Papa John’s Robber Cries, Gets Free Pizza

Helena, MN – A man who attempted to rob a local Papa John’s restaurant broke down in tears during his crime.

As the clerk began handing over the money contained inside the register, the man reportedly started to weep. According to The Associated Press, the suspect was only robbing the store to feed his hungry family.

Instead of picking up the phone and calling the police, the employee returned the money to the till and made the man a kind offer. In order to help the would-be robber’s family, the Papa John’s worker decided to prepare a pizza and chicken wings for free.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee said the incident took place a little after midnight on Tuesday. While the employee fixed the man’s order, the suspect sat sown and waited patiently for his order to arrive.

The Independent Record explains that a large knife reportedly fell out of the robber’s pocket as his food was cooking. Once everything was ready to go, the suspect picked up the pizza, chicken wings, and soda before heading out the door.

The Papa John’s robber who cried during his attempted crime has not been apprehended by police as of this writing. Authorities explained that they are anxious to get their hands on the guy in case he tries to pull a stunt like this again.

Papa John’s has yet to comment on the situation.

A Helena police spokesperson told the AP that he was impressed with the clerk’s ability to talk the man out of robbing the restaurant.

The representative explained:

“I’d say the clerk was pretty astute. I mean, he knows how to talk to this person. Kind of commiserated with him a little. Talked to him about it and you know actually changed his mind about robbing the place. That was pretty good.”

What do you think about the Papa John’s robber who received a free pizza after crying during the crime?

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