Burger King Brings The Whopper Back To France

Believe it or not, the citizens of France have been without access to Burger King’s iconic Whopper sandwich for over 15 years. Much to the delight of burger fanatics across the nation, the company has officially made its long-awaited return.

According to The Associated Press, Burger King has launched its first store in the country since 1997. The chain opened a restaurant at Marseille airport on Saturday.

Burger King will be working in conjunction with Autogrill, which opens like-minded restaurants inside gas stations across France. However, the chain isn’t quite ready to the country by storm just yet; the next location isn’t slated to open until 2013.

In other words, folks may have to travel quite a distance to get their hands on the Whopper. That could end up being a very expensive trip to the famous burger joint.

According to the International Herald Tribune, rumors of Burger King’s return to France were soon gobbled upon by numerous news and media outlets across the country. Nouvel Observateur writer Olivier Cimeliere was skeptical of the rumors at first.

However, it didn’t take very long for endless speculation to make the rounds. Cimeliere said legends of the fast food company’s return had recently grown to mythological proportions.

“The outlets closed but a myth was born among French aficionados. Burger King is in their eyes the sole and authentic hamburger with the taste of America. Everything else is just a pale imitation,” he said.

Snacking.fr editor Paul Fedele recently told France 24 that, while McDonald’s has catered to the culture, French burger fans are currently looking for an American version of their favorite sandwich. Burger King and the Whopper fit that bill.

“The French want greater burger diversity and they are nostalgic for the return of a brand that was taken away from them, somewhat brutally, 15 years ago,” he explained.

What do you think about Burger King’s long-awaited return to France?

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