Where's Brangelina? Brad And Angie Nowhere To Be Seen In New Orleans On Super Bowl Weekend

Where’s Brangelina? Brad And Angie Not At Their New Orleans Home On Super Bowl Weekend

Where’s Brangelina?

That’s what hordes of tourists traveling to New Orleans are asking. Though crowds of people have been trying to catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at their home in the Big Easy on Super Bowl weekend, the stars are nowhere to be seen, The Associated Press noted.

So where’s Brangelina? Certainly not anywhere near their home in the French Quarter. The windows to their home have been closed tight, and the security usually buzzing around the house is gone too.

Brad and Angelina have shared a close connection to New Orleans, beyond the home they share there. Thanks to Brad’s efforts, they city is starting to fill with a number of boxy, strange looking little homes, all part of a continued recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“In New Orleans they are known as ‘Brad Pitt Houses,’ because they are the brainchild of the actor. Pitt formed the Make it Right Foundation, and recruited top architects to design modern but hurricane-proof replacement housing. He raised $30 million for the project, and the houses, some with flamboyant touches like sweeping metal grillwork that extends from the front roof to the backyard, dot the neighborhood.

“In fact, there are now enough of them that tourist bus companies, spotting an opportunity, have begun to offer Brad Pitt Houses tours. In fact, they’ve become so popular that signs are up requesting that visitors not bother the occupants.”

A nice story, but it still doesn’t answer the question of where Brangelina is during such an important weekend in New Orleans. The past few months they’ve been doing some globetrotting, spending weeks in England while he shot a movie there and later spending Christmas on a private island in the Carribbean.

Where’s Brangelina now? E! News last caught Brad on Thursday touching down in Los Angeles after a solo flight. There was no word on where he was off to next, but it seems by the empty home that his destination wasn’t New Orleans.