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Obama And Biden Take Their Gun Control Plan To Law Enforcement Officials

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are meeting with law enforcement officials to promote their gun control agenda. The meeting is the first of many likely such talks to garner support for the semi-automatic weapons ban. President Obama is expected to discuss the overall scope of his plan to reduce violent crime in America.

The president and vice president will address officials from the Major Cities Chiefs Association and Major County Sheriffs Association in the White House on Monday morning. The Roosevelt Room meeting should allow the Obama administration to hear crime and Second Amendment views from metropolitan area representatives, but may leave rural officials out of the loop.

Gun ownership is commonly thought to be higher in rural areas and not just for hunting purposes. Many gun rights activists feel the personal safety aspect is largely being left out of the gun control equation. While violent crime is typically lower in rural regions, residents often live in remote areas and value their weapons as a primary means of self-protection.

President Obama’s gun control plan would not only ban “assault weapons” but high-capacity magazines and spend millions of dollars on research, counseling, and training, Planet Washington reports. The gun control public relations campaign included a Virginia stop for Joe Biden on Friday, McClatchy notes. The vice president spent more than two hours meeting with local officials in a closed-door meeting.

Vice President Biden had this to say about a gun ban after the lengthy private meeting:

“We have to act – not wait. There’s certain things we know with certainty will diminish the prospects of what happened in Virginia Tech or what happened in any of these mass shootings.”

Do you agree with Biden that there is “certainty” about what will or will not prevent more mass shootings in America? Is the proposed ban an infringement upon Second Amendment protections?

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9 Responses to “Obama And Biden Take Their Gun Control Plan To Law Enforcement Officials”

  1. James Bray Jr.

    The Second Amendment ends in a period, no ifs and or buts. Why do we allow the trampling of this and not the First? Without the Second, we would not have the First! Wake up before its too late!

  2. James Bray Jr.

    The Second Amendment ends in a period, no ifs and or buts. Why do we allow the trampling of this and not the First? Without the Second, we would not have the First! Wake up before its too late!

  3. ロマンス ニコ

    HEY! This is why I voted Libertarian. Fuck you Obama, and fuck that screwball Biden. Hm… I wonder if I will piss someone off if I call them FAGGOTS. If I do, I bet something will happen that will make insults illegal in America. Once again, fuck you.
    Keep the second amendment the way it is. You can not change it! You really, can't. You're not allowed to.

  4. David Gray

    I oppose any changes to the second amendment because we have more than 20,000 laws that show gun owners have compromised enough already. Enough is enough.

  5. Anonymous

    Congressman Steve Stockman Responds To President Obama’s Dangerous Proposals.

    Gun bans and anti-gun laws have always lead to one thing – more gun violence.
    We owe it to innocent people to make this country as safe as possible. Sadly, in President Obama’s announcement every tragedy he mentioned was either in a state that aggressively restricts the right to keep and bear arms or was in a location that banned guns completely.
    The White House has indicated they are willing to use Executive Orders to infringe upon the God-given right to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment from government intrusion.
    President Obama announced the specifics of his anti-gun sneak attack today, though he refuses to answer questions regarding his own illegal transfer of weapons to Mexican drug lords.
    Among the Executive Orders issued are tracking of your firearms, which creates a de facto national gun registry, and a White House demand for laws regulating the private transfer of firearms.
    In other words, if you give your son his first hunting rifle, you may face a prison sentence if you fail to get approval from the government.
    Those proposals, along with others floated by the White House as presidential decrees, are cutting attacks on your right as a peaceable person to keep and bear arms for your defense. The ability to defend one from aggressors is a basic human right.
    My staff is reviewing the Executive Orders. Should President Obama issue Orders infringing upon your basic human right, I am prepared to fight back with peaceable legislative force.
    1.) I will lead the fight to defeat the President’s dangerous legislative proposals.
    2.) I will seek legislation overturning the Orders.
    3.) I will seek legislation barring funds to enforce the Orders.
    4.) I will seek legislation to cut White House funding should the President issue and enforce such Orders.
    5.) I will support legal efforts to overturn the Orders in court.
    I ask you to contact your representatives in the House and Senate at House dot gov and Senate dot gov and politely urge them to support efforts to overturn or defund any proposed executive actions and to defeat the President’s dangerous legislative proposals.
    Now, I would hope those measures are enough to either deter President Obama or thwart his efforts.
    However, if they do not or are unsuccessful I will consider speaking with my colleagues and filing articles of impeachment.
    Impeachment is not something to be taken lightly. It is a grave and serious undertaking that should only be initiated in a sober and serious manner. It should be reserved only for most egregious of trespasses by the President.
    I would consider using Executive Orders to engage in attacks on a constitutionally-protected right and violating his sworn oath of office to be such a trespass. The President cannot issue executive orders depriving the people of full access to an enumerated constitutional right.
    I do not think it will come to that. The President is not an absolute ruler, and his actions and orders can be checked and balanced by the Congress and the courts – if the Congress is willing.
    That is why I ask you to please contact your elected representatives at House dot gov and Senate dot gov and politely urge them to support legislative efforts to overturn and defund the president’s Orders, and to defeat his legislative proposals.
    The right to keep and bear arms is a basic human right that has kept us free for over two centuries. With a vigilant citizenry eager to contact their elected officials and make their voice heard, it will continue to be that way.
    “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.” – Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas.
    Donny Ferguson
    Senior Communications Adviser.
    U.S. Representative Steve Stockman (TX-36).

  6. Anonymous

    While In church and thinking of all the Crap that’s going on with are Fuhrer the Buffoon in the White House!, Then just this last Sunday one week ago! While reverently preparing for that service, I heard a sweet little old lady, sitting next to me in the pew, quietly whispering a prayer. It was so sweet and sincere that I just had to share it with you.
    She said,
    "Dear Lord, this has been a tough two or three years…you have taken my favorite actor Patrick Swayze, my favorite musician Michael Jackson, my favorite salesman Billy Mays, my favorite actress Elizabeth Taylor, my favorite singer Whitney Houston, and, now, my favorite announcer Dick Clark. I just wanted you to know that my favorite politician is Barack Obama.
    Well today it’s after this last Sunday and I was all ears!
    All she said was:
    "She Said Forgive me my Lord” “I forgot last week to add Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi "!

    God Help her! God Help her!

  7. Anonymous

    "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! They gave you and I a free and independent America. The history books of today do not tell the student a lot of what happened leading to and during the revolutionary war. We didn't just fight the British. We were British subjects, a state of siege and repression of rights and liberties had existed for many years and a state of war had existed for two years prior to the signing of the Declaration, and we fought our own government for independence! Most of the citizens of today take their liberties so much for granted. They shouldn't, for in taking liberty for granted, they have lost much of it. All governments progress from liberty to tyranny and despotism, unless carefully watched and circumscribed. Much is to be learned in today's times from the events of that time, the causes and the reasons for the uprising and indignation of the citizens in opposition to tyranny. Many parallels can be drawn as we review the happenings of today by our own Buffoon in the White House And once he’s a chancellor like this Hitler, in our own White House he will be able to use his position to consolidate absolute control over our country in a few months, Hitler just a month after being appointed chancellor, Hitler used the torching of the Reichstag parliament building — blamed on a Dutch communist — to strengthen his grip on power. He suspended civil liberties and cracked down on opposition parties, paving the way for the police state.
    That Noted: The events, by and large, leading to the decision to declare for independence, are well delineated in the Declaration of Independence, a bill of particulars and reasons.
    America was born on guns and whiskey. It's true we're a violent society…. You're a foreigner. You're a redcoat. You're telling us what to do, never happen here in the States Now or Ever!
    This White House and the Henchmen of this Buffoon are at it now trying to take away are American rights! — Vote them out! Now! , First chance you get! Pass this on to everyone! Obama Note! You and your Henchmen just started a War with the American people! And Yes! 1776’ will commence once again just wait and see! And as American people we will keep our Powder Dry! , It will commence again wait and see! Let the people of America take back control and preserve all are Constitutions Amendments and most of all The "Second Amendment of our constitution” And turn this Buffoon and his Muslim and his Gestapo Henchmen out of the White House once and for all, The American people which we all Remember that Hitler ordered on February 10, 1936, his Nazi Reichstag to pass the 'Gestapo Law' which included the following paragraph: "Neither the instructions nor the affairs of the Gestapo will be open to review by the administrative courts”.
    And now this Buffoon in the White House is trying to do the same! The Real scary thing is a dramatic erosion of American position in the world — its economic, military position, as well as America’s influence. Your Obama Buffoon the man at the wheel desperately trying to conserve American power, influence and wealth. For ideological Muslim reasons, he wants.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m saddened and sometimes even really ashamed to be An American, And the way I’ve seen the United States in the last Fifty years going downhill it’s a shame, Your Fuhrer Obama and also the U.S. House of Representatives all have been trampling on our “Constitutions Amendments and most of all The "Second Amendment of our constitution”” and now the Fuhrer is eroding are American position world wide — it’s economic, military position, as well as America’s influence. This Buffoon at the wheel is desperately trying to conserve American power, influence and our wealth For only ideological Muslim reasons, he wants this slipping to continue and I quote from a 14th century Byzantine emperor as saying: “Islam had only brought evil to the world and that it was spread by the sword.” Well guess what He also the architect is doing it the same way to the United States.

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