iPad 5 in October 2013

Apple iPad 5 Arriving In October, iPhone 5S Details Also Reported

iPad 5 shipments will not arrive until October 2013, according to a new report from iLounge‘s Jeremy Horwitz. The next generation tablet PC was originally believed to be nearing a March release alongside the iPad Mini 2.

According to Horowitz, he “had the opportunity to inspect a supposedly accurate — and seriously intriguing — physical model of the completely redesigned fifth-generation iPad.”

His report claims that the new iPad 5 features a design similar to the iPad mini, ditching left and right bezels for a better look.

Horwitz further claims that the iPad 5 will feature “the same chamfered edges and curves” as the iPad mini but and will be stretched out to include Sharp’s IGZO display technology.

The new iPad 5 will also be slimmed down, which means using smaller chip components.

In his report, Horwitz claims to have also received a first look at the iPhone 5S, which he says will feature a larger rear flash and contain a similar design to the current iPhone 5 model.

As previously predicted, Horowitz believes the iPhone 5S will also feature a “low-cost” plastic-bodied option, which is being manufactured for China Mobile customers.

Finally, Horwitz believes Apple will release a 4.7-inch display for its smartphone line by the end of 2013.

Apple iPhone rumors are definitely in abundance, and, until an official press release, we will be taking any big announcements with a grain of salt.

Do you think Apple can win over new customers with a few body changes and a larger flash, or does the company need to make major improvements to its aging line of iOS-based devices?