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Sasha Obama Yawn During Inaugural Address Sparks Twitter Frenzy

Sasha Obama Yawn During Inaugural Address Sparks Twitter Frenzy

A Sasha Obama yawn during her dad’s inaugural address has set off a firestorm on Twitter as posters sympathetic to the young girl’s situation spoke out in support of her boredom.

The 11-year-old Sasha was spotted by cameras yawning during President Obama’s speech on Monday. The Sasha Obama yawn stole the spotlight away from her father and instantly became a trending topic on Twitter, NBC News noted.

“Best part of the inauguration: Sasha’s GIANT “Dad you’re boring me” yawn,” one user tweeted.

The youngest Obama daughter has been known to grow bored with her father’s political functions. In 2008, Sasha Obama was caught in another yawn at the Democratic National Convention. Then 7, Sasha Obama was seen resting her head on mother Michelle Obama’s lap while her father spoke.

She also let out a yawn during the 2009 inauguration.

Sasha’s yawn made headlines even out of the United States. The UK’s Daily Mirror also reported on the First Daughter’s candid moment of boredom.

Sasha and her older sister Malia were likely more engaged at some of the inaugural parties that stretched from this weekend into Monday. They were the featured guests at the Kids’ Inaugural Party on Saturday, which featured performances from Usher and Katy Perry. The party was thrown in support of military families, and included a hall full of military children dancing and singing along with Sasha and Malia.

The Sasha Obama yawn may have only been the second most adorable thing she did at the inaugural events. On Sunday, when President Obama was officially sworn in, Sasha congratulated him by saying, “Good job, Dad. You didn’t mess up.”

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12 Responses to “Sasha Obama Yawn During Inaugural Address Sparks Twitter Frenzy”

  1. Kyle Dominy

    ummmm I wouldve passed the fuck out hearing all his bullshit too.

  2. Anonymous

    Pls! She's just a child..Like you didn't do it at your dad's job..Pls! Adluts pickign on little kids. Just embarrass her to death..Tell me if Bush's Daughter yawn! would we have seen this on the net?

  3. Anonymous

    Pls! she's just a child..Like you didn't do that in your Dad's job…Just embarrass the poor kid-In fact if Bush's daughters did the same thing would it have been on the Net Too?

  4. Lori Allen Eisinger

    This family has been up and going non-stop since dawn. They have to be exhausted and they are nowhere close to being finished with the day. Of course she yawned, she is tired. And shame on the photographer for taking this picture and exploiting this poor girl because she dared to yawn in public. Give me a break…you photographer's need to get a life if this is all you have to bring to the table.

  5. Tianna Wellman

    These two young girl's are just so cute and graceful to watch. They honestly make us proud. Let's not forget that.
    they are above all human. Why not praise them for how they handle the attention and the Camera's. Gotta Lovem!

  6. Anonymous

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Will someone tell me why this is news? A kid yawned. Next big headline – "Sasha farts, the world responds".

  7. Tracy Munro

    oh please mr photographer u should be ashamed of yourself for picking on a tired 11 year old u do realise this is a child so d media turns to bullying children now.

  8. Drucilla Lightsey

    Thts right if it was bush daughter ya'll make me sick w/thts crap just still with the selfishness because the President won again/see what for you is FOR YOU noone or nobody can take thts away from you so Grown up for pete sakes this is a child who is pretty tired is all she yawn so what this day was about our president once again not the child self sinarded/even if it was mitt romey you would'nt said a word it the color seems to me he's black an he not acceptable in your eyesight /but in the eyesight he was good enough for the LORD thts way he's president again an you can't TOUCH him he's president OBAMA lives his kids alone grow up I sure you got kids too how would you feel abou your children defensive would'nt you okay then enough about the kids!

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