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Phil Mickelson’s Taxes Could Cause Early Retirement

phil mickelson

Phil Mickelson is not happy about his new taxes.

Mickelson, who has a net worth of about $180 million, said that rising tax rates will cause him to make some drastic changes this year. Mickelson said that he didn’t want to jump the gun on any decisions yet but said that the tax situation on a state level in California and on a federal level just isn’t working for him anymore.

Mickelson said:

“It’s been an interesting off-season. And I’m going to have to make some drastic changes. I’m not going to jump the gun and do it right away, but I will be making some drastic changes… I’m not sure what exactly, you know, I’m going to do yet. I’ll probably talk about it more in depth next week. I’m not going to jump the gun, but there are going to be some. There are going to be some drastic changes for me because I happen to be in that zone that has been targeted both federally and by the state and, you know, it doesn’t work for me right now. So I’m going to have to make some changes.”

Forbes reports that Mickelson will see his tax rate on ordinary income increase from 35% to 39.6% and his rate on long-term capital gains increase from 15% to 20%. Mickelson’s career PGA earnings stand at about $75 million and he is frequently listed on “Highest Earning Athletes” list. According to Forbes, Mickelson earns more than $30 million annually through endorsements.

What do you think about Phil Mickelson’s taxes? Do you think the professional golfer will really do something drastic to change his situation?

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146 Responses to “Phil Mickelson’s Taxes Could Cause Early Retirement”

  1. Luis R. Collazo

    I feel so sorry that he will have to pay higher taxes. I wish I could be in his tax bracket. Would gladly pay my taxes and still live a hell of a lot better than I do right now. What a cry baby a hole!

  2. Jarvis Johnson

    Phil you are not alone with these commies in office the whole country is going under and it's not going to get any better only worst.

  3. Scott Seibert

    What a tool.. higher taxes is a 'burden' and he'll have to make drastic changes? What a drama queen. Get over it Phil, shut up and play golf.

  4. Michael Koren

    I love Phil as a golfer, but he comes off as an elitist putz with his comments–poor Phil, I'm sure we all feel his pain!

  5. Michael Koren

    I love Phil as a golfer, but he comes off as an elitist putz with his comments–poor Phil, I'm sure we all feel his pain!

  6. Rick Cain

    You have got to be kidding me. All that money and he cries like a little baby. Welcome to our world. The more these guys make the more they want. That's what's wrong with sport today. They make the big bucks and we are supposed to feel sorry for them. Think not.

  7. Neil A Waring

    And I used to cheer for the guy–Oh, I feel so bad he may have to live on only 15 million now. Michael is correct he is being an elitist putz–nothing else.

  8. Beth Alden

    phil are you kidding me! you are worth more the my whole entire town I live in so quit wining and appreciate what you have.

  9. L Blake Brown

    WTF? WTF YOU IDIOTS TALKING ABOUT? WHO THE HELL CARES? He's a small group of FILTHY ASS rich people who really still don't get it! I'm so sorry he will have to park his private jet and probably sell of a few homes but get a grip YAHOO! Why would you even post a stupid ass article like this anyway?

  10. Kevin Webber

    Making the calls from the cheap seats. It's an American tradition. If you couldn't make it yourself then the deck was stacked against you all your life.

  11. John Brooks

    I do not think that those in government realize how many wealthy people like Phil will make these drastic changes, whenever they do their calculations, they just multiply the higher tax rates by the old tax base and they think they will have an increase in tax revenue. That is just no true, wealthy people will make changes (for state purposes, move to a non tax state) and tax revenue will not be what they expect. Call him a cry baby, but alot of wealthy people are thinking the same thing.

  12. Clayton W. Hilton

    No, what a useless person. Some of us were not lucky to have a gift, some of us have to work for a living, not play a childs game. What a wimp, go see your Momma she still might have some ti–y for you.

  13. Nick Roberts

    Everyone who pays taxes must pay more so that the politicians have more money to buy votes. The film industry in Hollywood just received a gift of $275Million from Obama and friends. Not because Hollywood needed it; but because Hollywood is where some of the largest donations to the Democrat Party come from.
    I'm pissed, Phil's pissed, and you should be pissed too.

  14. Anonymous

    This is a new low in a sport that I love (and play often, and compete locally, and follow the tour season). I've been a big Phil fan, but I don't really care if he ever wins again. I'm sick and tired of these guys whose idea of work is playing a game better than almost everyone else in the world and getting obscene rewards for their good fortune and talent, then making much, much more just for telling us to use this ball or putter or whatever, whining about paying big taxes on their big incomes. A sport that lionizes the likes of Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh just because they're rich too. A sport where one round at Pebble Beach costs well upwards of $1000 and many mid-range private club dues cost more than the median income. A sport that then wonders why it's not growing in the United States.

    The rest of us should have one-tenth your good fortune, Phil, so stop whining and pay your dues as just another spoiled member of the 0.001 percent. Try to struggle on with your $15-20 million net this year. Your million-dollar smile sure looks like a smirk this morning…

  15. L Blake Brown

    Jarvis you are an idiot!!! Are you worth more than $500,000???? What about $100,000???? Get a clue to why he's trying to drum up support… Or is it just that people like you and him are just tooo good to be like the rest of us… HARD WORKING AMERICANS… Sorry the rest of us cant pay that much!!!

  16. Tim Kane

    Come on Phil man up and pay your share.It's not like you don't make enough to pay into a higher tax bracket. I'll gladly change places with you. I make about $50,000 a year and have to pay about 20-to 25 % because I do not get to deduct a pair of pants, a new golf club or a trip overseas. Stop being a cry baby and MAN UP PHIL..

  17. Russell Sova

    This is typical of what happens when Democrats can't produce after the promises they make, that buy votes, don't work. They tried raising the taxes of wealthy in NYC and revenues went down as the wealthy left…..Phil will probably high tail it out of California……60, 000 left ladt year alone!

  18. Larry Timpe

    I love you , Phil. However, an increase of 3.9% on the incremental rate is equal only to $3.90 per hundred dollars earned over $450,000. Granted you make a lot of money and the increase is a lot of money, it should not be so much in relation to your total earnings that you would lose sleep over it. In addition, an additional 5% on the capital gains is reasonable. Go back to the years when Clinton was in office and you were paying even more. I have been to 38 countries throughout the world and can assure you that there is no place other than the US that I would want to live. You might want to remember that the Federal government has put a lot of money into cancer research, and that research has saved a lot of lives. As a side note, I have always wanted to pay a minimum of $1 million per year in taxes — because I know that if I did that, then I would have made a heck of a lot more than that.

  19. Pablo Gustavo Varela

    This is a joke, he makes more than all of us together and pays less taxes than most of us, and he complains!
    I agree this guy needs to make changes, for instance play golf and not talk. PR help for this confuse golfer…

  20. Anonymous

    He's a self made man, what about all of you worthless leaches. Why don't you make 20 million a year? What's your excuse, communist bastards He started life the same as you did. You losers take from others because you aren't man enough to make your own fortune.

  21. Donnie Priest

    Well just bless his little heart. He should have to live on what we make. Percentage wise we are all taking the hit.

  22. Nick Del Pizzo

    Hey-all you guys criticizing Phil would all do the same thing if you were in his income bracket. You already do whenever you clip a coupon, or shop at the store with the cheaper price. It's called "human nature" to look for the best deal for yourself. All of you also take every tax deduction you are legally entitled to. Most of the critical comments below are just talk-all of you would be directing your tax people to give you every legal tax advantage possible if you actually had to walk in Phil's shoes

  23. John Lubbad

    You enjoy the freedom, and liberties, or our great country. Where else in the world would you, be allowed to play a game, and make more money than your grandkids, grandkids can spend in one lifetime. Emigrate out of here. I used to like you, Phil, you sound like a whining a–hole.

  24. Clayton W. Hilton

    It cost to live in America, you don't like it leave. You'll be back, praising this country, and how small of a tax system we have, and if you think Canada's has a fair tax, you need to go live there for a whole their system really smells. You don't have Fed Income Taxes, be you have a big buying tax, and that also means a service tax on Utilities like Electric, Water, Gas, or what every you use. That why a lot of people come here to by their cars, boats, and other big ticket items. Get your head out of your back pocket and see what the rest of the World is putting up with, you might be glad you have what you have, I am, I have lived in many countries, it doesn't get any better than here.

  25. Patrick Lynn

    I'm sorry we have a shitty President….. Please keep playing golf.

  26. David Quearry

    I use to love Phil, but weicome to how most of us just get by. I wish having to much money was a problem for me. 30 million in endorsements alone, what a dick.

  27. Frank Fisher

    what a wanker.
    you want good schools and roads and pensions, but expect some one else to pay for it.
    he makes a bloody good living playing a game.
    he does not manufature or employ real people. he is not a small buisiness.
    he "plays" for his money.
    pay your tax and quit whining.

  28. John Lubbad

    You sound like a 1950's relic, Commie, that is not the correct or current nomenclature.

  29. Donald Shopland Sr.

    Poor baby, how will he be able to survive after taking such a heavy hit on his $30 million annual income. Gosh, he may have to live in a measly $28 million. Oh, the thought of it. Maybe the PGA tour can take up a hardship collection for him or perhaps his fans will gladly help him out. Of course, he is now over 40 (way over) and his days of winning on the regular PGA tour are behind him. and he knows it Maybe he is thinking about moving his money off shore.

  30. Clayton W. Hilton

    Phil Mickelson your a joke, I hope your Taxes go up to 80%, see what it's like to live on a fixed income like some of the Older American's who made it possible for you to make Millions, and live in a free country.

  31. Becky McWhorter

    Luis If you could play golf like Mickelson, stay away from home like him, live out of hotels you could have the same problem that he does. You are just a jealous hippocrite that would complaine bitterly about the government taking about 30 million a year from your pay if you were in his place.

  32. Noel Clark

    these comments are really disturbing. It sure explains why obama won. NO ONE should pay 40% of their income to the fed govt. I don't care how much you make. add in the state and local taxes and the taxes on everythink you buy and its at least 60% of his income. its his money and pays way more than his fair share. your anger should be focus at the Govt for takeing so much of all our money and wasting it. BTW- I make less than 75k per year. I am not a rich guy. just a fair honest one.

  33. L Blake Brown

    One of the important issues to point out is the fact that although some are making more money and at times could afford the fees; it appears that many golf courses that should be into making money still wants to keep their clients fo a specific status. Golf is universal, I've golfed in Korea and Japan and yes they do have an elitist attitude. I've talked with several avid golfers who truly believe Phil is the best in the world regardless of his record; but it only matters that he beat Tiger when it counted. When was the last time Phil was listed as #1???? Well it wasn't during the 10 or more years Tiger was…. But this also proves that golf is a great game and we all can play but should stick to buying what we can afford and not what seems to be the next big thing…. Phil makes hoards of money just because people gravitate to his every word. And most of us will NEVER be a pro but will be a broke ass dude just like those who buy the Air Jordans but still cant jump worth a dam…

  34. John Mcgeagh

    Phil, I watched you win your 1st tounament before you were a PGA pro, always thought you were really one of the good guys. Sorry to say, But you just lost a fan.

  35. Frank Tyler Jr

    I would do the same thing why should the federal, local or state have the right to dig in peoples pockets just because they are rich if you want to do something charge everyone the same across the board the heck with this robin hood approach do what u got to do phil.

  36. David Zuk

    Luis has been co-opted by our President to covet thy neighbors goods. Yes, Phil has alot of money and he has earned every penny of it. Phil has created jobs for numerous people. How many jobs has Luis created. Luis, you could be in Phil's tax bracket if you applied yourself, but I guess it is just easier to take it from someone!

  37. Anonymous

    not sorry for him at all, you made it u pay for it.everyone thst makes money has to make changes sometime, this is your time, im sure you will make it….you wont go hunger, you my have to scale down a bit…..

  38. Anna Marie Barreca Martin

    Being paid by the drug companies for his condition for a medication that the average sufferer can't afford! What a putz, drastic changes, drama, get a real job or not be able to do that even join the human race down here on earth, Phil!

  39. Anonymous

    Just another example of a top producer, regardless of the profession, leaving CA and/or the US. The farther we tend towards socialistic policies, the more we encourage their leaving for an environment that promotes and rewards excellence. Not a surprising result, but refreshing to hear someone being honest. Maybe hearing it from Phil will help the public realize that we need to change our direction.

  40. Anonymous

    Go ahead and retire, Mickelson, you gutless mothafocka! No one will miss your frumpy ass! Gimme a fockin' break about your taxes going up, you crock sucking azzhole! Go count your fockin' millions while millions of people in this country can't pay the rent!

  41. Anonymous

    John Lubbad Not the correct or current nomenclature, blah blah blah . Doesn't anyone see that raising taxes never stops on just on group?

  42. Dick Cohen

    first, this story is wrong factually…phil will see his federal tax rate go to 39.6% but his capital gains rate will be 23.8%, not 20%. there is an additional 3.8% tax as part of obamacare. also, top california tax rate is now 13.3% for any income. plus the medicare tax increased 0.9% as well…

    nobody is supposed to feel sorry for phil, but if he leaves california it will save him many millions of dollars, and will cost the state of california many millions of dollars of lost revenues. for those who don't think changing tax rates has consequences, over time history has shown otherwise.

  43. Anonymous

    Go ahead and retire, Mickelson, you gutless mothafocka! No one will miss your frumpy ass! Gimme a fockin' break about your taxes going up, you crock sucking azzhole! Go count your millions of dollars while millions of people in this country can't pay the fockin' rent? You and everyone like you can kiss my fockin' azz!

  44. Anonymous

    I make a good income and can barely afford food. go f yourself Phil!

  45. Dave Kaye

    He's a cry baby A-hole indeed…he will just have to annoy us with more annoying pharmacetical ads this year to make up for his LOSS : (.

  46. Anonymous

    I happen to like Phil but I find his public comments disturbing. We are in a financial mess in this country and if the privileged are asked to cough up more tax dollars then they and be quiet about it and cough politely. Like the rest of us you can take your money and leave. In fact, just get the h*** out of here! When the dust settles, we may find less rich folks but allot nicer poorer folks.

  47. Linda Kunkel Price

    I don't care if I was making $100 or $1,000,000, I wouldn't enjoy paying almost half of it in taxes.

  48. Kevin Linden

    "Everyone would do the same thing?" What's that? Whine about taxes going up? Because that is all he is going to do in the end. And I beg to differ; not everyone making Phil's level of income feels that a 3.5% rate increase is unjustified. See Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, et. al.

  49. Craig Miller

    You don't live in California so you have no idea what it is like here. How would you like an additional 3% taxes on your wages?

  50. Craig Miller

    Bravo Phil. This is why many of the richer Californians are leaving this state. At least it shows that State voters are unconcious about the effects of new taxes just voted on. Erosion of our tax base will continue to make things worse in California.

  51. Scott Johnston

    Phil did not steal money from anybody. Whatever he earned was given freely. The difference between a really good amateur and a top professional is, to a large degree, hard work with many hours of practice, travel (which is hard under the best circumstances but absolutely miserable when you are starting out and trying to make it). Once you get to that level, the demands on your time are great.Some people make it and reap the rewards and other misstep and do all the work for nothing. That is our system, it I a gamble that some choose to make and other do not. In addition to 39.6% federal tax, Phil is looking at 13% State tax. Once more of your income is going to the government than into your pocket, why bother to work. Look at all the lazy POS on unemployment that decide not to take jobs that are beneath them or do not pay enough while taking my money to live on. Phil is saying what many know to be true. Watch your back Phil. Obama is a vindictive SOB. He will create a new golfer's tax or "endorsement income" tax".

  52. John Trapp

    He is just "venting" about this. He isn't going to do a damn thing. Living in California has made him filthy rich. He isn't going to leave that behind. There isn't a damn thing he can do AND still stay there and make more millions. He should just shut the 'F" up and write the damn check. Maybe be should be grateful he was given a gift that has allowed him to be rich from it. He can always get a job like the rest of us.

  53. Bo Smith

    I would love to have the chance to pay over 60% of my income to the Government. He made around $45 million in 2012. So he pays $27 million in taxes. That would suck, but I would love to make that kind of money.

  54. Julie Campbell

    Net worth of $180,000,000 and he's whining about taxes? Like he would even notice. Sorry, no sympathy from me for greedy bastards like him.

  55. Anonymous

    No, he's not a cry baby a-hole. He's just trying to protect his hard earned money (and yes, he has earned it) to stop subsidizing lazy people, wasteful govt. spending and unnecessary regulation. People, wake up. He at least has the guts to say what many are thinking that will be impact by this. If you like this then just keep voting in Democrats. This is how they solve spending issues by raising taxes. Your taxes will keep rising I PROMISE.
    He is not he the first who will come out and say this. Just wait and see. Hard working individuals and companies are just getting sick and tired of this.

  56. Kelvin M. Owens

    Phil makes Obama's point… It looks like Phil is threatening to stop "entertaining" us if he has to pay more taxes on his winnings. This guy has an ego the size of a golf course…

  57. David Zuk

    Anna Marie – I respectfully say that you are an idiot. The reason the drug company pays Phil to represent their drug is because many people will ask for the drug because of Phil and the drug company will make a profit. If they paid you to represent their drug it would have no impact on their sales. This is America – profit is a good thing. If you want socialism move to Cuba.

  58. David Zuk

    Pablo – Phil pays significant more taxes than you. Get off your lazy butt, work hard and increase your income. You can do it if you try!

  59. Impeach the NEGRO

    Look at his name, what else do you expect from his kind? The 1 % pay 85% of all the bills. I am no where near as rich and that is un American and not fair. No Luis, you are the cry baby. Another latino in the state of Georgia displacing real people, real Americans, and real Southerners. They sure aren't paying any taxes with their hands out to those who do. They come here for all the freebies that this golfer and the rest of us pays. That isn't fair…

  60. Craig Miller

    More class envy showing up daily in life. If you aren't working yet, you don't have a clue what any wage earner is up against in California.

  61. Lynn Watson

    Phil you are welcome to move to TEXAS. You will lower your tax burden.

  62. Lynn Watson

    Phil, you a welcome to move to Texas and lower your tax burden and still play the game you love.

  63. Anonymous

    Phil no matter how hard you try and convince yourself you are paying 61-62% of earned income in taxes is ludicrous. Your marginal rates are not your effective rates. You have deductions and exemptions and you pay no more then anyone else on the first $450,000 in earnings plus capital gains is at 20% not the 39.6%. Please ask your accountant what your effective rate is you can't just otal marginal rates and say that's what you're being taxed, you dumpb ass. In addition income tax rates are merely returning to what they were before that baffoon bush lowered them. And the payroll taxes are merely returning to what they always were (and this amounte to about $2,000/year and you upset with that when you make $50 million/year? I've always liked you but I never considered you bright and this has convinced me. Please talk to your accountant before you do anymore damage to your reputation. You just sound like a dump, entitled, rich fucking brat!

  64. Anonymous

    Nick Del Pizzo adding up marginal rates and saying that's what he pays is stupid, he does not pay anything close to it. Use Romney for example he paid an effective rate of 13% yet his marginal rate was 35%. Jesue you are as stupid as Phil.

  65. Bo Healey

    Poor Phil , If you go to "Fact book" page you will see the United States has the 191st highest taxes in the world. I seriously doubt you or anyone else would like to move to any of the countries rated 192 or above!

  66. Dennis Hartinger

    Who cares? A couple of percentage points that he will find someway of getting around the new taxes, that is why he employs an accountant or two. So, Nick Del Pizzo what you just wrote Phil will do the same, find a way to get around the tax or cut the burden. One can probably live on 75 million and I am would have to downsize if it reached 50 million; tough position to be in…

  67. Anonymous

    It is HIS money the crooks in DC are taking and giving to the do nothings and you wander why they get the votes every time for the money HE made , not the crooks!

  68. Rob Crow

    If I were Phil, I would have said something like. Hey I'm thrilled that I get to pay higher taxes so that more illegal immigrants get to take advantage of my hard work. I also love it when people on subsidized rent don't have to work but live in nice places because of my taxes. I also think it's right when those same families have kids in college that are paid for by me but the kids don't have to do anything to pay back the money. Of course that would really go over well with my fans that don't pay any taxes.

  69. Bill Cue

    Come on over to Texas Phil. We'll gladly take your property and sales tax, as we have no pesky income tax.

  70. Bill Cue

    Come on over to Texas Phil. We'll gladly take your property and sales tax, as we have no pesky income tax.

  71. John James

    No doubt. Attack hard workers, new energy technology, the 2nd Amendment — all with executive orders — it is not an inaguration == it is a CORONATION fit for a King.

  72. Ronald Poole

    Well the one thing he can is to move to a state with no state income taxes. Like Florida!!!! Why do you think most of the golfers live in Florida?

  73. Stephen Engle

    I would love to pay an additional 3% taxes on Phil's income but I live in the real world where playing golf for a living and then complaining about my tax rate doesn't exist. I understand why Romney didn't win – because many wealthy, not all, feel that shouldn't have to pay anymore in taxes. I'm tired of mega millionaires complaining about how rough life is – I'll give you a tour of some of the neighborhoods in Philly and then come back and talk to me about your life after an afternoon there.

  74. Anonymous

    Why the venom spewed when those at a certain income level use perfectly LEGAL means to minimize taxes? I see very little added to many of the comments below that bashes the horrific WASTE of our money by the Government. As my Dad has said, "If I ran my business the way the government does I'd be out of business!"

  75. Anonymous

    What's wrong with trying to save on taxes legally? Why the venom here? Not like the guy moved out of the country!

  76. Robert Bragg

    No Id be happy just to say I had to pay if I had that kind of money. Ill take his he can have mine and Ill bet he lill change back in a hurry.

  77. Jim Lovell

    I feel so sorry for him, I could cry. I wonder what drastic steps he would have taken after world war 2 when ike eisenhower was president and the highest income tax rate was 91% on all income over 400 grand a year? cried like an even bigger baby? most americans would love to have to pay 4.6% higher income taxes if it meant they were making over 379,000 dollars a year in income.

  78. Mike Parrish

    Kevin Linden did you just compare phil mickelsons income with bill gates?

  79. Mike Parrish

    as a golfer you should understand how much time and effort he puts into it. he deserves the money he makes.

  80. Walt Taormina

    Pretty lame Phil. America's heart bleeds for you, it's an absolute tragedy to get a half of a million $+ a WEEK.
    just in endorsements, plus golf earnings… I just don't know how you are getting by. Ummm… BTW, there is a.
    slew of worldwide pro's that make Florida their home cause there is NO State tax, and they can work on their.
    games in the off season in perfect weather. Why do you think Tiger is on Jupiter Island, etc. etc…. what a tough.
    problem you have to solve Phil… I feel your pain.

  81. Anonymous

    Can't understand why his net worth is only $180M. He receives $30M a year in endorsements, add a few Mil in winnings and probably another $10-$15M a year in appearance fee $, just to show up at tournaments. He probably knocks down close to $50M a year and his net worth is only $180M? He either needs a new money manager, or he's got to keep a closer check on Mrs. Phil. If he wants to get rid of Cali tax, move to Florida or Texas. No state taxes there. If he doesn't want to pay 20% tax on his investments, there are plenty of tax exempt bonds out there w/ at least 6% annual return. Not sexy, but very profitable with his net. Somewhere, greed is figuring in on his attitude.

  82. Anna Marie Barreca Martin

    Well thank you but most people who might ask for it because Phil represents it, cannot afford it and he can, so it doesn't help the people who need it because it is extremely expensive to use! I don't want anything, I am blessed with what I have and you don't know me well enough nor should you resort to name calling to get your point across, douche bag! Profit is a good thing for the people who profit! And for the record, I actually am not an idiot!

  83. Harold Houser

    Luis R. Collazo, you are an idiot. . . . just go collect your welfare, social security disability and unemployment checks, and STFU. . .you imbecile.

  84. Anonymous

    oh boo hoo Phil! You have no class Phil.
    Thanks Yahoo for outing another whiny, over paid, celebrity! He will get his due, with negativity from the masses.

  85. Jeffrey Brown

    It's hard to retire on $180 million. Get a real life hacker!

  86. Anonymous

    Boo hoo! Am I supposed to feel sorry for a multi millionaire whiner who has to pay 2% hither taxes?

  87. Anonymous

    Let me tell you what is flawed in your comment "A LOT of WEALTHY PEOPLE". Sir, #1 there are NOT A LOT of wealthy people. Very small # of population make $500,000 plus. #2 The "job-creators" who are the wealthy bunch got all these tax breaks for all these years because of the theory they were the "job creators". Problem is – THEY ARE GREEDY and took the jobs, manufacturing, and EVEN their MONEY and put over seas! So, WE THE MIDDLE-CLASS ended up burdening the weight of their anti-American decisions in more ways than one.

  88. Terrel Reed

    Only loosers are concerned about other peoples success. You don't know the mans overhead, travel expense and other professal expenses. Why should he want to give it to the dependents in California. I have been thinking about leaving the good ole' USA because of high taxes.

  89. Nicole Elizabeth Czaja

    So I'm going to assume those arthritis commercials didn't pay him anything?

  90. Emmee Anne Martin

    Really Phil? You're losing me a little more all the time. From 25 private jet flights to 23? Hope you can make it thru this trauma!

  91. Russell Ponder

    Lynn, you beat me to this! I wanted to tell Phil to move to Fort Worth. He's already very popular here and I'm sure there's some homes in the area that could accomadate his price range and style.

  92. George Gillis

    Liberal progressive jerks like you have just the man in office that will divide and conquer. Tax trickle down effect will also snare you and your ilk.

  93. Anonymous

    Its not the governments money.when did we come to this? He pays plenty.Iguess it just makes some feel good to sock it to the rich.It willnot make my life any different , or yours.It willnot bring the debt down. The government will just spend more , or waste more.The Bolshevicks would be proud of this way of thinking.

  94. George Gillis

    One of the few comments that make any sense. The theory of the progressives is anybody making more than those who don't pay taxes should pay more taxes.

  95. Tim Dowling

    Nick Del Pizzo – No we wouldn't. Some people are not self absorbed pigs that can never stop hoarding money-some people have the ability to know when they have enogh- and live a happy life- you and Phil are what is ruining America-

  96. Duane McMurtrey

    He earned it and because lazy under achievers want entitlement, for no reason other than that, he has to pay tens of millions more? Socialism is alive and well. He has given more to charity than the A hole who called him an A hole by millions.

  97. Jim Rossi

    Why the hell would anyone want to live in California. All the Legislature knows is tax and spend. Get outa Dodge Phil.

  98. Rusty Fenders

    Next thing you know he'll be bussing tables. Ah, how the mighty have fallen. Only be able to afford a half dozen solid gold bidets this year.

    You play golf for a living, get the hell over it.

  99. Phil Obrien

    from one phil to another. I feel terribly sorry for your tax plight but look at the bright side of the tax equation.when you give to your charities your deductions will be greater than ever. what a great impetus to get out and actually win more instead instead of wallowing in self pity. lots a luck. Is there a better place to raise a family?

  100. Douglas Roberts

    State Tax in Cali for Phil and all other top wage earners is around 15%…..State tax. If the bigdogs leave that state they will be charging even more….AND this is just state tax. Cali has so many freeloaders and Phil and Co have a right to say F Cali and move where the burden is more evenly spread…Like AZ where Phil would pay over 10% less….OR a couple million less every year…..What would you do? Personally I moved from CT which had a state tax of over 6% to FL where the rate is ZERO….So how can FL survive on ZERO and Cali needs 15%…That's just F'd up.

  101. Jeremy Guidry

    This shouldn't even be news. The PGA of "America" is what is allowing this dude to make the money he's making. I'm sure Phil works hard at improving his game. Yes, I also agree he's earned this money. Now stop complaining about how much your taxes are, and concentrate on winning majors. (sponsers pay for his travel and equipment).

  102. L Blake Brown

    Thats true. It takes a man like Bill Gates, Tom Joyner and even the President to understand the plight of those who arent living a priviledged life….

  103. Marie Palmer

    180 mil, what about those who have to make changes and only made 20,000 per year. Phil you sound crazy

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