Dubost resume

Man’s Amazon-Style Resume Goes Viral

Would you like to add this employee to your cart, err… staff? Web product manager Philippe Dubost’s resume has gone viral, thanks to its Amaz-ing layout.

Dubost’s resume sells his services like a product on Amazon.com, and between his very personal “Product Details” and a handful of good reviews from his previous employers, the meticulous resume reflects an Amazon listing down to the last detail, reports MSN.

The product description for Philippe Dubost reads:

“For the past 6 years I’ve put my energy towards growing and enhancing meaningful web products and services.
I then went one step further when I created my own web company 2 years ago. What motivated me was the perspective of applying the different sets of professional & technical skills I had learnt so far to build a meaningful web product. APPARTINFO.com is the first local reviews guide on apartments and neighborhoods in France, and it has been a very rewarding adventure so far.

“I enjoy traveling and working in multicultural environments, as I have in the past in the US, Mexico and France.”

Dubost lists skills as: Dual competence: technical-management, 5+ years working on web products, Entrepreneurial mindset, “Strong Generalist,” and Trilingual EN/FR/ES.

There are a ton of interesting hints and viral goodies on the page. “Add to Wish List” allows you to send an email to Dubost, and you can even check out his LinkedIn profile from the shopping tab.

“Philippe has always brought great ideas and new perspectives. He was always helpful and participating. He has shown integrity, passion and tenacity… ” reads a review by JL Senent, CEO of Autoreduc.com.

“His combination of industry knowledge, product management skills and sheer hustling quickly made his startup, AppartInfo, one of the most promising of our class… ” reads another.

Dubost has apparently gotten overwhelming praise for his unique Amazon-style resume, with a note at the top that reads: “Hi everyone, thank you so much for the overwhelming (and unexpected!) nice feedback! I’ll share what happens on twitter.”

You can follow Philippe Dubost on Twitter here, or check out the interactive Amazon-style resume for yourself, here.