NFL Floats Idea Of Getting Rid Of Kickoffs, Roger Goodell Says

Roger Goodell Banned From Several New Orleans Restaurants

Roger Goodell isn’t a fan favorite in New Orleans. After the bounty gate scandal, thousands of Saints fans (and restaurant owners) blamed Goodell for the harsh penalties doled out to the team in the Big Easy. Well, now restaurant owners are getting their revenge. At least 10 local favorites are closing their doors to the NFL commissioner.

Nola.Eater.Com has been keeping a list of all the restaurants that have temporarily banned Roger Goodell.

Goodell is still welcome in some of New Orleans most famous restaurants, like Clancy’s, Galatoire’s and Irene’s Cuisine, but he isn’t welcome in the Irish pub Finn McCool’s, ice cream shop Creole Creamery, or soul food favorite Coop’s Place.

Kathy Anderson, the owner of the Parkview Tavern, said: “He would be booed out the door without a doubt.”

And Goodell knows that he isn’t the most popular person in New Orleans at the moment.

During a press conference, Goodell sarcastically said:

“I couldn’t feel more welcomed here … I had a float in the Mardi Gras parade. We have a voodoo doll.”

Goodell also complimented the fans of New Orleans saying that they were very passionate about their team.

Goodell added:

“The last couple of nights, I’ve been out with a lot of the people I worked with after the Katrina tragedy and we all reflected on how well we worked together … I understand the fans’ loyalty is to the team. They had no part in this (bounty scandal). They were completely innocent. I support their passion.”

Are you surprised that Roger Goodell will have limited dining options in New Orleans?