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Jamie Foxx Calls Out Spike Lee For ‘Django Unchained’ Criticism

Jamie Foxx On Connecticut School Shooting: Violence In Movies Bears Some Responsiblity

Jamie Foxx is a big fan of Spike Lee but the actor doesn’t appreciate the director’s recent criticism of Django Unchained.

Foxx said that it was “irresponsible” of Lee to criticize a movie he’s never seen.

Earlier this month, Spike Lee criticized the movie for being disrespectful to his ancestors.

Lee said:

“I cant speak on it cause I’m not gonna see it. All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors. That’s just me … I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody else … American Slavery was not a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. It was a holocaust. My ancestors are slaves. Stolen from Africa. I will honor them.”

Foxx responded to Lee’s comments today in an interview with The Guardian.

Foxx said:

“The questions for me is: Where is Spike Lee coming from? I mean, I respect Spike, he’s a fantastic director. But he gets a little shady when he takes shots at his colleagues without looking at the work. To me, that’s irresponsible.”

Samuel L. Jackson also defended the movie’s subject and its use of the N-word.

Jackson said:

“Did they have another name to call the (black) people they were talking about at the time? If you’re going to deal with the language of the time, you deal with the language of the time. And that was the language of the time. I grew up in the South. I heard ‘n–ger’ all my life. I’m not disturbed by it.”

Have you seen Django Unchained? Do you agree with Spike Lee? Should you have to see a movie before you criticize it?

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100 Responses to “Jamie Foxx Calls Out Spike Lee For ‘Django Unchained’ Criticism”

  1. Anonymous

    Spike is 100% correct. They would never allow Spike to direct schindlers list. Hollywood would never allow a real slave revolt film to be made. Jaime foxx is a sellout. Now he will get the big paydays, because he's proven to hollywood how much soul he's willing to sell, congrats foxx you have made it to will smiths level.

  2. Danny Croop

    Spike is not 100% correct… First of all they weren't stolen they were sold by they're own people, Second like it or not it is a part of history same as movies like Schindlers list and should be told, and last but not least I don't think that I have ever seen a Quentin Tarantino movie that didn't have the "N" word in it but if your ever going to hear it it should be expected in a movie about slavery since that was the language of the times.

  3. Christian Swanberg

    IT happened- Slavery, the Holocaust, what have you. This is a story based on a period in HISTORY. Just like Glory, or Saving PRivate Ryan or The Alamo. When you do a story about a time in history, it is your responsibility to be accurate. As unpleasant as it maybe, it is absolutely essential. Just as a Judge or jury can't convict someone without looking at the evidence, Nor can Spike Lee Foxx, JAckson or Tarantino without watching the film first. He probably wouldn't like it anyway because it is not Anti- white enough for him. For Spike to like any film it has to attack the white race. Django doesn't do that, it just tells a story. and does so very well. He criticized Clint Eastwood for not having any black Marines on the beaches of Iwo Jima-
    Ignorant of the fact that Military units were still segregated in WW2. IF he bothered to do some research and also understand that he is not the center of the universe.

  4. Michael Vendetti

    Spike is an idiot. Before you judge anything, you have to see it, hear it, read it, whatever. If the language bothered him, it was the langauage of the time. There were anti slavery themes throughout the film. If you watched it, and were still upset by it, that is fair, but just like Spike would not want critics to rip his films without seeing them, he should not be ripping anyone else's films.

  5. John Lawson

    I know a lot of Jewish people probably did not have a problem with "The Bear Jew" in Inglorious Bastards beating the hell out of nazi soldiers with a bat. In a way it is a frustration that they have never been able to vent about in that manner, and to have a ficticious character handing out the ultimate payback is probably somewhat therapeutic for a lot of them who have heard of such things being done to Jews. I would likewise think that a number of people who have heard of the atrocities commited against the American Nergo slaves could find some value in seeing a freed black slave whipping the crap out of an overseer with a bullwhip. I myself as one who has always been sickened by slavery and racism particularly enjoyed it. And I can't help but feel that if some of the deceased slave from that era were her now to see Tarrantino and Foxx's work they would be pleased by it, certainly not put off by it. And for the record how many of you that saw the movie learned about horrible things done to slaves that you did not know of before seeing the film? If people wont read anymore, this is the only way to teach the next generation about the horrors of the past so that they are not repeated. Great work on the film Gentlemen, you should be proud.

    P.S. Miracle at St. Anna is the worst "historic" film I have ever seen in my entire life.

  6. Patrick Paes

    Jamie Fox , is not a sell-out , Jamie Fox is a real talent , and in many ways gifited , too bad you cannot see the other side of the coin.Jamie Fox 's time has come , people realize he is not only a comic, a singer, actor , and creator, and a total asset to the the entertainment business and life itself.Spike is a yesterday creator what of jealousy, discontentment , argumentive.what?

  7. Anonymous

    man fuck spike lee that movie was good as shit seen it 12 times already cant get enough of it "wat tha hell that nigger doin on that nag" classic.

  8. Steve Moore

    Spike, slavery was a horrible thing. It never should have happened yet it did.There are a lot of problems with racism and yes it still exists. That is also a shame.We are in the 21st Century and so many more people do not think or act the way that our ancestors did.Yet many of us who never think or act that way are now being punished by African Americans like you who wont let it go and move on.You seem to want to punish us here in the year 2013, the ones who have done very little to your plight. Children today are being raised so much better and are not subjected to as much racism as in the past.The kids today that will be our future are really thinking less or none about differences in skin color and religions. Just shut your mouth and let the children of the future improve the cultures.I hated you the first time I ever heard your name in show business, then I saw some of your movies and then I respected you for them. Now you are back to where you were when I thought you were just a radical racist from the Black side.

  9. Todd Bakken

    Spike Lee is a racist piece of garbage. It's okay for him to depict all white people as evil, racist monsters in every single one of his movies, perfectly okay for him to be completely racist towards white people. His hypocrisy is a complete joke. I will never watch another one of his movies again (not missing much since most of his movies are crap anyway).

  10. Chad Nevius

    It would have been a far greater injustice to have sugar coated and rendered this film politicaly correct , we are talking about a horrific thing here. It had to be portrayed accuratly to show honor to the people that suffered through it , so that people now days can understand, catch just a glimpse of the realities these people dealt with because none of us will truly ever KNOW. to have done any thing less than make it offensive and over the top would have be a horrendous injustice to the memory of the people that suffered through this treatment and endured it. It isn't glorifying at all if u watch the movie, it ios portraying the southern slavers as ignorant and animalistic which in fact they were. Spike is way off base on this one.

  11. Arthur Holmes

    no I don't agree with Spike Lee. I thought the movie was good and could have been better. in the 1800's no black man could kill one white person and ride off in to the sunset let along about 30. but I enjoyed the movie.

  12. Anonymous

    Cool lets be accurate, lets make a REAL slave revolt film with Nat Turner….where he kills al the white slave masters, instead of a mockery. It would never happen because hollywood woudl be offended.

  13. Anonymous

    not sayin slavery was right, but most slaves werent stolen from africa, they were sold by their own people, and whoever does not believe that is foolish, look at all the slavery that still exist in the southern africa diamond mines to this day.

  14. Anonymous

    I love how now everyones saying its history…..Now were looking to tarantino as our history teacher????

  15. Anonymous

    It has to do with the directors skin color. Imagine if your ancestors were wipped and owned by the chinese and called names, then 100 years later a chinese film director made a movie about your ancestors……You would be offended.

  16. Markis Alexander

    I've seen the movie and was offended by how happy the movie made slavery look, at times you would see slaves on swings and enjoying a nice day at work. If you know slavery then you know it should NEVER be depicted as fun and laid back as it was in Django Unchained. The movie is trash just for that.

  17. Markis Alexander

    Y'all are dumb for thinking Spikes mad about the usage of the word nigger. The problem with this movie is not the N word its the 'Happy slavery' image created by the movie.

  18. Chad Nevius

    ummmm excuse me, my ancestors were wiped out and enslaved by the whites, many still live on reservations and under govt controll. Did we crusade against john wayne for the portrayals of our poeples during his films? Did u hear one peep when they made a movieof the book burry my heart at wounded knee? Or better yet, have we demanded that Mt rushmore be torn down because 2 of the 4 presidents depicted played a direct hand in the indian wars and it was built on sacred and holy lands to my grandmothers people? Lands which were siezed unlawfully by the way and the pittance we were given still sits in a bank acct untouched to this day. The reality is , none of us alive today suffered through these things and the best way we can honor our ancestors memories is to remember them with pride and be thankfull for all they suffered and sacrificed so that we can b alive and healthy today.

  19. Chad Nevius

    kmao you can only be controlled in life by what u allow to controll you, obviously your hatred has consumed you and there fore the white man wins, sad

  20. Chad Nevius

    Markis Alexander ooops sorry that wasnt meant for u , i agree it should have been more realisticly accurate it was meant for zephyr

  21. Daniel Adams

    Markis Alexander you are black you are always offended by something you blacks are always complaining go back to Africa if you dont like it or go see another lame Spike Lee movie

  22. Captin Kirk

    Stolen from Africa? Uh, idiot, "your" people sold themselves off and still are enslaving themselves in Africa. Oh and here in America too. It's called "self segregation. If "your" people were stolen, then go back!

  23. Captin Kirk

    Stolen from Africa? They sold their own people off because they were starving. And lo and behold! They enslave each other there as they do here. STILL! Go back if it's such a problem for you here notreallyafricnLee.

  24. Chad Nevius

    serriously kirk? lmao u just display your ingnorance by adopting a racist tone , even reverse racism is racism get over it. I got news if ya'll don't realize by now that this whole debate and many others, is just a government controll to pit one half of us against the other half so we don't unite to face the real and common enemy u are fools. The real enemy is the rich, those in power who will do any thing to keep that power. Wake up people quit fighting with each other and lets stand togeather and take the power back.

  25. Anonymous

    It's amazing to see people from different cultures trying to tell African Americans how they should feel about THEIR history, and trying to tell us things like "oh it's in the past" or "move on" Do not forget the age old quote "Those that do wrong never remembers, those that are wronged never forgets." Movies like this only serve to remind African Americans that the playing field is and never will be level. WHY? because it will mean the end of White Supremacy. It is a well known FACT that blacks excel in every thing they do. The white elite KNOW this. That is why they work hard to keep things uneven. Unfortunately it is the COMMON white person that pays the price. And for those that like to say "if you don't like it here, go back!" Don't forget you are a visitor here too! Tell the elite of your race to get out of Africa, let Africans control the natural resources of Africa and believe me, African Americans will leave by the millions..But we know that will never happen. Why? because both the elite and the common white person would go broke!

  26. Anonymous

    Daniel Adams And why don't you go back to where ever the hell you came from. I'm always amazed that the first words out of your mouths is to tell someone to go back to Africa, we are here to stay and if anyone is going any where it is you. If this country belongs to anyone it is the Native Americans. If everyone would leave this country that is not a native to this country then the only ones that would remain is the Native Americans. Remember that the next time you tell someone to go back to Africa. He was only commenting on what he saw in the movie he didn't use any racist language or say anything racist, he has the right to voice his opinion on this or any other movie and if anyone that is complaining it is you, your the racist. Grow up.

  27. John Smith

    Go back to Africa Spike Lee black people will never get anywhere if they just complain about everything race related. And by the way Africans were slaving Africans way before the whites came and only 5% of whites had slaves during slavery its not like every white person had a slave.

  28. Gregory W Thomas

    i dont agree with spike on this one and i dont agree with you either.. Native Americans have been fighting to get respect for who they are in this country for generations.. Just ask the cleveland indians,, and they have protested movies like john waynes which protray them in a bad like for decades… Either you are terribly misinformed or you are not who you claim to be…. im just saying. Study before you speak.

  29. Anonymous

    Yes, we know that some slaves were sold by their own people, does that justify slavery to you. Their were also thousands that were taken (stolen) so lets not down play that fact. Their are many things that have happened that shouldn't have.

  30. Anonymous

    I respect what you said Steve and I agree Spike is a spiteful man, I have never liked myself and I am a black woman. I would like you to elaborate on what you mean that you are being punished.
    Can you explain how you are being punished? Thats a bizarre statement to me.
    I am not trying to be mean but I do really want to understand how whites are being punished.

  31. Anonymous

    I meant to say I have never liked Spike myself, I think he is a self righteous prick.

  32. Anonymous

    Eric J. Hollie: Thats what he should have done instead of shooting his mouth off as usual. He still can, and you are probably right he will now to try and out do Tarrintino.

  33. Calrissian Foxx Steele

    I did see the movie and if someone criticizes it for racial bigotry before seeing it. Sorry but you're an idiot. Although it is sad to see that the old ways of our country was actually built this way, the movie had some great humor. There was a lot of camp in it and that's what people don't realize if they havn't seen it. Should we just ignore the fact that the word 'nigger' was used? I don't think a lot african americans mind anymore unless it's strictly used for hate purposes and I think that's what Samuel Jackson means. He's heard it many times and I'm sure even in hate. But the word 'nigger' was used quite often during that period. So should we just hide that? If it was ok with Jamie and Samuel, it must have been ok otherwise they wouldn't have signed on. Spike Lee takes this racial stuff WAY to seriously these days. It seems he's the only one brining it up in the manner that he does.

  34. Anonymous

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but a comedic slavery movie is something I would rather avoid than support.

  35. Anonymous

    I haven't seen it yet, but a comedic slavery movie is something I would rather avoid than support.

  36. LayLay Russell

    As a history and psychology major, I see the ways that people throughout time have not only used physical means to control a populace, but also the mental aspect, which is far more worse. I am NO fan of Spike Lee…he isn't relevant anymore; hasn't been in a long time. I haven't seen the Django movie, and I probably won't. But it is more out of living in the present. I know what tactics are being used by Hollywood and refuse to be a tool in the degradation of people…regardless of race. I would LOVE to see a TRUE account of Nat Turner or even John Brown…but where is the money in that? EXACTLY my point. Spike should make a movie about things like THAT if he is wanting to honor his ancestors.

  37. Josh Anderson

    you know, I hate slavery, its dark dark stain on humanity, but for the record. you never ever ever ever ever hear anybody speak some truth, like, we didn't go over and "steal" your people. your own people "sold" you to the white traders who came by. this is a very common oversight when people talk about slavery. Its still wrong, its wrong that white people and all others condoned it, but the truth of the matter is, tribal leaders sold all of the young/old males, or the "less valuable" to the trible. many cultures did this in some way or another. it was wrong, but its the truth. we didn't go over and shanghai 100 million black people, I'm sorry, it just didn't happen. on the other hand I thought the movie was hilarious! jamie was great! people need to get there panties out there ass and quite whining! Spike lee has done taboo things as well, he is no one to talk! hes all about problack or its whack. you could almost say hes racist against white folk lol. but we still love spike don't we white people!

  38. Patricia Hamilton

    We have to remember that Spike is 5'1" tall and probably a little Napoleonic. Someone should remind him that what he sees as serious art, most of us see as trivial entertainment. It just isn't that serious, Spike. Go see the movie. You can pretend you are Jamie Foxx for over two hours for only $10.50!

  39. Adam Adair

    Hey Spike do some history. Your ancestors sold their own people into slavery and enslaved them themselves. I went and seen the movie and there were more blacks in the audience than whites and they were laughing their black asses off. So shut the hell up and I can't count how many times they called one another niggers in the movie.

  40. Douglas Spencer

    I did not like the movie for other reasons, it wasn't realistic. There is a certain degree of sacredness that goes with the middle passage, and this movie mixed in modern day standup comedy. Women were not referred to as B's in those days. The marxmanship of the shooters was extreme, they were shooting the heads off of horses. I doubt that the slaves pitted against one another to fight until death, did so in the den of a nice house. Not saying Tarantino was malicious in his intent, he is different, as in all of his movies. Someone stated that this wasn't meant to be an accurate portrayal of history, it is Tarantino type of entertainment, and I agree.

  41. Anonymous

    Oh please, stop it with that bull, yes their were Africans that sold their own people. And then their were the one that were stolen or taken. Their are faults on both sides in that, but please stop trying to convince yourself that all slaves were sold that is just no true.

  42. Anonymous

    Spike, don't hate… go see the movie; I believe you will enjoy it as much as I did. There is a lot of respect between the two main characters… and even though it was a painful part of 'American' history, and it might get some people upset… it is what it is…it's open for discussion, and intellectual dialog. Both you and Quintin, are very talented directors, and you both will be remembered for your outstanding achievements in the entertainment world.

  43. Douglas Spencer

    That is exactly what I was saying, comedy and slavery do not mix. Everyone keeps saying how good of a movie it was. It wasn't realistic, and I didn't like it.

  44. Sean Jackson

    really spike lee…everything it not about race and color…its just good movie…really more of a comedy…i am a black lady from Mississippi…the area i live in in the Delta was home to the largest slave owners ever in history…more slave than u can imagine…that was the past…this is now..
    just a movie get over it…WE ARE HAPPY HERE IN MISSISSIPPI DELTA…u people sbould really come from those cities and visit…besides dont u think we are the ones who should be upset…GREAT MOVIE GUYS…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…people…I CAN GO ON & ON…next y'all just say DARKY/DARKIES…thats another SLAVE WORD from the south…maybe they will feel better…how can u talk about history and dont say NIGGER…then that would be only part of history…

  45. Charles Bowles

    Chad, good point, however, there are several ways to view this subject. I have no problems with slave oriented movies, and it is true that our ancestors did suffer so that we do not have to suffer a much, but Chad, Native Americans and Blacks are still suffering from those sociological effects from the past, and while the fire has dissipated, I can still smell and see the smoke, and all it takes is a whisper of wind to start the flames glowing again, and spreading with the power of the wind. Many Native Americans, as well as Blacks continue to suffer from higher unemployment rates, higher alcohol and substance abuse, induced poverty, which all stems from the roots of that violent physsical abusive , oppressive and psychological repressive racism to that which exists today, in a more less tangble and covert fashion. BUT YEAH, LETS GO SEE DJANGO, and see Jamie kick some boody, in revenge.

  46. Charles Bowles

    Gregory W Thomas you also made a very good point and i agree with you Chad must have forgotten about the not only the "Cleveland Indians", but also various HS's who had to drop their masqot images of Indians, not only that fact, there are indians who don't like to be called Indians,ecause that is a white man's word for dexcribing native Americans. Perhaps, Chad is one of those Bourgeoise Indians who don't defend his people rights, same as some of our Black media people who claim to speakfor us, such as Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams, Deneen Borelli, a contributor on FOX VIEWS, etc etc

  47. Dan Elder

    "It is a well known FACT that blacks excel in every thing they do."
    In what world is that a fact? lmao.. i guess everything would include robbing, stealing, killing, dealing etc maybe if black people werent so focused on the past there wouldnt be as much black on black crime today..

  48. Anonymous

    zephyr2046….Eh, have you even seen Django? Quite a few white folk are killed in it. Im a white dude, i have several black friends. Im just not seeing what the big deal is. Was a great movie. Jamie Foxx was absolutely awesome.

  49. Anonymous

    O yea, like i said, im white…and even I love to quote Django when he cutting us down. Was in the past, slavery is gone. I see this movie as a historical reference.

  50. Anonymous

    Dan Elder …… Your entitled to your opinion HOWEVER you can't blame the actions of some on our whole race! Thinking this way would prove white and blacks are not safe in mutual public places like movie theaters or schools because the oppressed white man will storm the door and kill everyone. Stings a bit doesn't it Sir! Whether I believe it to be true or not it's not appropriate to attack a race of people based on the actions of a few…. Think before you speak!!!

  51. Dominique Dannielle JOnes

    Dan Elder , sorry but everything you just mentioned are all things that white people do as well. Let's see whites (europeans) americans STOLE this land, KILLED the natives who were here first, and let's not forget they are also the ones whoDEAL drugs too. I love some white people forget that the things they critize most blacks for doing are all these that they have done and still do. I do agree that blacks shouldn't focus on the past as a way to keep them down however, the black population still suffer from the acts of the past. So before you start spewing whatever bull it is that you are spewing. Maybe check some facts first.

  52. Dominique Dannielle JOnes

    buckeye, it was MOST it was SOME. Yes, some slaves were sold by different tribes after wars when the Africans thought the Europeans were their friends, however, those africans ended up being captured and sold too.

  53. Teryl Puzza Williams

    Eventhough, I'm not happy about our past, I know I can't dwell on it because we have progressed. Now the making of that movie is just a reminder of our past but at some point we got to look at it for what it is now…Just a "MOVIE" and "ENTERTAINMENT". As for my ancestors, they made me who I am today and as for Spike Lee, I can't help but see jealousy, didn't he criticize Tyler Perry as well. Tyler and Quentin don't have to borrow money from foreigners to make their movies….Spike just stop and enjoy the fruits.

  54. Dominique Dannielle JOnes

    Really Kirk? HAve you actually read a book. I'm guessing not. And he said ANCESTORS. Why would blacks go BACK to Africa now when the USA is OUR home?? We were born here!!! And I don't recall black people owning slaves in the US. Only SOME africans were sold by other Africans not all the Africans. They were captured by europeans and sold.

  55. Dominique Dannielle JOnes

    zephyr2046 , so the only people who can make films about slavery are black people? I don't follow. Spike Lee's critism was from the use of the n word and as someone who is black and seen the movie it was used ALOT. However, that was the wor use for us black then.

  56. Markis Alexander

    Daniel Adams and you're a very special racist for defending a movie that involves a black man killing a bunch of racist whites. Anyways.

  57. Markis Alexander

    Ron Unger that has nothing to do with anything I was talking about.

  58. Derrick Reaves

    What was Q.T. supposed to do? Whitewash history? The only thing that bothers me is that he profits off of our ancestors enslavement.

  59. Teryl Puzza Williams

    And as for the people who saying, "We need to go back to Africa". Now that would be stupid and selfish of us now wouldn't. But I tell U this, ya'l the onesl probally need to got back to Europe because it seems like Your race don't like sharing. When ya'll came fist came over here to the "New World", Indians were already settled on the U.S.soil. The Indians invited ya'll here wit open arms, helpd with crops and then broke bread wit yall and U still ran them off the land that they first occupied. Then, with the help of our African Kings, we were sold to ya'll to help cultivate land that wasn't even none of ya'll in the first place. So all the Indians and slave was help help ya'll and ya'll still didn't want to share. Now, if anybody who needs to leave is the caucasina race bc they seem to not get alone wit people of color. The majority of Europeans in Europe is white, so ya'll wudn't have no problems… So us African American gone still do wat ya'll didn't want us 2 do and that's, get an education, get a job working wit ya'll making the same wages, buy and own land. So thank you for bring us to the land of opportunity and let that, "GO BACK TO AFRICA", saying be buried somewhere.

  60. Markis Alexander

    Too many of the white people posting on this are trying to feel less guilty for slavery by coming up with silly ass points. Don't feel guilty its realllly not your fault that slavery happened. It happened cause people in history didn't really think on our level today. Don't create those little sayings like "Africans were sold to America by their own people" to help you not feel guilty. That's an irrelevant point when talking about what makes this movie offensive. You should have no guilt. The problem with this funny ass movie with great acting is its depiction of slavery. Slaves on swings… being sold is like NBA players getting traded.. and the hair……. white people yall don't know about the hair but I'm going to just tell you there is KNOW WAY a black woman's hair was permed and straightened during slavery, not buying that shit lol. Anyways. Quit with the racism. Agree with Spike Lee this movie is offensive. It was like a episode of South Park for me. Offensive, funny, and I couldn't help but be amazed at the story telling and that is not me being contradictory its just an example of the age gap between me and Spike. I can like it and hate it at the same time he cant.

  61. Teryl Puzza Williams

    And as for the people who saying, "We need to go back to Africa". Now that would be stupid and selfish of us now would it. But I tell U this, racist caucasions the one probally need to got back to Europe because it seems like your race don't like sharing. When you first came over here to the "New World", Indians were already settled on this soil. The Indians invited ya'll in wit open arms, helped with crops and then broke bread with youl and U still ran them off the land that they first occupied way before U. Then, with the help of our African Kings, we were sold to youl to help cultivate land that wasn't even none of ya'll in the first place. So all the Indians and slave did was help ya'll and you still didn't want to share. So, if anybody who needs to leave is the caucasina race bc they seem to not get alone wit people of color. The majority of Europeans in Europe are white, so ya'll wudn't have no problems… So African American gone stil soak in everything that ya'll fought so hard to keep us from doing and that's, get an education, get a job working wit ya'll making the same wages, buy and own land. So thank you for bring us to the land of opportunity and let that, "GO BACK TO AFRICA", saying be buried somewhere.

  62. Jonathan Gaddy

    Foxx called Obama our lord and saviour? Now criticizes this guy for irrelevant expression. This world is really messed up.

  63. Armando Acevedo

    Oh wow. That was a good and entertaining Movie. It wasn't really real. Even movies based on "real events" are not real. Spike Lee is not a hater is he? I have a family member who is doing and experiencing things I can only dream about lke literally traveling the entire world and I'm proud of him, not hate him for it. Spike should just be happy that a black man he knows is doing great things and racking up awards.

  64. Angelo Darden

    Has anybody read Spike's quote? He said: “I cant speak on it cause I’m not going to see it. All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors. That’s just me … I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody else … American Slavery was not a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. It was a holocaust. My ancestors are slaves. Stolen from Africa. I will honor them.” So Spike, already said that he couldn't comment on it because he won't see it and that he disagreed with the treatment of the subject matter in general. That is fair.
    Now, before we get to Spike "bashing", let me pose the following; Suppose Antoine Fuqua wanted to do an action movie about Italian gangsters and it involved an Italian immigrant? Suppose the movie title was "Giuseppe Unchained"? And it starred, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drea DiMatteo, Michael Imperioli, Nicholas Turturro and Samuel L. Jackson?
    What do you think the reaction of the Italian-American community would be? Keep in mind the reaction they had when "The Godfather" was released (look it up for those of you who don't know).
    Now I'm just putting that out there. But honestly, if you were to substitute any other ethnic group, would they give Tarantino a pass? Please don't tell me "Inglorious Basterds", because everybody hates Nazis, they're easy. Hell, Mel Brooks did that too. Think about this, at NO TIME have Black directors been given the ability to retell White history; where's the Black directed western? the Black directed war movie? Think about this: How many of you went to see "Red Tails"? Remember how George Lucas couldn't get funding and had to do it himself? How many of you know that there was a Black director? (Anthony Hemingway)How many of you know it was a mostly Black cast? Now, how many white people went out of their way to see it? Yet Black folks are running over each other to see Django Unchained and defending Quentin Tarrantino. Fine. Just remember this the next time we start protesting about the lack Black presence behind the camera and the depiction of Black images on the screen. Because, they'll point out "Django Unchained" and look at us funny and say "you didn't have a problem with that". Peace.

  65. Pedro Elizondo

    Every movie will usually piss off someone. People have the right of their own opinion no matter how much you disagree or think that they are way off base. Let people vent and cry get angry and say stupid things. No one respects anything anymore. Letting controversial comments get you emotionally disturbed plays into the hate game. I hate no one and love everyone. Every individual is different. I don't judge by the past horrific events but I try to learn from them. Try to see everyone's perspective it will make you wise.

  66. Angelo Darden

    Chad, what exactly is "reverse racism"? Does that imply that there is a "forward racism"? Can an Eskimo be racist in a mostly white community? Suppose I were a "racist", am I obligated to show you deference? Can a person be a "racist" on a desert island? Ponder that, Chad because it seems you have a lot to learn about the nature of racism.

  67. Anonymous

    I am Cherokee and I agree with Chad Nevius, blacks who would portray them selves in a movie for money is irresponsible and an insult to the atrocity brought on from slavery and do not forget blacks in africa sold their own to the white man so to make the comment stolen from is also irresponsible on your part,maybe you should study before commenting Gregory W Thomas.
    do' da da go' hv i (Good-Bye).

  68. Josh Anderson

    i dont mean the "all" were, but a majority were, and if you dont believe that your lying to yourself. Its wrong in every shape in form i dont agree with any of it. it is just the unfortunate truth. JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING EVIL IN THIS WORLD BEGINS AND ENDS WITH MONEY OR SOME FORM OF IT

  69. Captin Kirk

    If you are born in this country, you are American. If you immigrate to this country then you whatevercountry/American. So quit calling yourself african American. You have no idea what being an African is. You need to get educated. Learn your history and what life is now. Blacks are enslaving all around you. Look at sharpton, jackson etc. Keeping black people down making them their own slaves and puppets. Now that is your lesson for the day and hopefully life.

  70. Anonymous

    Spike Lee has always had a chip on his shoulder; he needs to get over the past, live in the present and be responsible for creating a new and bright future!

  71. Anonymous

    Spike Lee has always had a chip on his shoulder; he needs to grow out of the past, live in the present, and be responsible for creating a positive and bright future!

  72. Anonymous


  73. Teryl Puzza Williams

    But did he have to comment at all. He just should've kept that to himself. He threw blows at Tyler Perry and we all know Tyler have abt 5 box office hits in 1 year..Spike is jealous. If you aint got nothing goo to say, don't say nothing at all.

  74. Kurdeliah Abdullah

    WOW! Neighter one of these actors are my favorite but, I would like to say "You don't judge a book by its covers" I have not seen the movie. I will wait until it come on pay for view and see it. But making a movie with so much magnitude one would think dealing with so much of our History ancestors enslaved by the whites and all ect., should want to make a moviefor the realness and how one may feel watching it. True That, it is all about intertainment but, eveything is not funny. A lots of American of all race, creed, nationallty of all colors can be affended when you are only thinking about your pocketbook and not the feeling of another person who can feel betrayed by another action. Remember where there is action there is reaction! Peace out!

  75. Angelo Darden

    Teryl, a reporter asks Spike Lee, a prominent Hollywood director about a movie. Why can't he comment on it? His comment was pretty restrained for Spike Lee. I don't think it's jealousy, I think he has a problem with how the depiction of slavery is being treated. After all, you will NEVER see any callous treatment of the Jewish Holocaust in a movie, nor should you. But we Black people let anybody treat our history with contempt. We fail to protect our "brand" and wonder why we're held in such low esteem. That's why I admire the emerging movie industry in Africa and the one in India; they make their own movies and tell their own stories, their way. Now I pose the same question; if the characters were, let's say Italian, and the subject was the Mafia, how would the Italian American community react if the writer and director were both Black? Do you think Quentin Tarantino would keep HIS mouth shut if it were a "Spike Lee Joint"?

  76. Christian Swanberg

    The depiction you refer to as Slavery being fun and laid back I think was kind of a parody of some sort. We look at it with the benefit or maybe detriment of hindsight and having NOT lived in that time. But who are we to say, for sure , that every plantation was like or not like "Big Daddy"'s was depicted in the film, Or Dicaprio's. We can assume all we want that it was more like a Gulag. But we can only depend on photographs and written accounts and testimony. Having been a fan of Tarantino, I know that he did his research and used it as a starting point to tell his story. He depicted the death of the German High command in InGLorious Basterds, yet everyone knows they didn't all die in a small French movie house. He is a very intelligent and savvy director and artist and to do the kinds of period and homage type films he has done, one needs to know his subject, to know how to venture slightly off. I am also a filmmaker and history buff but I will admit I don't know as much as I want to know but that is the part of the process to research and learn about something.

  77. Steve Moore

    After reading your comments, my use of the word "punished" may have been too strong or even non descriptive.What I really mean is being left to feel guilty for what our ancestors did.(And I do) They were wrong, so very wrong. Let's take comedy for an example. When there is a African American comedian, they make jokes about white people (and it is very funny). Yet white comedians don't make fun of African American people.And if they they do, it is not to the degree that an African American will make about the white person.If they do, they might be criticized.I appreciate your comments back to me and I am a person that really hopes that things can just get better than they are right now. When I look at my children and how they think, I believe that life is going to get better for everyone. No matter where people come from.

  78. Glory J. Walton

    excuse me, but I am 37 and I think spike was out of line. Does he remeber a movie do the right thing in which it depicted african americans in a negitive light. I think this Django is pretty much to the point and does not make slavery look fun or glamourous. If you watch the movie and know anything about slavery it depicts what and how most all black people were treated which was like property. Not human beings or equal. It was what happened then and there is no changing it. I just wish there were more moives to this effect like this one and roots. Because sad to say the younger genteration will only learn by this means becasuse it is not taught in schools and is shyed away from. It is what it is and we need to know our history. Goood and Bad.