Jeff Chirico punched in the face

Reporter Punched In The Face During Fraud Investigation

Jeff Chirico, an investigative reporter for WGCL in Atlanta, was punched in the face while covering a story about fraud at a local car yard.

Chirico asked the owner of the car yard’s father, Donald Wilder, about the charges against his son.

Wilder looked at the camera before claiming that it would only cost $25 to $30 to punch Jeff Chirico in the face. He then punched the reporter in the face.

The punch occurred after Chirico attempted to walk into the owner’s place of business. As Chirico picks himself off the ground, he mutters:

“You will be arrested for assault, sir. You just punched me in the face.”

Wilder then responds:

“Yeah, and I’m going to punch you again.”

What might be most amazing with the video is the fact that Jeff Chirico held his own. After picking himself off the ground, he simply continues to question the man as if nothing had happened.

Here is the video of WGCL reporter Jeff Chirico taking a solid punch to the face:

As a member of the media community and someone who has dealt with hostile people in the broadcast journalism field, I have to give props to Chirico and his unfettered attempt at getting the truth.

Are you impressed with the reporter’s attempts to stick in and get the full truth about the car yard fraud?