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O.J. Simpson Hit With New Tax Lien, IRS Bill Is Over $500,000

OJ SImpson tax problems

We’ll be frank: OJ Simpson owes a lot of back taxes.

Juice is currently in the can in Las Vegas after a 2008 conviction for multiple felonies including armed robbery and kidnapping, and while he’s incarcerated, his tax bills just keep piling up. TMZ reports that Simpson has been hit with yet another tax lien from the IRS, who say he owes $17,015.99 in taxes from 2011.

Pull out your handy-dandy calculators, because this is the math part of the article. Simpson’s latest tax lien totals $17,015.99. This is on top of the IRS’s previous lien of $179,435.07 for the years 2007 through 2010. On top of that, the State of California says that he owes $318,566.04 for the year 2000. The total of OJ’s tax troubles? $515,017.10.

Oh, and that’s just to the IRS. MSN reports that Simpson still owes the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman millions of dollars owed them after they were awarded a settlement in the civil case attached to the double murder he was acquitted of in a criminal trial.

Still, they snark: “it’s debatable how effective the threat of incarceration for tax evasion will be for the IRS,” since Simpson is currently in jail serving a possible 33-year sentence. He’ll be eligible for parole in 2017.

Of course, that probably means that the IRS will come knocking every year until Juice is paroled, reminding him that as a citizen of the United States, he needs to pay his taxes, and slapping him with new tax liens.

What do you think? Will O.J. Simpson have a nickel to his name when he gets out of jail?

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142 Responses to “O.J. Simpson Hit With New Tax Lien, IRS Bill Is Over $500,000”

  1. Scott Overcash

    If he thought he was in trouble already, he's REALLY in trouble now.

  2. Anonymous

    The article fails to note that the JUICE has over $2,000,000 in IRAs that are untouchable under both Federal and State law. He will have money when he gets out of prison and can still Uncle Sam by declaring bankruptcy. Yes his retirement funds are also protected from tax liens.

  3. Anonymous

    if OJ can't, or won't pay his income taxes, will they put him in jail?

  4. Anonymous

    OJ's already in jail. He can refuse to pay his taxes. Will his jail time be extended?

  5. Rob Singer

    put the man in prison and tax his investments that's cold, let the Rockefeller go tax free, let the mellons go tax free, let the pratts go tax free, let the dodge's dodge their taxes…the cox….but tax o.j Simpson and board cast it.. low down

  6. Rob Singer

    I have no proof that oj did this the court said he did not do this and that's fine for me….but not for the kkk….oj Simpson have did great things…still love o.j….if they get proof and show the proof that I'll say ok…

  7. Mike Ferguson

    They are protected from civil lawsuits but not from the IRS. Right now I don't think he is too worried about tax liens……they are not going to with hold his desserts.

  8. Nancy Portatz

    Ok- Explain to me how the IRS alllows OJ and others like him from NON- Payment? If this were me or you and we owed the IRS $100, you can be damn sure they would hound our azzes for that money.

  9. Anne Nelson

    What goes around comes around. Too bad, so sad, but he should have thought of what he did and should have known that it would catch up to him someday. I don't feel a bit sorry for him.

  10. Danny Allegretti

    hey pauli, first learn how to spell you ignorant racist. secondly, i wouldnt show my face on the net after a comment like that! you freaking moron!!

  11. Anonymous

    yeah man ,,, when yah owe its cause yah GOTZ…you a 47% no taxes no gotz shit…now when the tune is 500000…its like pissin in abucket,,, don't matter none…sell an asset or do a job or just wait and give irs an agreement to pay when things improve!

  12. Anonymous

    no big deal pay when yah get out…have a irs agent come by OJ and sign off on an agrement to compromise….and declare in an affidavit your mentally handicapped and under doctors care. and you wont get another newer asshole.

  13. Christopher Mathews

    I understand your spelling of NIGGERS as to not sound so racist but tax's (how about taxes) shows me you're not all that intelligent for a white guy which is a shame going on the premise you get the best opportunity for education…So in hindsight you're about as smart as a nigger….

  14. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    What a mess OJ has made of his life; not to mention all the heartache he has caused other's. (especially, his children) Who cares what happens to OJ; once he gets out of prison(if he gets out) he can go live in a homeless shelter. Be sure your sins will find you out!

  15. Rob Purifoy

    All OJ has to do is file a BK 13 as long as he can make the Trustee payments. That is assuming he gets paroled, but I'm sure his attorneys will help with that. So that's likely 1 million in payments over the Ch. 13 but I'd bet he can do that if he holds up physhically and does speeches etc. But I don't think so as he looks pretty old at this point.

  16. Clarence Rapides

    so what, this is stupid, they tricked OJ in Vegas and they couldn't charge Oj with the death of a girl that got killed for getting laid by a fagg. some justice system, what about the man that stole 8 million from the US and said he lost it and cant find it. WHO? you know who GB is the man.

  17. Darryl Hinton

    Damn white people…LET IT GO! Is the thought of a black man getting away with murder still "HAUNTING" your minds? So since there maybe a chance that he'll get out in 2017, you're already trying to build a case against him for back taxes just so you can keep him in prison? You all are like "RABIT" dogs…completely CRAZED!

  18. Quay Alexander

    oj is a piece of sh– and is right where he belongs find the money he has hidden and pay the Browns and IRS because that's the only way you will ever get it I hope he serves the whole sentence and more of possible.

  19. Gary Morrow

    was down i ca where all the cops whent for lunch waitres said all the cops even thought that fremon did it so think what you want

  20. Anonymous

    You have to have income to pay tax, you have to have lots of income to owe that much tax. And if you are already in jail, who gives a @#$%.

  21. Anonymous

    Paul, why don't you come on down here to east Oakland and tell the brothers how you really feel!!! You are a RACIST COWARD!!!!

  22. Robert Mahoney

    No matter what happens O.J. receives a $20k monthly pension from the NFL which is exempt from any civil lien/judgment and his real estate value is worth more than enough to satisfy the IRS. O.J. will always be very well off. Nothing changes the fact he was found innocent regarding his murder trial. It's time people get a life and get off the man's back.

  23. Robert Mahoney

    No matter what happens O.J. receives a $20k monthly pension from the NFL which is exempt from any civil lien/judgment and his real estate value is worth more than enough to satisfy the IRS. O.J. will always be very well off. Nothing changes the fact he was found innocent regarding his murder trial. It's time people get a life and get off the man's back.

  24. Anonymous

    Anyone getting away with murder haunts me. Are you prepared to give him a pass BECAUSE

  25. Sylbourn E Shackleford

    What are you trying to say you racist fool…..Niggers or Niger? 1. Nigger is a noun in the English language. the word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/ Portuguese noun negro! 2. Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. It borders Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina.

  26. Brent Dupee

    Who really cares, he made his own hell. Pick him clean. He had and has no respect for anyone or anything.

  27. Jeff Cole

    Let OJ take a stab at it when he gets out. How could he owe taxes if he made no money? The IRS is peeing up a rope.

  28. Ameenah Palmer

    Well I don't think so what goes around comes around it has nothing to do with being black or white it has to do with karma. He murdered that lady and got away with it and now he is paying for what he did. I don't feel sorry for him.

  29. Anonymous

    Ah the Poor widdle tid, looks so sad in the picture. I'll bet his stupid wife and the Poor Guy who was with her wish they could still be around to get screwed by the IRS.

  30. Anonymous

    Ah! The poor Widdle Tid. I'll bet his stupid wife and the poor guy who got his throat cut along with her , wish they were still around to get screwed by the I.R.S.

  31. Anthony A Rashad

    Paul Salassi ya mother didn't think that way when we were together you ignorant racist.

  32. Tony Cossio

    Who is fremon and what did he do? Freeman Slashed Nicole's throat? Kill Goldman? Wrote a book "if he did it"? Oh, that's right you heard it from a waitress who heard it from a a cop who heard it from….Yeah, convincing.

  33. Tony Cossio

    No one's "building a case". The cases already happened. He was already found liable years ago and if you don't pay your bills you will go to jail. What part of "pay your bills" don't you understand….Oh that's right just keep blaming Whitey.

  34. Tony Cossio

    Yeah, a court with a Black Jury said he did not kill anyone beyond a reasonable doubt. Then he wrote a book saying he did kill her. Are you that stupid? Keep blaming Whitey, see where that gets your ignorant ass. THE PROOF IS HIS BOOK YOU IDIOT.

  35. Daniel Adams

    You blacks always have an excuse for your actions and never take responsibility.IRS doesnt discriminate so get over it the guy is just a total loser he is where he belongs. He might as well just tie that bed sheet around his neck and be done with it. He will probably never get out of prison and if he does he will be broke.

  36. Anonymous

    It shoulld be a leeson to black guys-never marry a white woman it makes the black women awful angry.

  37. Daniel Adams

    Darryl you want a black man to get away with murder but you blacks try to make sure a white doesnt get away with killing Traygone Martin right? You need to worry more about the 85 percent of murders in this country are black men of which 94 are done by blacks. The problem is in your own community not whites.

  38. John Kennedy

    For the record, he was not found innocent, he was found not guilty. There is a big difference. Innocent means you didn't do it and not guilty means that the prosecution could not beyond a reasonable doubt convince a jury he was guilty.

  39. Anonymous

    Gary Morrow. Learn how to spell. Its dumb, not dumd and its not Morrow, its Morron.

  40. Marty Siegel

    As I understand it, nobody, including the IRS, can touch his retirement income which amounts to a few million each year.
    He is not, and will not, be a pauper. But, he should spend the rest of his disgusting life in prison.

  41. Eelo Fudpucker

    O.J gets away with murder which was celebrated by blacks across America and then shows his utter stupidity trying to rob people at gun point to recover sports memorabilia and is sentenced to 33 years in prison, Talk about something being priceless.

  42. Eelo Fudpucker

    More blacks belong in prison,they are the most violent segment of our society,5 percent of black males account for over 80 percent of violent crimes,check out the FBI statistics

  43. Eelo Fudpucker

    Look at rape statistics you can count the number of black women raped by whites on one hand in a year,it's because white guys don't like stinky rotten ugly snatch.

  44. Jim Lindsey

    Daniel: There's no way you can possibly document your bogus statistics! It's totally awesome how a jury of his peers (as set forth in the Constitution) found OJ not guilty, yet so many have him convicted. Please beware, the problems in "our" neighborhoods are not of our making. Can you explain to me which "black-owned" companies are manufacturing all these guns that are creating all the carnage but can't be regulated because some "white" folks are delusional enough to think that they need all the guns they can afford to prevent the federal government from taking the little bit of nothing they own. And, of course some rich "black" dudes are financing, growing and importing all those drugs that are behind much of the black-on-black violence. Can't raise the minimum wage, it'll cost jobs(that's spelled profits). Finally, when will you 'whites" take responsibility for all the forced labor you benefited from and compensate "blacks" for slavery? Don't worry, I'm not waiting, I'm degreed and very busy working overtime and running my internet business because I know it will never happen.

  45. Rob Singer

    what you are saying is that the white people did not do this…because he let you free for the last 40 something years or so….yo mama….yo grand mama and everybody before that live it apartheid……and that left you with nothing but what they give you….you anit got nothing….land create job…and I know you do not have enough land…

  46. Rob Singer

    you got dam right we will keep blaming the people that did it…we will keep blaming whitey….until we get these weapon from these murder…or build weapon just like them and take !!! this world from them….as a race of people on this earth…..and we will not kill and murder them like they did us….

  47. Jim Lindsey

    Eelo: Your ignorance is overwhelming! Just wonder if you've noticed that most Americans of African descent don't look like Africans fresh from Africa? The reason is the little secret that most slaveowners couldn't stay out of the slave quarters.

  48. Scott Shuler


  49. Scott Shuler


  50. Daniel Adams

    FBI crime statistics. Come to Atlanta and watch the news every night blacks killing blacks get in touch you have no clue.

  51. David Hayhurst

    @ Paul Salassi. GOd, I love racist douchenozzles who can make not one, not two, but THREE grade five-level spelling and grammatical errors in the space of five words.

  52. Daniel Adams

    Jim Lindsey keep looking the other way the problem is not going away quit blaming slavery this is not the 1600s. Guns are not the problems gangs and drugs are which you blacks seem to like both of.The leading cause of death for young black men is gun violence and its not white people doing it. News story today on yahoo about a black woman who just lost her fourth and last child to gun violence in Chicago and you dont think blacks have a problem with it? The stats are true wake up.

  53. Carol Rak

    I hope the IRS get him. He got away with murder and the scary part is that he had a fair trial….something is wrong with out judicial system. Hope they get him anyway the can!!!

  54. Warren Bauer

    @ Robert – he was found "not guilty". There is a huge difference between declaring someone "innocent" and "not guilty." @ Paul – you realize your personal profile is now forever associated with an incredibly ignorant (both in terms of WHAT you said as well as HOW you said it) and blatantly racist rant? You must either not have any brains or are extremely naive as to how the Internet works.

  55. Warren Bauer

    @ William – I agree with your sentiment – but so long as we're being technical – it's "moron" and not "Morron."

  56. Tom Ferris

    OJ lost his life as he knows it years ago, actually the date was in june 1994.It does not matter if he has a nickel or not, it is over.

  57. Kathryn Priest

    OJ and Casey Anthony should be put in the same cell together. I can't stand the sight of their one of them.

  58. Antonio De Jerez

    What ever you do bad to anyone, you will have to pay for it soon or later.Its God's law.

  59. Nine T Nine

    You are so funny, I had to reply… First of all… Nigers… I am assuming you mean people from Nigeria. And, yes, they they don't pay taxes here because they are taxed in Nigeria. Second of all… Obama wants all people to pay more taxes unless you are below the poverty level… I hate to say this… but taxes know no color/race/creed… all the IRS knows is what you earn… There is no tax credit for being one of "Obama's Buddies" (by that I mean voters)…

  60. William Marshall

    People make mistakes, O.J. has screwed up. I feel that if you make a mistake and pay for it, You deserve your freedom..O.J. included. Allow the man to right his wrongs then let him be.

  61. Abel Garcia

    I don't think there is much the IRS can do, seeing he is in jail. $0.50/day won't cover the IRS' interest on what is due.

  62. Charlene Foster

    Hey people, the lead detective has went on the Bill O'Rielly show, as well as other talk shows, now saying that he has proof that O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman. He said he has the knife that was used in the killings, and he further states that a white man who is already in prison confessed to the murders. He has written a book about this and yet the news media has not picked this up…………………….. WHY is that? Don't get me wrong, If he (O.J.) in fact did commit this crime, then he should be in prison for it. EVERYONE knows that he is not in prison right now for what happened in a Vegas hotel room, but he is in prison for those killings! How many black men have been sent to prison for crimes they did not commit, and years later found to be innocent of the crimes. Let us not forget that it is a WHITE DETECTIVE that is claiming O.J.'s innocence. Remember the police did not look for anyone else in those killings!

  63. Billy Crowley

    Mr Hinton, Your an Idiot, Any man that commited a crime as horrid as the one in question, Be he Black or Caucasion should already be 6' under. You and your kind are the racist's in this world. Your blaming the white people of building a case against him and his back Taxes. That would be the goverment sir. Last time I saw our President, THE HEAD HONCHO of this Country He Is Black. I'm sure you are probably one of these people that are rude to white people. Let us try to have a MISS WHITE USA. PS And half of my family is BLACK.

  64. Julia Morrow

    I thought the two things you could not wipe out in a bankruptcy were student loans and the IRS. The winners in the civil lawsuit have not been able to get much of anything and are not allowed to attach a lien to his retirement benefits, but I thought the IRS could. Also, the reason the civil suit could not get at his retirement benefits was because they are protected so he has money to live on. While in jail, he does not need money to live on, so why not apply the monthly benefit to the civil suit award? He does not have a wife or minor children to claim need of the money, so why not make an exception when the retiree is in jail?

  65. Robert Mahoney

    Put yourself in O.J.'s position. Not guilty whatever! Forgive the the man! It's time to stop beating a dead horse.

  66. Robert Mahoney

    Not guilty! Put yourself in O.J.'s position. He's human, just like the rest of us. He's suffered enough! Forgive the man! It's time to stop beating a dead horse.

  67. Daniel Adams

    Rob, you blacks cant even get along with your own race to do anything together who are you fooling. The only thing you know how to organize is a barbeque.

  68. Dan Kanharn

    Its not like a white guy just killed a School full of kids, Yeah white people never commit crimes lol. Daniel Adams, Go back to your trailer park.

  69. Dan Kanharn

    Paul Salassi, You look like a rapist and your wife is one hell of an ugly bitch.

  70. Dan Kanharn

    @ Daniel Adams, You are from Atlanta, Georgia, No wonder you are so racist and uneducated. Silly red necks.

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