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Randy Quaid Denied Permanent Residency In Canada

Randy Quaid

Troubled actor Randy Quaid has reportedly been denied permanent residency in Canada. However, the actor will have the opportunity to appeal the decision down the road.

An anonymous official within Canada’s immigration department said that Quaid’s request for permanent resident status had been denied on Saturday. According to The Associated Press, nothing official about the actor’s request has been publicly confirmed.

Randy Quaid and his wife have anxious to become Canadian citizens after the actor stated they were being hunted by “Hollywood star-whackers.” The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation co-star believes sinister individuals were behind the deaths of Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

Quaid and his spouse fled to Canada after damaging a house they were renting in Santa Barbara, California. Although officials stated they weren’t interested in extraditing the couple, authorities said the pair would be arrested if they returned to the United States.

According to Radar Online, the Refugee Protection Division has refused to reinstate Quaid’s claim that he and his wife were the target of thugs and killers in the United States.

The application for judicial review submitted to the Canadian Federal Court reads:

“Organized crime and its victims are serious issues and can not be tossed off until the claim is heard. The refugee claims should remain intact as should Evi and Randy Quaid’s heads remain attached to their necks and it is their firm belief that their lives are at stake and being racketeered on. The Quaids claim is not ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.’ Evi and Randy Quaids lives are in danger here! Evi and Randy Quaid have been subjected to an injustice.”

According to the CBC, Randy Quaid’s wife Evi was granted citizenship to Canada since her father was born in the country. She was then able to sponsor her husband for residency.

What do you think about Randy Quaid being denied permanent resident status in Canada?

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76 Responses to “Randy Quaid Denied Permanent Residency In Canada”

  1. John Reynolds

    OH,,, I'm sure Iraq would take him,, Ed Asner and Obama could put in a good word,,,,,,, or maybe Tina Turner could take him to Switzerland,,,,,,,

  2. Patrick Nagel

    Randy! come live with me! I won't let those Hollywood nut jobs get to you!

  3. W Erick Boahn

    its all about you Randy is nt it? That big ego in the sky can sure fly high! Maybe David carradine was doing some naughty things? maybe heath Ledger was doing drugs? ooops sorry to burst your happy bubble. go on continue with the scene you are living in.

  4. Anonymous

    He would fit in great as the third Mackenzie brother. Bob, Doug, and Dennis has a ring to it, Eh?

  5. Richard Stremmell

    Wow, he doesn't just play a nut job in the movies, who knew. He and Evi should come back and face the charges against them.

  6. Anonymous

    After Long Debate and complete accounting of all the issues and Rhetoric so stated and assessed encompassing these proceedings…It is determined that =He and His Wife are completely short of both "Nuts and Bolts" Upstairs" and should therefore, once and for all "Get Off" of "The Drugs and Booze" they are both smoking and drinking for there own sakes! Geeze, where's his brother Dennis, Somebody…GO and talk sanity to this guy and his wife, before they hurt themselves….Really!

  7. John Flechas

    I think he should take 2 hockey pucks, listen to Burton Cummings and The Guess Who, and call his favorite Canadian doctor in the morning. A scoop of old fashioned Nova Scotia might also help.

  8. Walter Darragh

    It is funny to me that Randy Quaid thinks he is in the same class as Ledger and Carradine! You don't think that people are after him and his wife because he possibly owes them for all the blow they were doing? I just figured it out, this is who Lindsay Lohan has wanted to be like…SUCCESS!

  9. Anonymous

    Here is another conspiracy theory. Is it possible that Randy is just using this as a ploy to avoid paying taxes? Just wondering?

  10. Judy Sanders

    Independence day he saved the planet…now he wants to llive in Canada. I love him he is such a good actor.

  11. Robert Smith

    He wasn't just in the Christmas Vacation movie moron. Randy Quaid was in all of the National Lampoon movies! Aren't you people (reporters) suppose to fact check before you run your stories?

  12. Anonymous

    Keep them the hell out of Oregon! After the way he treated my buds in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN I don't want him anywhere near me.

  13. Anonymous

    Keep America Liberal. Take him back. Anyway, why should all the crazies be Right Wingers? And Debra Wingers?

  14. Anonymous

    If he acts like some crazed idiot in the U.S., why would Canada want to add him to their population?

  15. Anonymous

    If he acts like some crazed idiot in the U.S., why would Canada want to add him to their population?

  16. Anonymous

    Canadians hate 'Amerikans'…they think we're a dirty, quarrelsome lot of low lifers..That said Quaid will never be admitted.

  17. Judith Loubris Mc Carthy

    Canada's not stupid. Why would they want him? Remember the story Man Without a COuntry. I beleive it was a true story. It could happen again! WAtch out Randy!

  18. Mike Bailey

    The man actually does have some acting chops. He played the king of spain in 'Goya's Ghosts' and also played Lyndon B. Johnson. Too bad he cracked, I really digged his movies

  19. Anonymous

    He should granted citizenship in Canada, if his life is in danger.

  20. Richard Sipe

    Hey Lunkhead,…. Texas ? you mean the state that has prospered more than any other state during this horrendous recession , is that who you're talking about ? you typical liberal loon.

  21. Anonymous

    "Every day from near to far and here to there, funny things are everywhere."-Dr. Seuss

  22. JoAnn Hunt Huizenga

    We might all want to live in Canada before this is over, as in Obamas trying to change our Constitutional rights.

  23. Cathy Johnson

    Perhaps we should follow Canada's immigration laws? They seem to have done a good job keeping one person out of the country.

  24. Mrr R Wade

    Thats what illuminate do they have people think you going crazy, then they do you in..yall joke on this man but he knows how hollywood is

  25. Anonymous

    They're on crack, big time. That's why they're so friggin' paranoid.

  26. Janice Cady

    I believe we are going to get laws to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. (or troubled actor as some comments describe him.)

  27. Janice Cady

    We couldn't pay them to take him. He is a perfect example of why we need new, tough gun ownership laws. "Troubled actor".

  28. Jim Athanas

    To bad he has no family who could have him committed and get the help he so desperately needs.

  29. Juan Garcia

    I sometimes look at a movie, not a movie buff and I could care less about movie actors and thier stupid and disfunctional life and moraon kids.

  30. Anonymous

    Oh Pulllleeeeeeeeez. A conspiracy regarding the death of Heath Ledge and David Carradine? Is Dennis Quaid REALLY related to this idiot?

  31. Janice Cady

    really wouldn't want this guy owning a powerful weapon or any weapon for that matter.

  32. Janice Cady

    I wouldn't even want to allow him a water gun (let alone a musket).

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