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Oregon Bakery Refuses To Make Wedding Cake For Same Sex Couple

Same Sex Marriage

Gresham, OR – Sweet Cakes, a bakery in the township of Gresham, Oregon, is under investigation by civil enforcement officers for allegedly refusing to make a cake for a lesbian couple. Sweet Cakes advertises cakes for any occasion. However, it seems when a same sex couple requested a wedding cake be made in honor of their pending nuptials, the owner refused to render service.

One of the women has since filed a claim with the city, citing the business refused to offer her services based on sexual orientation discrimination. Baker Aaron Klein says he is being penalized for his personal religious beliefs, and asserts he is standing behind his own moral code and his First Amendment right when denying services.

Klein would rather the business be closed than be forced to do something against his conscience. This is the first time the business has received a notice from the state regarding refusal of services, which Klein says he’s done several times before.

The written notice from the city noted the complaining party quoting Klein as saying the couple was an “abomination unto the Lord.” Klein denies uttering the statement. He asserts he was not intending to cause hurt feeling or offend anyone, only that he was standing on principle.

Oregon Statute 659A.403, place of public accommodation, outlines that it is unlawful for Klein to refuse services under these circumstances. By law the public business must provide full and equal accommodations to all patrons, without hindrance based on race, religion, color, sex, or sexual orientation.

Do you think business owners have the right to refuse services? Do you think the business owner has the right to his principles the same way the couple has the right to not be discriminated?

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22 Responses to “Oregon Bakery Refuses To Make Wedding Cake For Same Sex Couple”

  1. Anonymous

    Who expects to be able to run a commercial enterprise that serves the general public and be able to discriminate against a customer because you do not like something about their personal life? Wrong. This is NOT Alabama in the 1950's. Refusing to serve someone in an establishment that caters to the public is discrimination, period. Are we going to allow a new generation of "Jim Crow" against gays? NO! NO! NO! I do not care what your PERSONAL beliefs are. Keep them to yourselves and DO YOUR JOB. Or close up shop. No middle ground.

  2. MJ McGee

    Would he be able to deny service to Blacks? Mexicans? Jews? NO! If he is against gay marriage, he shouldn't get gay married. But he should make a paying customer a wedding cake. This guy makes religion look bad.

  3. Gloria Becks

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  4. Mandy Olund

    I posted this on their page…Your freedom to practice your religion as you see fit doesn't mean that you should impose your beliefs on others. Do you serve Mormons? Do you serve Catholics? Do you serve people who have Islamic beliefs? How about Buddhists? What would Jesus have done? You see, his mandate was to love the Creator and each other. Not condemn. Jesus never said ONE word about same sex love, marriage, abortion, birth control, or anything else.

    Religious zealots claim to be Christians but base their ability to HATE in Old Testament rules. So if homosexuality is an "abomination," how do you justify the fact that you are engaging in other activities that are an "abomination?" Let's see…do you mix cloth? Eat pork? Eat shellfish? Cut your hair? Does your wife wear pants? Do you hold her hand at certain times of the month? Women must be virgins at the time of marriage or be stoned to death – Christians don't hold to that one nowadays, do they. And traditional marriage that is "bible based" is a lie. Because it was NEVER just man/woman, it was man/wife, man/wives, man/wives/concubines, man/slave, soldier/conquered woman, rapist/victim, and on and on. Do Christians still sell female children into marriage for two donkeys and a camel? Do you see HOW HOW HOW RIDICULOUS it is to cling to one particular outdated rule, but not the others? This is why half of all Americans now despise faith of any kind. Because of the hypocrisy.

    Your Jesus would be ashamed that you say you subscribe to his teachings. This behavior isn't part of what he taught – he would call you a hypocrite, a Pharisee, and attend the wedding of the people you have shamed. If your god really knits people together in the womb, then HE created people to be how they are. I will never, ever buy one single thing from a business that engages in this kind of hateful behavior, and there are many like me. You should go "pray" about your intolerant, bigoted, horrific behavior.

  5. Christena Jane

    Per Oregon law (§ 659A.403) regarding the prohibition of discrimination in a place of public accommodation, “…all persons within the jurisdiction of this state are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation, without any distinction, discrimination or restriction on account of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age if the individual is 18 years of age or older. … It is an unlawful practice for any person to deny full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation in violation of this section.” See

  6. Christine Giuda

    Go get the cake elsewhere. So they are allowed to force their lifestyle on the baker, but he can't refuse for his beliefs? Sounds like a double standard to me. Christianity is truly being persecuted.

  7. Grace Fairfax

    I know Christians have been taught in churches who will and will not inherit the Kingdom of God, the word teaches us to love one another, not to judge,I myself have to pray about it, seek out His Word praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. My place as a Christian is to love man, hate sin, not to hate the sinner but to pray for them, we do not know who will repent, who will seek God and Forgiveness, I thank god I don't have to walk through this wonderful life judging people, if I do I pray for forgiveness and more Love. We after all are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of god. I pray that the baker will pray about it, and come to the understanding, that his job is to love,and bake not pass judgement.

  8. Christine Giuda

    In other words compromise his belief? I am not judging and I don't believe that the baker is either. I also was taught and believe that you hate the sin, love the sinner, but enabling the sin is just as bad as committing it yourself. Baking the cake would be enabling the sin because it is an acceptance of that sin.

  9. Mandy Olund

    Who decides it is a sin? If the Christian god made them that way – he supposedly knitted folks together in the womb, no? Jesus didn't say it was a sin. And anything Paul says is suspect (he never met Jesus and most of what he preached was contrary to what Jesus taught, i.e., women must submit, women must not teach, grace by faith, etc.). Jesus would be horrified, I am sure, at the hypocrisy.

    My point is that HATE doesn't get to choose which part of the old testament is accepted as belief in modern times, and which part is rejected. In the old testament, if a woman wasn't a virgin at marriage, she could be murdered…that law is rejected but the law about homosexuality isn't? ALL of Deuteronomy is rejected but not homosexuality? The old testament is one of the most horrifically violent, racist, incestuous, murderous, misogynistic books in all of creation, really. And praying about it won't change that fact.

    Oh and go back and read all about David and Jonathan. You know…the David that was the God of Israel's favorite. Who had a man murdered because he was coveting his wife. Guess what? David was bisexual too. In fact, he preferred men to women and said so at Jonathan's funeral. Read from a fresh perspective the bible at 1 Samuel 18:1-4 where it states: “When David had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was bound to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father’s house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul. Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that he was wearing, and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt.” You can say ALL you want about interpretation, but NOWHERE else in the bible does it ever say a man loved another like his own soul, nor did one disrobe, get naked, and give his possessions to another.

    Further, at 1 Samuel 20:30, Saul states to Jonathan “You son of a perverse, rebellious woman! Do I not know that you have chosen [David] the son of Jesse to your own shame and to the shame of your mother’s nakedness? For as long as the son of Jesse lives upon the earth, neither you nor your kingdom shall be established.” Do you not get what he is saying? He is telling Jonathan that because he loves another man, he cannot have male heirs to continue his royal line.

    I am willing to discuss any of this further with anyone. I too, at one time, was a believer, until my soul found the truth of the real Jesus, which is much different than what is being preached today…Pauline Christianity is NOT the truth…no matter how many bible versions try to convince people otherwise.

  10. Cherry Warr

    Mandy Olund why does it have to be 'hate'?? All anyone can do is decide for themselves what is or isn't a sin and live their lifes by that. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't mean they 'hate' you.

  11. Cherry Warr

    No middle ground? Why is it ok for YOU to force YOUR personal beliefs on me but it's not ok for me to abide by my OWN? You feel you have the right to force me to do things I don't want to do? When did slavery become acceptable to the Left? If you don't like this guy's attitude, don't GO there…and if enough people REALLY believe like you then he'll go out of business. and if enough DON'T believe like you do then he'll prosper. If you believe in your own righteousness, then you won't be afraid to let things work out without the government coming in and bullying anyone.

  12. Cherry Warr

    and if someone comes in and is rude or abusive, would he be allowed to say no then? When does it cross the line into slavery? Why would you want to buy a cake from someone that doesn't want to make you one? This is just a 'test case' to intimidate Christians into giving in to the Progressive agenda to destroy our way of life. Christians need to wake up…and so do the moderate Democrats (if there are any left)…the only reason this crap is getting ANY headway is because we Christians ARE tolerant and dont' see these people over in Iran trying to push their agenda.

  13. Cherry Warr

    Grace Fairfax awww…aren't you just a little Mother Teresa…hypocrite. If I don't get to speak for Christ, neither do you. No one here said anything about the Old vs the New Testament, the man spoke to his OWN personal believes, something he is allowed to have. You would enslave him and force him to violate his own belief to support yours? And you don't see that as being wrong? I notice you don't speak out about women in Islamic countries….again, hypocrite! You can throw all the BS you want out here, I know you aren't as sanctimonious as you claim to be. You are a Progressive operative.

  14. Cherry Warr

    and you know their hearts, right? I guess Jesus came down and told you personally, right? You don't have a clue what other people were taught, you only know what YOU were taught. Stop assuming you know everyone else. These people have a right to their own beliefs!

  15. Cherry Warr

    regarding the United States Constitution, Thirteenth Amendment: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction

    Trumps any state law.

  16. Jessica Marshall

    If you have a shop open to the public, then you must serve the public. You have to serve a person of a protected class. It is not slavery because they are paying customers. They are paying for your services. Not serving a homosexual couple based on religious beliefs is the same as a klansman refusing to serve black people based on their beliefs. Just because it's your beliefs doesn't mean you have a right to go against the law. The bible contradicts itself constantly. Deutronomy says homosexuality is an abomination but so is eating eat on Fridays and wearing clothes made of two different clothes. Deutronomy basically says if a man rapes a virgin, he must marry her.

  17. Josh Johnson

    Im a believer that if it is my money, my property, and my business…I have the right to refuse service to anyone I decide to. That being said, my exclusive 5'7" guy club is opening next week.

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