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Sandy Hook Truthers Say Robbie Parker Video Is Evidence Of Hoax

Robbie Parker, father of slain six-year-old, Emilie Parker released an emotional statement today

We’ve covered much of what has come to be known as the Sandy Hook truther movement, conspiracy theorists rallied by the likes of Alex Jones to “question the official narrative” of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school — but one persistent and ugly thread to the denial of the series of events as reported has involved grieving parent Robbie Parker, who spoke directly after the tragedy about the heartbreaking loss of his little girl, Emilie.

Robbie Parker’s CNN appearance was one of the most upsetting bits of the Sandy Hook coverage we observed, and never could anyone have imagined that after the brave step Parker took to address the media just a day after Emilie was killed would later be rehashed in such a critical manner.

Like Gene Rosen, Parker has since been eviscerated by Sandy Hook truthers who have dissected that video — made during what was likely the largest amount of stress he would ever experience in his life — and populated the web with scathing accusations that the grieving man is a “crisis actor,” that his likely-nervous laughter is a surefire way to know his subsequent tears are fake, that no parent who had lost their child in such a horrifying way would ever be able to laugh after such a tragedy.

Indeed, movies and TV give us a constant portrait of grief we’ve come to expect, but the reality of the kind of shock people like Robbie Parker would experience is outside the scope of a two-hour long drama. And in real life, the grieving process is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all thing.

In the clip, Robbie Parker is seen nervously approaching what is very likely his first ever appearance live on national television, an experience that can in and of itself be intimidating. Sandy Hook truthers point out that Parker is prompted to “read the card,” another bit of what they say is evidence the event is scripted.

However, given the length at which Parker speaks and the coherence of his statement, it’s not difficult to imagine his remarks were prepared ahead of time. Regardless of the situation’s gravity and horror, it’s likely anyone speaking to every major media outlet in the US will prepare their statement to facilitate presenting a clear and consistent set of remarks. Imagine how the press conference would have gone, for a second, had the heartbroken man not had a guardrail of remarks on which to cling as he described the murder of his child the previous day to every single American tuning in?

Robbie Parker is not the only Newtown parent to address media, though by and large the grieving families have kept to themselves. And the same critique is offered time and again, as Sandy Hook truthers shout “NO TEARS” when families are interviewed in short segments on TV about their lost loved ones.

In truth, grief rarely looks the same between different people, and Parker is just grieving in the way that his own personality would dictate. The Inquisitr consulted with a psychiatrist about the specific behavior cited by Sandy Hook truthers in the now often-critiqued Robbie Parker clip.

emilie parker

The doctor says that it’s rare to see people who have experienced shock and horror such as that at Sandy Hook Elementary to even be past the shocked part of grief for days — and often their affect seems overly calm, unemotional or not outwardly sad. In short, behavior like what Robbie Parker displayed in the video is not only explainable — it’s normal.

DeeAnna Merz Nagel is a psychotherapist in Highlands, New Jersey and co-founder of the Online Therapy Institute. Her organization in part treats people who may feel wary of in-person therapy after a traumatic event, and Nagel explains how grief is a process that varies from individual to individual — and that emotions that seem out of line with a devastating loss are actually the norm:

“Some people experience chronic grief which can last for years and other people experience a shorter period of grief before moving forward … Generally though, in my experience, displays of emotion that are incongruent with the event occur when the event is particularly traumatizing or laden with shock and/or betrayal.”

Nagel continues, citing “paradoxical laughter” as a common and oft-observed effect of shock and trauma:

“In fact, a person in emotional shock may often display behaviors that may seem out of place but it is a coping response in their attempt to makes sense of something that is likely impossible to understand … The more familiar version of this is nervous laughter happens during intensely stressful periods- many of us have experienced this.”

A comprehensive takedown of Sandy Hook truthers in Salon zeroes in first on the Parker video and the online outcry — of which there is quite a bit, sadly — and points to an article in Scientific American about laughing and smiling during times of intense stress, grief or trauma. What the piece indicates is that again, experts in psychology have determined that a reaction like Robbie Parker’s is painfully normal and clearly not the hallmarks of a government hoax — the site both quotes and explains:

” ‘ … oscillation between sadness and mirth repeated itself in study after study … Time and again, a grief-stricken person’s expression would change from dejection to laughter and back.’ George Bonanno, a psychologist at Columbia University who studies grief, even developed a way to determine if this mourner’s laughter was genuine or merely a facade to hide grief — he determined that they ‘exhibited the real thing.’ Scientists think this is part of our internal resilience mechanisms kicking in, because constant grief is simply too much for a person to handle.”

So why the controversy? What prompted the dark corners of the internet to turn on Robbie Parker — a man who bravely took the time to speak in the midst of his greatest trauma — and start pouring vitriol upon him? Who would engage in such behavior, and to what end?

Mourners gather for a candlelit vigil at Ram's Pasture to remember shooting victims in Newtown, Conn.

Faith-related blog Patheos opines on Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, presenting a possible psychological reasoning for the tendency for some to do the unimaginable and strike out at grieving parents like Robbie Parker — the writer explains:

“At bottom, a good conspiracy theory makes us feel safe. It offers an explanation for the horrors and absurdity of the world. It is a secret gnosis that only the elect have. It fills our lives with purpose by making our political opponents into larger than life arch-[nemeses]. It flatters our biases.”

Ultimately, a confusing “narrative” about Sandy Hook is easily explainable — it’s not a narrative, people. A shocking an unimaginable event occurred, and reporting was spotty. The narrative is messy because it is not a narrative at all — it’s a collection of accounts from thousands of witnesses, the recollections of traumatized victims, the remembrances of shell-shocked loved ones and the ever-increasing clarity that comes with the passage of time. What appears to the tinfoil-hatted mind as a story full of “holes” was never a story to begin with — it was a complicated chronology of 27 murders, 26 inside an elementary school.

We won’t be linking to any of the copious criticism of Robbie Parker across the web, partially because we don’t want to direct traffic to conspiracy merchants and partially because we don’t want to be complicit in the promotion of such material in search engine results.

But in the exceedingly likely event Sandy Hook truthers are wrong about Robbie Parker — and all evidence suggests they are indeed very, very wrong — think for a second about what such assertions would do to a grieving family. In their worst days, this family has been on the receiving end of intensely cruel internet mockery, denials the crushing horror they experienced even happened, and attacks on their character as human beings. (And recall Parker stood up in his grief not to express anger or hate, but to offer condolences to the family of the shooter.)

“I’d like to offer our deepest condolences to all the families who were directly affected. It’s a horrific tragedy, and our hearts go out to them … This includes the family of the shooter, and I want you to know that our love and support go out to you as well.”

Robbie Parker displayed unimaginable grace, humility, compassion and kindness even as he faced the murder of his oldest daughter, a first-grade student who had yet to reach the age of seven. If you’re looking to exercise your critical thinking skills and amateur detective work, this particular angle is not an ethical one to explore, and anyone who has furthered such damaging claims should be heartily, deeply ashamed for compounded the pain of a family who have already experienced the worst possible loss imaginable.

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51 Responses to “Sandy Hook Truthers Say Robbie Parker Video Is Evidence Of Hoax”

  1. Chuck Anziulewicz

    Yesterday I found out that an acquaintance and Facebook friend of mine was a Sandy Hook “Truther” … that is, someone who insists that either the Sandy Hook killings DIDN’T take place, or that our own government actually orchestrated the slaughter of 20 beautiful six- and seven-year-olds as an excuse to confiscate everyone’s guns.

    This particular (now ex) Facebook friend of mine claims the latter, and he pointed me in the direction of a YouTube video created by one Ken O’Keefe, who purports that the Sandy Hook massacre was actually a sinister “psy-ops” ploy by the government. When I told him I didn't buy into such nutty conspiracy theories, this acquaintance of mine accused me of not being "open-minded" enough.

    How does one possibly argue with this kind of lunacy? It would be easy to assume that if you just ignore it, it’ll go away. But in this age of YouTube videos and one-stop-shopping websites for conspiracy theories like InfoWars and WorldNetDaily and FreedomWorks, such nutty ideas DON’T go away. They go VIRAL.

    Other gun nuts are predicting civil war and armed revolution if the government passes so much as ONE new gun control law; how does one counter such threats? Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro predicts a “tyrannical” government will arise in the U.S. in the next 50-100 years; how does one argue against such prophecies?

    What the HELL is going on?

  2. Kim LaCapria

    It's tough, because people who are prone to this sort of thinking take questions as evidence- in their minds, the fact that there is confusion means deception is afoot, when a small amount of critical thinking can easily account for incomplete or conflicting information.

    While the events at Sandy Hook have political implications, it's far more plausible that people were shaken and want reforms than the event was orchestrated to precipitate such sentiment. However, ask a scared child what the noise in the closet is and they're most likely to suspect a monster than creaky walls.

    In a vacuum it's no big deal, but the issue at hand is there are real survivors being mocked and treated horribly across the web – so pain is being piled upon pain and that is really deplorable.

  3. William Lund

    This article is a terrible. Then you post a video that shows him at the microphone. Not a truther, but this parker guy gives me the creeps. He was literally laughing before he took the microphone. I am sorry no person would be laughing then tell someone should I read the cards. He then had a 30 second pause to create his crying before he started speaking.

  4. Anonymous

    Yet if the situation were different, say, 'Emilie' had come to pass in her home, and the police were questioning the said person(s), they would become a prime suspect! So, which do we believe Doc? So many other inconsistancies with the Robbie Parker part of it aside. Time and eventually the story will come together… Or it may become an even larger (story). Though, I will say this, “IF” none of it is some elaborate plan to take the guns from the people, I do feel the families deserve to have this all sorted out as it would be a scar reopened time and time again when they go on the internet to see this crap smeared all over the web. I feel all the inconsistencies should be adressed and immediately so these ‘poor’ folks don't have to continue reliving this tragedy over and over again if this is the case.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    All your points were addressed in the article. We refuse to give visibility to YouTube accounts mocking a grieving family. Period.

  6. Kim LaCapria

    As we've said numerous times, inconsistencies are irrelevant to the fact many families lost small children. We know this to be true.

    As such, questioning how they grieve is a horrible and deplorable thing. Stop it.

  7. Anonymous

    Kim LaCapria Perhaps for people that can't think logically! You were there I will guess is how you "know" right…. Please, I am no truther, however I do see outside the lamestream media box Kim! If it did or did not happen I have yet to see concrete evidence proving the illogical inconsistancies otherwise. However I will not go on youtube and say that anything I seen is fact as I do not know. As for people that are "prone" to this thinking, I can absolutely say I KNOW why they think that way, and it is for the same reasons I would like to know for sure what exactly transpired that day. You can't call the kettle black just cause the "media" & "government" say it is!

  8. Lance Powers

    You start the clip where you wanted to,, Play it from the beginning from before he steps out the door,,, if you want to show the truth!

  9. Valerie Emmons

    Can you explain the fact that he had to get into character to grieve on tv for his daughter? And the many memorial Facebook pages that were created days before the incident? can you also explain how children leaving school talking to reporters stated they saw police
    looking for the MAN …not MEN. How did they know there was only inequality shooter when that had not been confirmed? after Benghazi we should question Everything!!!!!!

  10. John Evans

    Can you explain how Emile Parker is claimed to be one of the dead, but she was alive and sitting on Obama's lap when he went to Sandy Hook after the event? Is Obama raising the dead now? Can you explain the news video of the police removing the assault rifle from the trunk of the shooter's car after the event and then saying he used it? Who put it in the car after the shooting? Why? And 4 pistols with total clip capacity of 39 rounds and the coroner says every victim was hit at least 3 times. So this guy is such a good shot with 4 different pistols that he can run 3 clips through each and hit more than 80 out of 100 shots at moving targets?

  11. Valerie Emmons

    After Benghazi we should question everything. if our country can lead the whole world to believe that was over a video and a mob protest against the ys than it is capable of damn near anything.

  12. Valerie Emmons

    Then you are not journalists but mere amateurs. journalists give facts and let people decide for theselves. Withholding evidence is just bad journalism.

  13. Jon Rodriguez

    Amen brother I'm anti-gun and I am considering registering because this whole thing gives me the creeps!

  14. Jon Rodriguez

    You are a poor excuse for a journalist. Everything else that needs to be said has been said. Good day to you. Join our side we are FOR people's well being. Whoever is orchestrating this is NOT.

  15. Jon Rodriguez

    Watch it though and stupid Facebook posted this shit I just signed in to make a comment hahaha watch the video and do some search. Also read the comments from that article there's a lot more than that photo. I was just making an example : P

  16. Barry J Patts

    "Paradoxical Laughter"? I don't recall seeing anyone chuckling, giggling, or laughing at Columbine or Virginia Tech Yet even the Coroner after witnessing the "victoms" had a case of the chuckles.And when asked how many boys and how many girls his reply "I Don't know".Parker, Rosen, Saywer, A Cooper, The Sherriff, the familys.People in background shots..all have "Paradoxical Laughter…Heres the truth..The Truthers are the majority..and the truth will come out.Keep posting, Don't allow the threats of a local Sherriff to shut you up.And Vote evryone in the Congress and Senate out in 2014.

  17. William Lund

    Again you are wrong. Your article didn't address the issues. You hid the true video with this garbage cut. You didn't leave it up to the individual to decide. News is suppose to question everything. That's why Ben Swann is the best journalist now. Not ever Peter Jennings or some other top notch news man can touch. He investigates to let the people decide. Your article decided the outcome for us.

  18. James Creps

    I agree Kim Lacapria- you are no journalist. The points were obviously NOT addressed and the official story needs to be looked at. YOU may buy that garbage but we do NOT!

  19. David William Reid

    WOW! How nice it was you cut out the part before this where he was cracking up laughing then huffed and puffed himself into character. And how about the outright lie the white house and the media have been telling saying an AR15 was used to kill EVERYONE there, now this video on the news comes out of feds and state police saying the exact opposite that NO AR15 was used, but ONLY 4 handguns were used to shoot ALL of them! Who ever wrote this pile of shit page must be a liberal anti gun nut! Cutting out and making the lie truth only to the stupid brain dead who are mentally ill enough to suck up the kool aid. Watch it now people! The lies are pouring out!

  20. David William Reid

    People first off I want to say, watch the full clip this libtarded liar CUT and then posted here! Secondly? You should do yourselves a favor and BAN this site for good! Liar like this , you're KNOWN liberal media covering it up, and Obama should NEVER be trusted! The have proven time and time again being caught in so many lies its sick! Here is the full clip to watch.

  21. Titivillus Terisiare

    I like how the Media just labels anyone who ask a question about Sandy Hook a "Truther" or " Conspiracy Theorist." I would love to see CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, etc etc answer some of these questions. Actually I would love for them just to address some of them.

  22. Titivillus Terisiare

    Yeah your no journalist, but you seem like you would like to have some questions answered. People (sheeple?) most likely believe anything the media or government tells them. Why? Because in all honesty people don't care unless it effects them. Sandy Hook has a lot of questions and if these critics of people asking these questions would investigate a little themselves, well they might start asking a few of their own.

  23. Titivillus Terisiare

    Actually do you even care? Try looking it up, just not based off one persons opinion. Remember Iraq 2011? Remember Benghazi? The media will say whatever the government says or they will distort things to gain ratings, they are an entertain business after all. But please be your own person with your own mind. Do your research, check several sources and then draw your own conclusion. So don't feel like a terrible person if you don't care, your not alone because most people could care less as long as it doesn't affect them.

  24. Erich Kuersten

    maybe he was just super strung out on Xanax? My registering is he loves being a martyr almost more than his own child, but that's not uncommon in the US…. we love pictures of things more than the things.

  25. Cody Griffy

    I have to say I'm horribly disgusted with most of the comments on here. Can you people really not see what is truly happening in front of your eyes. WAKE UP!

  26. Bill MacAdam

    I don't know what I believe and it doesn't matter I do know the clip they offer and this entire article doesn't address any of the real reasons the conspiracy theorists give for him being an actor. The most important being that he is smiling and laughing as he steps outside, then mumbles under his breath that this isn't working, and walks toward the mic then pauses and takes 3 or 4 deep breaths as he changes his demeanor to cry. Lets face it its weird… Ill leave it at that. But its odd that this article started the video exactly after that part happens and doesn't mention it at all. Wouldn't good journalism offer you the real reasons the truthers give so we can all at least argue over the actual facts?

  27. Jon Rogers

    whoever wrote this thread, youre a fucking retard. dont call us critical for calling this actors bullshit, he laughed before getting into character to talk about his live daughter whos supposed to be dead, and his "subsequent tears" are non existant, watch the video, and watch every other interview video about all these actors live dead kids. those people deserve to lose kids, i hope they understand what thats like someday, or hell we could just round them up and shoot their heads off with shotguns! or wait was it 2 pistols? no ill use an ar 15. wait thats a shotgun. there were 4 handguns? ok its an ar 15. whatever the fuck the public will believe lets do that

  28. Stephen Clark

    Where are the pictures of Adam and Ryan together as children? Why did Adam vanish off the face of the earth in 2009, the same year Ryan left the state? Where is the school surveillance video showing Adam approaching the school with multiple weapons?

  29. Simon Copping Patton

    Deleting someone from Facebook because you disagree with them? And you take issue with him calling you closed-minded?

    And why continually refer to the fact that beautiful children were murdered as if that negates the possibility that it could be a covert operation? This demonstrates severe naivete. Western intelligence agencies and NATO sponsored terrorist attacks all over Europe that frequently targeted small children. These were blamed on leftists and used to effect political/social change. This is called Operation Gladio, and you might want to look it up before dismissing everything your acquaintance said as "nutty."

    You throw your virtual hands up and ask how you're expected to argue with such "lunacy." How about with facts and evidence? That's how I argue and counter-argue most points. You should try it.

    I think the only "lunacy" is the story that a young man with no history of violence, no motive, and limited firearms training inexplicably decided to attack a school he had no connection to with military precision, killing 26 people in fourteen minutes and then turning the gun on himself, ensuring that no one will ever hear his side of the story. In fact, he seems to have taken every step to ensure that he would be forever silenced. Unlike other mass killers (who are supposedly desperate to have their 'final say'), Lanza (or someone else) destroyed his hard drive. He (or someone else) also murdered his mother, who seems to have been the only witness who could have given us information as to who he might have been talking to, what he might have been saying, and what his state of mind was.

    Why did he wear a mask if he planned to commit suicide? A mask only serves to protect one's identity, and that would only be useful for an assailant who hoped to escape.

    Explain to me why a maroon van filled with armed suspects was apprehended by police on Danbury. Explain to me why an "off-duty tactical squad officer from another town" was arrested in the woods after fleeing the rear of the school. Why was he even there? Is it not strange that, as the witness who saw him being led into a police cruiser states, he was wearing black combat fatigues – precisely what we're told Lanza (or whoever was shooting) was wearing? These facts aren't simply in the 'mistaken' early reports, but they're documented on the police audio.

    Those woods that suspect was fleeing into, by the way, lead directly into the backyard of the National Guard. This makes the massacre at Sandy Hook yet another mass shooting event to take case within close proximity to the military. Aurora happened close to Buckley Air Force Base, which houses intelligence agencies, and many soldiers from Buckley were in the theater at the time. Heath High School in Pearl is close to facilities of the Department of Energy that are operated by Lockheed Martin, a major defense contractor that works closely with the CIA and the Pentagon on covert projects. Lockheed is on very friendly terms with the highest levels of the intelligence and political establishments. It also owned a factory that was, according to the Associated Press, used for "classified military projects" near Columbine High School.

    Why were we told for hours by multiple news networks, all receiving their information from law enforcement, that Lanza only held two handguns? Why did they report that the rifle was found in the trunk of the car until the medical examiner reported in his extremely strange and surreal press conference that the victims had been killed by rifle fire? Why did the police then reverse their previous claim and state that the rifle had not been discovered in the trunk, even though a video was subsequently released showing both a shotgun and an assault rifle inside the car?

    Is it not strange that Lanza's uncle served in the U.S. Special Forces and his father was a wealthy executive of General Electric, a corporation that owns NBC and has been at the forefront of classified military technology (electromagnetic, behavioral control) for years?

    Is it simply sheer coincidence that "active shooter" training exercises occurred nearby Newtown and on precisely the same day as the massacre? Is it only coincidence that the Newtown area had previously been the site of "active shooter" drills and, in 2011, a major training exercise by the Department of Homeland Security? In Aurora, a training exercise simulating an assailant attacking a theater was occurring at a nearby college at almost the precise time as the actual massacre. In September 2011, a massive terror exercise was carried out in Aurora that simulated coordinated mass shootings. On 9/11, the U.S. Air Force, NORAD, the U.S. Army, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and FEMA were running training exercises simulating live-fly hijackings, terrorist attacks in New York, and planes crashing into buildings. In the months, weeks, and days prior to that, a laundry list of agencies and groups were running terror drills that eerily foreshadowed the attacks. On the morning of the 7/7 bombings in London, England, a risk management firm with close ties to the British police and intelligence community (Visor Consultants) was running a training exercise in which near-simultaneous bombing attacks occurred on the London underground and at the precise stations the actual bombings occurred at. Months before the blast, a training exercise was held in which terrorists bombed trains on the underground and also a roadside vehicle. Mock news reports (acted out by the same woman who would later front the news on 7/7) were aired as part of the drill.

    I can go on and on about these mysterious 'training exercises' that occur simultaneously with or shortly before an event that is eerily similar to what is depicted in the drill. In "Deception 101", a paper written by Professor James Steinberg and funded by the U.S. Army War College, it is stated that training exercises are used to provide cover for the preparations and execution of actual covert operations. Knowing this, isn't the "coincidental" nature of these ever-present drills a bit hard to buy?

    What about the strange "gothic clique" that Lanza was hanging around with in school, when he started wearing a trench coat? What about the mysterious video that authorities uncovered, reportedly showing Lanza firing weapons with unnamed "friends"?

    Where is the fingerprint evidence connecting Lanza to the weapons? Where is the gun residue tests proving he fired them? Where is the footage from the security camera at the front entrance? Why is such a shroud of impenetrable secrecy being draped over this tragedy?

    You and Kim should, indeed, open your minds a bit more. In my view, the massacre at Sandy Hook was a part of a longstanding psychological warfare program aimed at the infliction of trauma on society. The goal of this is to standardize a state of terror and isolation so as to keep people submissive to the state. Gen. Douglas MacArthur said that the government has always kept the people in a perpetual state of fear, whether they used a foreign enemy (Soviets, Al Qaeda) or a domestic enemy ('lone nuts') – frequently both – to maintain a society that begs for their protection.

  30. Louisa Capell

    This post is a word for word copy of the same post on 3 or4 different anti truth sites. The exact same post. Is this guy just going around the web posting a cut and paste comment on every a bit truth site he c a n find? Under different names . I might add!

  31. Jeremy Smith

    John Evans you're correct and the 3 shot automatic sounds just like U.S. federal government black-ops, just like Waco where our government swine was caught red-handed firing on little children along with their mothers and fathers at point blank range with the same set to three shot automatic machine gun, watch a noble lie.

  32. Louie Espinosa

    Kim, You should be ashamed of yourself. When have you reported your convictions? You're nothing but an intellectual prostitute. You place money and your well-being over the truth. Then again, who wouldn't? Who wants to go hungry? So you report what you are told like the obedient serf that you are because when's the last time a reporter reported the truth? If you reported what was actually on your mind you would be packing your bags because you would be out of a job. I clicked on Jenna Ramsey's post to check out her Facebook profile…not bad.

  33. Kevin Purfield

    A lot of people are saying the children's caskets were empty in Newtown. The families in Newtown don't do any talking. Many parents have websites asking for financial donations but they don't return phone calls or email to me. Not one person expressed interest after I shared my experience of speaking to the families of the Aurora shooting. The Aurora victims families never saw the bodies of the twelve victims. All of the families had a funeral service.

    November 20th I spoke with Jordan Ghawi and he told me he never saw his sister Jessica's remains after the shooting in Aurora.

    November 23 I spoke with Gregory and Rena Medek and they told me their daughter Micayla's coffin was empty at her funeral. Rena Medek cried on the phone and asked me "where are they?"

  34. Scott Martin

    Kim LaCapria You got have more Louis lane in you lol even that fictitious character is more of a journalist than you. Look at the feedback here hahaha is it pretty much all people who are not conned, the jig is up and its over, you need to start to think about being on the right side of history now.

  35. Scott Martin

    Kim LaCapria You got have more Louis lane in you lol even that fictitious character is more of a journalist than you. Look at the feedback here hahaha is it pretty much all people who are not conned, the jig is up and its over, you need to start to think about being on the right side of history now.

  36. Anonymous

    I don't believe because this father laughed, and smiled in the beginning of this video, that he is not in mourning for his child. Every parent mourns differently. I lost a child also, am I' not to smile or laugh because my child has passed? I met a lot of people the day my son passed, there were smiles, and there were tears from myself, my family, and friends. Loosing a child is the worse thing that could ever happen to a parent, there are NO words in any language that will ever heal the hurt, I know this for a fact. But that doesn't mean we can't smile or laugh again. This man and his family will never heal, and never forget the pain of loosing their child, I know this, my son has been gone 21 years, the pain never leaves us. It's always a fresh pain, as if it just happened. My heart goes out to all the mothers and fathers who have lost their beloved children. We as parents are the only ones who know how much this depth of loss' truly feels.