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Denise Richards Mourns Loss Of Dog Of 13 Years

denise richards

Denise Richards isn’t just a sometimes caregiver to the kids Charlie Sheen had with subsequent wife Brooke Mueller — the Wild Things actress is also a major friend to animals as well as rescuer, and when her 13-year-old dog Hank passed on yesterday, the star was heartbroken.

Denise Richards has been vocally involved with the welfare of animals especially in the recent past, and it seems clear she truly cares for her charges and especially adored Hank.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, Richards and her daughters Sam, Lola and Eloise headed out to storm-ravaged Long Island to help with the glut of pets forced, like their humans, into shelters in the event’s devastating wake.

At the time, the star tweeted about the fate of many animals after Sandy, and Richards said:

“‘Day off tomorrow. Heading to an animal shelter, to help out. Over 600 rescued from the hurricane. My girls are coming to help too[.]”

Denise and daughters indeed volunteered at North Shore Animal League on Long Island, one of the areas hardest hit by the storm back in October.

After Instagramming a pic of Hank, the bulldog Richards owned until his death yesterday, the star lamented his loss and said she cherished her time with Hank while he lived, tweeting:

denise richards dog hank

And it seems fans comforted Denise, as she followed up tonight by saying:

Can you relate to Denise Richards’ tweet to honor her beloved pet?

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44 Responses to “Denise Richards Mourns Loss Of Dog Of 13 Years”

  1. Anonymous

    What a terrible shame,,,,( oops,,, that was a snicker,,, LMFAO ).

  2. Janet Moutinho

    Bless you Denise. If I were in a position of your status, I would do all I could to help all of the innocent animals. You are teaching your daughters, to love and respect animals also.Hank is in heaven now. You will see him again, when you are in heaven someday.

  3. Anonymous

    I've changed my mind about her. It's one thing to love animals, but beyond nice to take in her ex husband's, latest ex wife's kid and care for them. I'd like to see even one you haters do that.

  4. Gloria Taber

    Believe me, I know how you feel. We had to put our beloved Buddy down. It hurts terribly to lose them, but they give you much more love in return. We'll never forget him, as I'm sure you will never forget Hank. Blessings for all you do for animals.

  5. Anonymous

    It's a hard time when your dog dies for all who love their animal family members. I am sorry about the relative dog here to an extent, but I think there is more going on in the world then Denise Richards.

  6. Dave Opperman

    I love animals and it's nice to see the Richards' family help with shelters, but this is not news to report.

  7. Anonymous

    if its not news why are some of you knucleheads reading it and commenting.alot of people in the world and in this county are socialpaths , that are just cold people with no feeling of others except themselves.

  8. Sylvia Clarke

    I love people who love animals. Sorry for your loss Denise..

  9. Robert Hollingsworth

    Good to see someone in Hollywood actually cares about something other than their ego. I have always been a fan of Denise and her love for animals, especially domesticated. Wish there were more women like her, and I sure would like to have one to call my wife. Too many people are so self absorbed with themselves and have little care for anyone else, that it is a blessing to see someone such as Denise show real emotion for losing a loved one.

  10. Robert Hollingsworth

    I actually like to see human stories from those celebs people generally just want to look at. I for one applaud her for her love for animals. Most celebs are only about stoking their egos than showing that they actually have a heart for loving creatures.

    You going to say I give men a bad name too? I would guarantee i am far more a man than you are.

  11. Robert Hollingsworth

    and that number is growing at an alarming rate, unfortunately :( People seem to want to only read about murder, death, filth, rape, someone's body measurements and more material nonsense. Yet when a celeb shows they have a heart, people call it non news worthy.

    Probably those same people who drool over every tidbit of the Kardashian scandals

  12. Dave Opperman

    I read alot of news everyday. I have a degree in broadcast/journalism. I'll read it and evaluate it. It's just conditioning. Dumbass.

  13. Aimee Olexan

    There is good news, bad news, frivolous news, gossip news, urgent news…so sorry that this story doesn't fit your personal definition of "news". I'd much rather read about a celebrity who has a heart & acts on it than about all the shopping trips a celeb makes to whatever store. My sincerest condolences to Ms Richards.

  14. Aimee Olexan

    Could you please direct me to the Official List of What Is News/What Is Not News so that the rest of the world can fall in line accordingly? Welcome to the world of celebrity: everything's news.

  15. Aimee Olexan

    And you're the 4th person to point it out. While this might not be "news" according to your definition of it, I hardly view your opinion as a worthy "comment". Different strokes for different folks, don'cha know.

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