Bill and Melinda Gates have given away billions in aid through their foundation

Bill Gates: The Business Of Effective Giving

Bill Gates doesn’t care if he’s forgotten after his death, as long as major diseases like polio and others are eradicated.

“I don’t need to be remembered at all,” the co-founder of Microsoft told Agence France-Press (AFP) in New York on Wednesday.

With a Forbes estimates personal fortune of $66 billion to his name, after stepping down from the running of Microsoft, this 57-year-old is now applying the same dedication he put into building that empire into philanthropy.

Gates and his wife’s charitable focus — channeled through the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” — is tackling the big issues of world poverty and disease.

“None of the people who are at risk of polio know anything about me, nor should they. They are dealing with day to day life and the fact that their child might get crippled,” Gates told AFP in their interview.

The foundation has already paid out $25 billion to various projects fighting disease and extreme poverty. A further $36 billion is earmarked for the same destination.

“My wife and I have decided that our foundation will spend all its money within 20 years of when neither of us are around, so we’re not trying to create some perpetual thing,” Gates reveals.

The Seattle native believes the worldwide eradication of Polio, the crippling childhood disease, is possible. Already vanquished in India, the frontiers of Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan remain.

“Within my lifetime, polio’s not the only disease we should be able to eradicate,” says Gates. “Even malaria — although that’s more like a several decades effort — should be within reach.”

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