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Man With $70M Check Busted By German Customs

Former Central Bank Of Iran Chief

Berlin, Germany – A man carrying a $70 million check was recently busted by German customs.

Officials working at the Duesseldorf airport found the pricey check in the luggage of a unidentified man who had just arrived from Turkey. According to The Associated Press, the individual was later revealed to be 59-year-old Tahmasb Mazaheri.

Mazaheri was once the central bank chief in Iran. The $70 million check in his possession was reportedly issued by the Bank of Venezuela.

The Examiner reports the man now faces a whopping $1.4 million fine since he failed to declare the money when he entered the country. The check later confiscated by officials.

Authorities currently believe Tahmasb Mazaheri may be involved with some sort of money laundering scheme. Mazaheri is reportedly cooperating with officials as they investigate the $70 million check and its mysterious origins.

Customs officials and Iran’s embassy have yet to comment on the situation as of this writing. Tahmasb Mazaheri has also remained tight-lipped about the situation.

According to The Washington Post, Mazaheri was the chief of the Central Bank of Iran from 2007 until 2008. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly replaced Mazaheri after the two’s differences over policy and inflation could not be worked out.

Mazaheri was known to vocally oppose how the government conducted business. Journalist Mohammad Atrianfar said the removal of the central bank chief allowed the country’s President to essentially do what he wanted.

He explained:

“Mazaheri’s departure clears the path for Ahmadinejad to change the economy the way he wants. Mazaheri, who was much more professional than the president, would delay or alter government plans. Now the president has a free hand.”

It’s currently unknown if the former chief of the Central Bank of Iran will be charged with any crimes for attempting to sneak the $70 million check through German customs. An investigation into the matter is currently underway.

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10 Responses to “Man With $70M Check Busted By German Customs”

  1. Mark Moore

    people smuggles huge packs of drugs every day and this dummy couldn't even sneak a paper check, was it one of those BIG checks you get when you win something? lol

  2. Anonymous

    Mark…stupid comment. Obviously he was targeted and just basically searched. Your comment shows how ignorant people are about issues, deciding to make judgments about one's stupidity having not yet grasped the true nature of the story. Ironic…

  3. Tyrone Ward

    Smells like he was set up. He should have told those in his sphere of the know that he was on his way to Dusseldorf and then flew to Zurich. That´s probably where he was headed for eventually.

  4. Anonymous

    Exactly, A small Paper Check? Couldn't Even put it in the lining of Clothing? Come on.

  5. Alan Nussbaum

    sounds like shafer is the Judge making the decision.You got to be careful whereever you go when traveling.Ask Sparky.Maybe it's Karma.

  6. Anonymous

    A small paper Check? There has to be more to this story? Even So they probably knew exactly what they were looking for?

  7. Jeremie Manninen

    lmao a "whopping 1.9 million dollar fine" seriously the guy was carrying a check for 70 million and has god only knows how much more money in the bank and yet you call that fine whopping? Sure to the average person it's a lot but to a guy like this it's probably just chump change lol.

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