Denise Richards Opens Up About Taking In Brooke Mueller’s Kids

Denise Richards opened up about why she decided to take in Brooke Mueller’s children while her ex-husband’s other ex-wife went to rehab. The kind-hearted actress did not let any old petty disputes prevent her from caring for Charlie Sheen’s sons Bob and Max.

The Wild Things star told Access Hollywood that the twins are now back with their mother. Richards reportedly considers the twins family and noted that she, Sheen, and Mueller commonly work together when the needs of the children are involved, Radar Online notes.

Richards had this to say about babysitting during Mueler’s latest rehab stint:

“This is not the first time I’ve had all five, they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers. It was a full house, lots of love and life. Brooke knows anytime, and Charlie, that any time they need help with the boys, that I’m there. They’re our family and they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers and I can’t imagine growing up without my sister, so anytime she needs help, I’m there for the boys.”

Denise Richards also noted quite proudly what great big sisters Lola and Sam are to the twins. Charlie Sheen definitely does not live a conventional life, but the extended family concept appears to be working quite well for the little ones.

While some might not agree with Sheen’s lifestyle choices, it is quite commendable that the actor does not deny his morally questionable endeavors and makes no excuses for his decision-making process. Despite his legendary partying habits, the man still showed up to the set of Two and a Half Men and entertained the viewers. Richards also noted that it might not seem normal to watch her fellow ex-wife’s kiddos, but being normal is often overrated and thoroughly boring.

Although it may be hard to believe, Sheen’s family, in some ways, is a role model for other blended families to follow.

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