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Legal Immigrant Henson Ong’s Anti-Gun Control Testimony Goes Viral

Henson Ong’s impassioned testimony against new gun control laws has gone viral. The legal immigrant talked about choosing to become an American and how important he feels the Second Amendment is for personal safety reasons.

Ong spoke during a public hearing in Hartford, Connecticut about gun violence. A video of his testimony was posted on YouTube and quickly attracted a multitude of viewers. He asked the crowd for forgiveness for English not being his native tongue before embarking upon his speech. Henson Ong garnered a loud round of applause when he spoke with pride about legally immigrating to the United States and becoming an American not by birth but by choice.

Ong had this to say during the Connecticut gun violence hearing:

“Your own history is replete with high school rifle teams, boy scout marksmanship merit badges. You could buy rifles at hardware stores, you could order them. Your country was awash in readily available firearms and ammunition, and yet in your past you did not have mass school shootings. What changed? It was not that the availability of guns suddenly exploded or increased, it actually was decreased. What changed was societal decay.”

After another massive round of applause concluded, Ong went on to point out that Chicago and Washington, D.C., has the highest murders rates in the country and some of the strictest gun laws, The Blaze notes. The Connecticut man also noted that if Korean residents during the LA riots not had AK-47s, AR-15s, and 30-round magazines, their homes and businesses would have been destroyed.

Do you think semi-automatic weapons provide Americans with personal protection benefits and should remain legal?