaskins

    it would have cost us NOTHING if that idota hadnt committed a crime…

  36. Michael Blankenhagen

    f the judge if I remember right around 30 years ago pennsyvania ruled that it was not illegal to give the bird even tthe highway patrol. many times I've wanted to tell to tell the judges myself to fu off. they may be smart but they're fuki idiots.

  37. Steven King

    Yea because if I voice my opinion and get away with it you might and then it will get out of control….ban free speech!!

  38. Michael Collins

    I think the clip is pretty funny shes a cute little girl who's obviously nervous and doesn't know how to act, we were all young and dumb at one time or another can't wait till she comes back and sees the judge after 30 dayz!

  39. George J. Mayronne III

    A good example of young people not giving a damn are some of the people I hung out with in my early 20s (31 now). Can't tell you HOW many times a friend or someone I know would get arrested for drugs or get a DUI and treat their court appearance like its a slap on the wrist or mere inconvenience. Time to crack down.

  40. Melinda Gladstone

    Amazing…..I even know grown adults to engage in this prepubescent behavior. Good for the judge, ANYONE who feels they must act like that is true trailer park trash.

  41. Pat Ryan Van Duinen

    Too bad that judge wasn't Lindsey Lohan's. Good for him. Soto deserved it. Young people have no respect for authority.

  42. Dennis Luby

    Good for the Judge n she should be tested for drugs because who in their right mind goes before a Court Judge acting this way they cusses at him? This is the type of behavior you see because of Lindsey Lohan.

  43. Dennis Luby

    There is a difference between "Free Speech" n Respect in the Court of Law.If she were to disagree with His Honor in a more respectful manner she wouldn't find herself doing 30 days in County.

  44. Jim Fitzgibbons

    I think the Judge let her off easy. She should have been given 60 days in jail and her parents should have received 90 days for not teaching her right from wrong. We need to start holding parents accountable for their children.

  45. Jevon Howle

    God god, is this your pretend online girlfriend or something? You have soooooo much to say on here, but I bet if anyone "disrespected" you in any way in front of your "homies" you'd flip your story wouldnt you. Just another under 25 idiot believing they always get the last word, they're never wrong, and they should never have to pay for their actions, just like her.

  46. Kassandre Krizteen

    Well, you're suppose to be respectful in a courtroom those judges won't play with you. I hope she enjoys her 30 days.

  47. Jeff Zumbach

    Because being an ass and having a lack of respect does deserve 30 !

  48. Jevon Howle

    Oh, here we go…."sue somebody, sue somebody, sue somebody" good lord shut up. Corrupt? Really? For demanding the respect the court proceedings deserve. YOU are part of the problem, yes, YOU specifically.
    Ther, now go find a lawyer and sue me also you parasite with no parenting skills. I would beat the shit out of my daughter for getting caught with the pills, then again for showing zero respect in the hearing, then again when she got out of jail just so she'd remember not to be one of you spoiled, entitled young folks with a bad attitude acting like the world owes you something. You disgust me.

  49. Dennis Luby

    All she had to do is come up with 10 percent of 5k which is 500 dollars which if she wasn't so evasive with the Judge would have been a 15 minute process for her but no she had to jerk the Judge around n act up so now she is doing 30 days in County.Let's see if this gives her some incite into the real world.

  50. Joshua Norton

    Steven, you're an idiot. That girl deserved more than 30 days in jail. You can't do that in court, not even to another person. You don't think it's wrong cause you yourself have no home training or respect for authority figures.

  51. Joe Maidl

    Steven King – You don't know what freedom of speech means. It is also illegal to yell "FIRE!!" in a crowded movie theater. Grow up dude.

  52. Michael Cochran

    The law is the contempt of court rule which statess that disobeying or showing contempt for the proceedings or their officers, allows the judge to sentence at his discretion, its not protected free speech it's contempt…see ya wouldnt want to be ya…listen to the song "I fought the law and the law won"

  53. Robert Medina

    Saying "F.U." to a judge is not the brightest thing you can do. Apparently she has no sense. He was to easy on her. I would have given her 6 months.

  54. Alan Casey

    Nope.. I know respect is smart and what she did is stupid on every level.

  55. Anonymous

    While I don't condone drug use… I think first off this Drug Charge in non-sense in fact all of them are. When Alcohol proven to be one of the most dangerous substances is legal, putting someone in jail for drug charge when they were not hurting anyone is absurd.

    The Gov. has far too much authority over our personal freedom. Unlike smoking which does affect others against their will, having some Xanax in your pocket is not hurting anyone. And Blame Big Pharma for brainwashing people into using prescription drugs for everything and blame the FDA for blocking natural cures.

    Now since she was there for B.S. possession of Xanax charge I don't blame her for being the way she was. But she was not rude at first. But no matter what she said from the video I saw. He took offence to it. First $5000 and then $10,000 Bond fora B.S. charge to a victim less crime. Then 30 days in jail. Our system has too much power when a person can be put in jail for 30 days for flipping someone off period. Not to mention our tax dollars pay for this 30 days, and take up space in already over crowded jails (now you see why they are over crowded).

    Now she was stupid and should have kept her mouth shut and said yes your honor. But she does not deserve 30 days in jail which will put her in bad company, maybe get attacked. The judge is way out of line and is abusing his power in my opinion. A night in a holding cell or two would have been all that would have been required to teach her a lesson or how about doing some good for her and the community with community service.

  56. Miguel Ortega

    ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING STUPID? 30 days for giving a judge the finger. That's so ridiculous. Good thing none of you are judges or else I'd probably get life in prison for calling you fucking stupid.

  57. Anonymous

    I did that once to my dad and he kicked my ass.I did not do it again!

  58. Anonymous

    Not hardly. A night in a holding cell or community service. Put an 18 year old girl in jail where she can get attacked, raped (by women also), or into a criminal element is not appropriate. And it also cost the tax payers money, and this is why we have an over crowed jail system. And these B.S. charges to victim-less crimes like possession of Xanax that is costing tax payers money because some moron is stupid enough play with drugs. I'm tired of paying for putting people into jail for this kind of non-sense it total waste of our tax dollars!

    If stupidity was a crime your last comment would have you in for 30 days!

  59. Anonymous

    the judge was respectful of her; he tried to deflect her disrespect early in the conversation by saying "we are not in a club, be serious"..she didn't Respect Him. Therefore, as she Should have been taught Well before this day:"do the crime, pay the time". Who is She to treat an elder this way? Maybe she'll Think before speaking this way again…now, she Has time to think..and that's ONLY her fault!

  60. Mark LeBlanc

    There is no law, but the judge gets to decide whether it's contempt of court, which is usually jail time or hefty fine!!! Don't belive me, give it a try and let me know how that worked out for you!

  61. Marilyn Monsalve

    GOOD FOR THAT JUDGE!!! Nasty smarty ass little bitch!!! Wait until she gets in that jail cell for one whole month! That smile will come off her smug face really quick!!!

  62. George J. Mayronne III

    You can call me whatever you want because A. I'm not a judge and B. you aren't in court for making a mistake to begin with.

    Honestly. When you go to court for a crime what makes you think you can do or say whatever the hell you want and get away with it completely? Freedom is great but using it as a loophole to act stupid and get away with it is not…its actually an insult to our freedoms and others that don't have them.

  63. Jackman Bussey

    I'm down with 30 days for Her AND 30 days for Her Parents…. DumbAss Mouthy Biatch Needs Some Education… Ha HA Ha I hope She has a release hearing and gets mouthy AGAIN! dop no zanax in the penn chick. ha GREAST TO SEE A JUDGE WITH SOME NUGS.

  64. Patricia Joy Dela Pena

    Here is the law…Individuals may be cited for contempt when they disobey an order, fail to comply with a request, tamper with documents, withhold evidence, interrupt proceedings through their actions or words, or otherwise defy a public authority or hold it up to ridicule and disrespect. The laws and rules governing contempt have developed in a piecemeal fashion over time and give wide discretion to judges and legislative leaders in determining both what constitutes contempt and how it is punished.

  65. Anonymous

    Steven King or punk a55 BitcH why dont you go flip off a judge smart a55 and see for yourself you dumbfuk beaner

  66. Ted Wysocki

    Good for the Judge. Should give them 30 days also for nt having a belt.

  67. Derek Leal

    Did she deserve it, yes and no. yes because she was being a bitch to someone in an authority position and also no because its ridiculous how much power the judge has, especially over something as minor as a fu and being given the bird. Think about $5000 is painful to pay out of pocket for the average joe then the judge doubles it because of sarcasm to $10000, that's enough to pay my college tuition for a year, put your self in her position you'd be pissed too and then top it off get sentenced to jail for expressing your right to freedom of speech. Yeah our justice system isn't corrupt at all.

  68. Richard D Jiggens

    For one thing 30 days does not get you put in "Prison". It gets you county jail. It takes a year or more to get you prison.It is funny how the media calls it prison to build sympathy for the subject. But jail if they don't care. I think it was a very good call on the judges part. She let her mouth bring all this on not the judge.

  69. Natalie Yeh

    Although I don't condone this behavior, it's more important to ask what's CAUSING the behavior rather than punish it. Because like many of the comments on here mention, she won't learn anything from the sentence. In fact, it might make her more angry and belligerent in the future. The key is to look into what caused this socially offensive behavior. What's her inner child, inner critic, and self esteem suffering from? If she went to therapy for a year or two and honestly wanted to help herself she'd find the root causes of what's causing her behavior. Only she can help herself, but our current social system certainly doesn't reward or encourage compassion and empathy.

  70. Anonymous

    She was still running her mouth after the 30 days. he should have called her back yet again and gave her 90 until she learned to shut her hole.

  71. Anonymous

    No problem with what the Judge did. Learn some respect young lady.
    But I do have a problem with it being video taped. The courtroom is no place for television. I worked for two different judges for 30 years and neither ever allowed video taping inside the courtroom.

  72. Patricia Joy Dela Pena

    Anyone who has commented that the girl in this video did not deserve the punishment she got should not have children because this is exactly the type of child you will raise. One that is disrespectful toward authority. It does not matter how the judge acted because the courtroom belongs to the judge and demands full respect toward him or her by all who enter. Contempt of court is behavior that opposes or defies the authority, justice, and dignity of the court. Contempt charges may be brought against parties to proceedings; lawyers or other court officers or personnel; jurors; witnesses; or people who insert themselves in a case, such as protesters outside a courtroom. The manner in which an act is committed or the tone in which words are spoken can determine whether contempt has occurred, it is up to the judge. The bottom line is respect, although it is common to think that "respect is earned and not given," respect is definitely given to the judge in his or her courtroom especially as a convict who has clearly disrespected the law.

  73. Anonymous

    And there you have a good majority of our youth today! Absolutely ZERO respect for authority.

  74. Ryan Dens

    What if there is little respect for a bad law or a broken legal system? She might have been a bitch but 30 days just because the judge feels he is more important than he is as well…. say both are the problem here.

  75. Jerry Bosher

    perfect example of lack of disipline in this child's life. her parents probably counted to ten, then scolded her politely. lol. you go Sir!

  76. Frank Reis


  77. Anonymous

    In my opinion it is not illegal to flip off a judge, you are protected by the 1st amendments right to free speech. Plenty of case law exist at the state and federal level ruling on this very issue, most involving flipping off law enforcement but a little involving the courts. I think the girl is an idiot for doing it, but the judge will let her out tomorrow or he may face a butt load of cases being filed by every group imaginable.

  78. Von Stafford

    I won't make comments here–cuz they always kick em off. Did I metion lock the Judge and the potty mouth up!

  79. Robert Brian McIntyre

    Actually it never should have got to that point, when the judge said "bye bye" and she replied with adiós the judge had no reason to call her back in front of him, he said bye bye and she said adiós, where is the crime in that, and flipping the middle finger isn't a crime anywhere in this country, what does it mean nothing, and the judge should have not let it get that far, he pushed her and got the reaction he wanted!

  80. Jason Rambo

    Putting yourself in jail is not always a good idea but that judge was way too rough and he did not deserve to get an ounce of respect. No judge does. Everybody in this country needs to be flipping off judges and letting them know that we won't tolerate their bull shit. Until there is non-compliance and an all out revolt, the system will only keep getting worse. Jails do not carry Xanax, and the withdrawal can be fatal. If she's addicted, she's looking at a death sentence. People need tobe calling the medical director, doctor, and charge nurse in that jail to let them know that if that girl had medicial needs that are not met, that they'll suddenly be geting more publicity than she is. She said, "Adios". So what. If somebody gave me a hard time over that, I'd be doing much more than flipping them off. There is not one reason that any person should be respecting the judicial system. If anything, we should all be rioting.

  81. Steven King

    I'm saying that we are all equal we the people…you need to earn respect just like anyone else.The punishment doesn't fit the crime.

  82. Jason Rambo

    Disrespecting judges is EXACTLY one of the many things that we need to be doing. They need to beput in their place. I'm writing to that blak robed-retard right now to let him know wheat I think of his kind.

  83. William Thomas

    This is the attitude the beautiful people in todays world. No raising, little knowledge and no respect for others. what she dosen't understand is the decreasing respect others have for her. 'the female population of prision will educate her.

  84. Gerald Lehman

    BRAVO Judge….it was clear by her body language that she had little respect for the court. So sad that society has to get the manners lesson thru her thick skull, when she should have been given that message many years ago by her parents. Job well done Judge!

  85. Dave Roberts

    Steven King…. I believe finishing school, going through years of college, working for years in an honorable profession and abiding by the law as well as upholding it is enough to earn respect. Just curiuos– since you put yourself out there in such a stupid manner– how would you determine if someone has "earned" your respect? What would they have to do to earn it?

  86. Dave Roberts

    John…Just exactly "HOW" was this judge 'exploiting' this insolent kid? I think he was being generous but SHE is the one who escalated the situation. He was done with her but she had to have the last word. I am sure that he was just guaranteeing that he was going to have the last word.

  87. Anonymous

    You could see she had an attitude from the get go. 90 days would have been more appropriate.

  88. Rick Resnick

    Steven King, have you noticed that you are receiving zero likes, when it comes to your point of view?

  89. Rhys Salmonson

    V Stephanie Charles then again so was the judge the way he sayed bye bye to her is proply what set her off if he was less of a asshole the whole thing could have been avoided

  90. Steven King

    she may have been out of line but 30 days is completely absurd not to mention expensive to the tax payer. I can see a night in jail not 30. Its cute how using the word cute shows your lack of a better argument

  91. Lynda Stafford

    Well guess we all know how Steven King would act if he was the one before a judge. You have a right to free speach, but there is a time and place, the courtroom is neither the time nor place!! You can't get away with disrespecting a judge! Every action has it's concequences!

  92. Will Steele

    Actually, Mr. King isn't that familiar with Penn. Penn would probably prefer a 100 day sentence; he's more opposed to stupidity rather than blind disrespect.

  93. Steven King

    Its obvious that the judge took it upon himself to waste the taxpayers money and enforce a punishment that is unusual and cruel. No respect has been earned. You earn respect through being kind and practical not cruel.

  94. Steven King

    Joe Maidl yes your right, but flipping one off causes a frenzy of fear? shouting fire has potential risks involving bodily harm where the finger offends big woop

  95. Shawn Brackenridge

    Well maybe she should have been more serious than having an attitude and disrespectful demeanor in the courtroom. Too many young teenagers are being disrespectful today and they need to learn there are consequences to their actions that they can't bat their eyes at and think the world owes them something. There is way too much of this crap of people thinking they're owed something by everyone else attitude. A judge doesn't owe you anything in court especially when your arrested for a controlled prescription drug you don't have a script for, so why should she get respect if she didn't show any in obtaining the drug the right way????

  96. Rita Diaz

    Of course the judge is correct; she is disrespectful and hope she learns her lesson – pretty surprise at some of the posts against the judge – yes you do put someone in jail for 30 days for flipping off a judge appointed by the people in the county where you live, she flipped off everyone in the county – not the judge and the people spoke – 30 days in the hole, a little humble pie for ya.

  97. Rita Diaz

    Of course the judge is correct; she is disrespectful and hope she learns her lesson – pretty surprise at some of the posts against the judge – yes you do put someone in jail for 30 days for flipping off a judge appointed by the people in the county where you live, she flipped off everyone in the county – not the judge and the people spoke – 30 days in the hole, a little humble pie for ya.

  98. Steven King

    I'm respectful and would not act as such, but imagine you flipped the judge off and got 30 days…would you feel it was justice being served?

  99. Bill Bruck

    Mr King. If one has any brains, he or she knows that you don't have to respect the person in authority. But you better respect their authority or you'll learn the hard way. As for respect is earned not given? That's liberal bull. Basic respect is what every person deserves from everyone. If we all treated each other with respect most of society's woes would vanish. If you had bothered to educate yourself you would know that showing blatant disrespect for a judge is called contempt of court. And it is the law of the land. I'll bet with your big mouth and tiny knowledge base that we will be seeing an article similar to this with your name in it. Wise up.

  100. Richard E Lauer

    You have to be one of the most ignorant people on earth. We'll see at a later date, your entrance into the prison system. Maybe you never graduated from FU Flathead University? Or maybe you did?

  101. Noelle Wedemeyer-Kanoho

    Obviously, she is of legal age to go to jail, or she'd be in the Juvenile Detention right now. When you're an adult, be prepared for adult consequences when going to court.

  102. Bob Goodrow

    I think this Steven King guy is a yahoo plant. Nobody could be that stupid. Do you not have a clue about contempt of court??

  103. Anonymous

    I can't believe this, contempt of court is a crime!!!, I can just imagine ur reaction to some dumb ass girl flipping you off on one ofyour bar nights hitting on her. I think the judge showed remarkable restraint.

  104. Affirming Pastor Curtiss

    Yes, she deserves to spend 30 days in jail. The man came across as professional and decent. She had a smart alec attitude the whole time. Young people must learn to respect authority. Maybe some folks seeing this will think twice before smarting off to a judge.

  105. Anonymous

    Steven King u bloody fool. The law has the respect. obviously u don't…

  106. Steven King

    I urge you to read the previous post by xadventurousx….practicality is the obvious answer you should grow a brain BOB

  107. Steven King

    the taxpayer is footing the bill due to an offended ass in power. @ Rick speaking the truth is never popular. Give her a night in the can not 30

  108. Dean Kelly

    Only 30 Days? Thanks God I wasnt The Judge! I would also like to thank her parents for doing an outstanding job bringing her up.I hope Karma finds her sorry A&$ in jail.

  109. Paul Schilling

    Steven King she did, and she is paying for her lack of class. This is a court of law not just another gathering of the great unwashed. where on earth is it that stupidity should not have consequenses. Maybe she has never heard the term contempt of court. She has now.

  110. Steven King

    a night in jail will suffice I the taxpayer wouldn't feel great about alleviating the judges hurt feelings for 30 days. My argument is completely based on the fact that its an excessive punishment for a finger

  111. Paul Schilling

    yes the failed parents should somehow blame the system. They produced a piece of trash so should now profit, that is the system nowdays.

  112. Paul Schilling

    you don't disrespect the court. This wasn't about the judge. Some things can not be tolerated. 5k? didn't get it 10k still stupid. Check with me in a month. That's one check her pimp can't write.

  113. Michael Moreno

    It's about the lack of respect, not the actual middle finger….. Should have put her ass in for six months. Prove our system isn't just a revolving door with no penalties.

  114. Jesse Bundrick

    Steven King you need to stfu .yeah i said it u preach one thing then change what u say your just trying to stir shit up

  115. Omar Lozano

    she seemed to take less offense to the 30 days than she did to the $10,000.

  116. Fred Harlan

    She needs to learn to respect the law and after all,she was found guilty of selling drugs,he should have gave her smart ass, 60 days.

  117. Fred Harlan

    She needs to learn to respect the law and after all,she was found guilty of selling drugs,he should have gave her smart ass, 60 days.

  118. Fred Harlan

    Putting him self higher,she disrespected the court which he represents,hopefully she will learn some respect in the slammer.

  119. Fred Harlan

    jail and prison is two different places,if your going to flip a judge off,do not,I repeat,do not do it in the court room.the little drug dealing spoiled brat should have gotten 60 days.

  120. Byron Atwood

    if she even has a drivers license it should also be suspended! also many hours of community service, hopefully at a convent or catholic school the nuns will show her how to behave!

  121. Jim Fitzgibbons

    You must have skipped the English class that went over proof reading. I quote " Where is the law that states one cannot flip of a judge?" Not only is this poor sentence structure on your part but you forgot the other f in off. Just a little friendly advise Steven stop commenting on things you don't understand.

  122. Barbra Lopez

    It's not about the punishment fitting the crime. She was an example. If that man let that fly, the court would appear soft. I don't blame him. And I'm glad it has gone viral, so everyone knows not to try that crap. However I do feel for her. Poor girl was probably never taught how to speak like a normal person; with the giggling, hair flipping and "ya know….like Rick Ross"…She has probaly never encountered anything she couldn't giggle and flirt her way out of. The judge however wasn't in a giggly mood. I think the altercatrion was a direct result of her inability to seperate authority and the bartender.

  123. Jason Tabor

    Mr. King We are not all equal. We may be born equal, but what we do with our lives is what separates us. Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomathas worked hard, earned mutiple degree's including a Law Degree. He Served in the Army Reserves, He Served as a represettive in the Flordia House of Representatives. He has done much more for his state and his community than most people. So Yes I'd say he is due a little respect. It was the accused drug using Ms. Penelope who was disrespectful. He was asking her questions to set her bond. She was the one who was being immature. He could have denied her bail totally or set the amount so high she coul not afford it and she'd been in jail through her trial. Instead he tried to be the adult in the situatin. She is not the victim here. She is the accused drug user. She is the one that rather than answer the judge chose to brag about her bling bling. Then it was she who forgot how to use her bg girl words and instead flipped off the judge. No 30 days was generous.

  124. Anonymous

    Steven (the gobbler) King, so you say that as long as you do what you want everything is Ok NOT! Think your smart ass remarks and mommas boy attitude and parents money will ever keep you out of jail, your pretend girlfriend goes to jail so tomorrow she will have a new friend BERTHA, On camera for your ( HOMIES') to see. And then you flip the bird to the judge. you will be BUBBAs your new boy toy, Remember No is not a word in jail bubba will flip you the bird. sweet dreams Steven (the gobbler) King.
    Comment from retired military spook.

  125. Anonymous

    Shannon McKee true, but the words to say are What Parents? who is the parents?, Parents where are they?

  126. Heather Neiswonger Shirey

    Mr. King you have my deepest sympathy that you can be so jaded. My two oldest children are only 7 and 4 and they both know that you show respect to your elders and those with authority such as thier teachers and law officials. They do not have to like that person but they sure as heck better use the manners and be respectful the way that we have taught them to be. There are two many young people who have such a blatent lack of common sense and respect that it makes me sick. ONE day would not be sufficient in my opinion because it is not going to teach this girl a lesson. She is beyond needind just a slap on the wrist she needs a wake up call and that is exactly what the 30 days would give her

  127. Master Legend

    one abuses a false sense of power while the other abuses their hired power.Two wrongs don't make a right.Too bad the girl didn't have her an expensive lawyer.When you have money you can buy the law.

  128. Fuhk Yeah Fuhk Yeah

    wanted to like your post , tho it would of ruined the "69"

  129. Mike Quddous

    Her parents should be ashamed for having a daughter like that. I don't know what is the maximum for contempt, Judge was very fair, she deserves a lot worse than that. Shame on her!

  130. Fernando Morales

    Maybe the judge should of sentenced the slut to 30 days of hardcore anal action and then she'll keep her mouth shut in front of the judge next time.

  131. Steven King

    I'm sorry you cannot grasp the concept that the state is charging the tax payer for 30 days because an asshole judge had his feelings hurt. Furthermore she will never learn her lesson. You have 2 children..imagine you lost your temper and in the moment flipped off a judge…now think for a moment…is 30 days justice? who will take care of the children? You as most people lack the cognitive ability to put yourself in others shoes and throw the first stone. We are all imperfect put yourself in her shoes and tell me 30 days is fare

  132. Anonymous

    committing a crime: $5,000.
    Being sarcastic: $10,000.
    Swearing and giving the finger: 30 days in jail.

    Fair and just judicial system: Priceless.

  133. Martina McBurney-Wheeler

    Steven, are your being purposely obtuse? This wasn't street corner, it was a court of law. They are called the "Judge' for a reason and are empowered to control its order. Telling the Judge to "F*ck Off" is in clear contempt and is a punishable offense. Her 'street cred' isn't going to help her now and maybe she will wise the F*ck up.

  134. Dorothy Duckett

    it took foever(63) postings for someone to notice that little High-Ball is not going to PRISON (yet). When you come across these little wise(dumb)donkeys on the street you don't think it's so cute,unless your inbreeding also causes early-on open stupidity. Close your mouth like she should have.

  135. Anonymous

    Since when do so many people believe bad morals deserve jail time? This is America land of the free. Right #1 freedom of speech and expression! You don't like it? Fuck you that's how our founding fathers designed it! Go back to your holes you hypocrite bigots! You'd throw everyone in jail if you got the chance! The judge needs to re-read his constitution and so do you guys! Grow up and quit crying because this is the real world not candy land.

  136. Cindy Vallone

    She said "adios." No she didn't and kids raised with no respect should be punished. She was….I'm glad.

  137. Cindy Vallone

    She said "adios." No she didn't and kids raised with no respect should be punished. She was….I'm glad.

  138. Harry P. Copper

    Well calculate 10% of the bail (I assume you can do that being you're in college.) Disrespect authority and pay dearly should be the message not free speech. Anyone who condones the young lady's behavior is an idiot! Enough said!

  139. Anonymous

    Its about time someone set these twirps straght. Try being a passenger on an airline, when you are told to disconnect your phone……..the little b—- gives the flight person the finger and says, can you just wait a minute. I'd like for them to kick them off the plane……..

  140. Scott Lake

    Steven, the Judge earned his position of respect by either being appointed or elected to his bench. The years of practicing law, and the mere fact that he has authority over you in his courtroom.

  141. Scott Lake

    markplemens, once in the courtroom, you do not have free speech rights. You have to follow the rules of the court. I believe the Judge was wrong to start with, because he was being less than professional and that may have lead the girl to believe it was okay to be playful back. That still doesn't mean it was okay to use language like that in the courtroom or to flip off the judge.

  142. DC Baz

    I love how many of you are so against the girl. America is a free country, isn't it? This judge must be totally insecure to throw someone in jail for fliping the bird at him. 1st amendment! People gotta stop being obedient sheep, and start standing up to the greedy corrupt system we live in. People shouldn't be afraid of our government. GOvernment should be afraid of their people. This girl is a HERO.

  143. Shirley Harris

    No I don't. There are too many disrespectful kids running rampart in our society. In our schools just think about what teachers go through. They curse, they want to hit teachers and they usually get away with it. I think it's time someone else gets the brunt of this and finally do something about it.

  144. Shirley Harris

    Children need to learn not to disrespect adult authority. There is too much of it now, and other things are happening as a result of this leniency which never should have happened in the first place. They know better and I am sickened by a socieity that says they don't. They are killing other children, their parents, other innocent people just because they can't have their way. In my house, it is what I say. I don't care how old you are. If you are that old and grown, get your own place, where you can do what you want. Not in mine. When I was a child, we could never do what these kids do now. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop playing around with these kids. Let them know there are consequences for their actions. I take my hat off to that judge!

  145. Pam Devlin Perotti

    90 days would of been better and 20,000 hours of community service cleaning public toilets in Miami.

  146. Tim Butler

    I think this is ridiculous. The chick is obviously a moron but that doesn't justify the judge being a power tripping ass hole. They're both dicks in my opinion.

  147. Joe Guarda

    Good. The judge should have given this moron the chair. She got off easy. Unreal, the way kids in today's society behave.

  148. Barbara W. Baxter

    I hope the judge imposed the highest fine as well as jail time.

  149. Tim Revels

    Fuck that non english speaking beaner judge. No beaner sits in judgment of a white man.

  150. Yuri Chavez

    way too harsh, prison time does not fix people.. I would have fine her highly and community work…. total abuse of power.

  151. Rhon Sixtyfour

    He should have put her bare assed over his lap spanked her til she cried and played it at her school for all to see..ass and all!

  152. Rick Cotton

    Don't tell a judge to fu** himself you clown. Definitely got what she deserved and she's lucky I wasn't the judge. I would have given her 30 days in jail and 1,000 hours of community service… She could afford to spend a little less time in the clubs.

  153. Chris Coyle

    Sorry….I am the Father of 5 kids….worked hard my entire life….was only in front of a judge once when I was a teenager….and I have to say…this little kid was rude…disrespectful and needed to be taught a lesson. 30 days in the lock up eating bologna sandwiches with zero privacy is going to teach little miss tuff girl a lesson….but it won't teach her manners and respect…this would have come from her parents…..and it's obvious she received very little focus in this area.

  154. Chris Coyle

    She was most likely crying when they took her in the back…..

  155. Miguel Ortega

    It's about the principle! I get that she's clearly uneducated but by LAW he's got no right to double her bond and add 30 days in jail just cause his poor feelings were hurt. Yes. actually my first amendment rights allows me to act stupid and say stupid things. There was a case not to long ago were some cop gave a guy a ticket for flipping him off, guess what he sued and won! Why? Freedom of Speech that's why.

  156. Re Mis

    we here in Germany need a little bit more "american way" of justice… our officers get hit by teens and have to drive them home to the parents….poor world….

  157. Aimee Powell Verdon

    LOL! She deserves all she got! SHe had that greater than though attitude- Doesn't matter how tough you are, how "cool" you are, or what your status is on the street– The judge has your future in his hands. Respect him. Shoot, respect all your elders for that matter- Another thing that's wrong with the world today. Nobody respects anybody, period.

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