Papa John’s Robber Made Up Sob Story For Free Pizza

The man who attempted to rob a Montana Papa John’s made up the sob story that allowed him to walk away with free pizza.

Authorities explained that 33-year-old David Randall Lacey may not have been telling the truth about his family during an attempted robbery last week. According to the Christian Post, the robber decided to change his story when he saw how much money was in the register.

Lacey’s alleged robbery attempt ended in tears when he told the clerk at the Papa John’s location about his situation. The man said he had resorted to crime in order to feed his starving family. Saddened by his story, the employee reportedly cooked up some food and sent the Lacey on his way.

Although his story may have been convincing, The Associated Press reports that Lacey may not have been telling the truth. Reports show that the suspect doesn’t have any children to speak of in the area.

Lacey allegedly said he decided to tell the sob story to the clerk after he discovered the register only had $25 in the till. Realizing that he could get more in food than he could in cash, he decided to spin a tale that would help him get some free pizza.

A police affidavit reads:

“David said that when the register was placed on the counter, he realized there was hardly any money. At that point, David told the clerk the story about needing money for his wife and kids. David does not have any children in Helena and told me he was referring to his friends’ kids, who consider him an uncle.”

According to The Independent Record, Lacey was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of felony theft. He had since admitted to the crime, though he said he committed the robbery to feed himself. Bail has been set at $25,000.