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Drive-Thru For A Funeral? Fast Food Fan Gets Unique Send Off

A drive-thru funeral sounds strange at first, but Vegas has had drive-thru weddings for years … and one fan of fast food was bade goodbye in this memorable fashion.

88-year-old York, Pennsylvania resident David Kime was described as having “lived by his own rules,” so the drive-thru for a funeral was a fitting end for a man with a taste for the unusual … and for Whoppers.

The drive-thru for his funeral was indeed a Burger King, and as Kime’s loved ones paid their respects, the York man got to pass through his favorite fast food stop for a final order of O Rings.

Daughter Linda Phiel — depicted in a moving shot on the York Daily Record placing her dad’s last value meal atop his flower-decked coffin — explained her father’s drive-thru funeral and penchant for the chain’s fare, saying:

“He always lived by his own rules … His version of eating healthy was the lettuce on the WHOPPER JR.”

While the idea sounds lighthearted, Phiel says the drive-thru for her dad’s funeral was not meant to make light, but to honor. She adds:

“All of us are going to be in this position … And I think there’s a certain group who think we should be crying. But on the other hand, he lived a wonderful life and on his own terms.”

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