Robbie Parker, father of slain six-year-old, Emilie Parker released an emotional statement today

Sandy Hook Truthers Say Robbie Parker Video Is Evidence Of Hoax

We’ve covered much of what has come to be known as the Sandy Hook truther movement, conspiracy theorists rallied by the likes of Alex Jones to “question the official narrative” of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school — but one persistent and ugly thread to the denial of the series of events as reported has involved grieving parent Robbie Parker, who spoke directly after the tragedy about the heartbreaking loss of his little girl, Emilie.

Robbie Parker’s CNN appearance was one of the most upsetting bits of the Sandy Hook coverage we observed, and never could anyone have imagined that after the brave step Parker took to address the media just a day after Emilie was killed would later be rehashed in such a critical manner.

Like Gene Rosen, Parker has since been eviscerated by Sandy Hook truthers who have dissected that video — made during what was likely the largest amount of stress he would ever experience in his life — and populated the web with scathing accusations that the grieving man is a “crisis actor,” that his likely-nervous laughter is a surefire way to know his subsequent tears are fake, that no parent who had lost their child in such a horrifying way would ever be able to laugh after such a tragedy.

Indeed, movies and TV give us a constant portrait of grief we’ve come to expect, but the reality of the kind of shock people like Robbie Parker would experience is outside the scope of a two-hour long drama. And in real life, the grieving process is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all thing.

In the clip, Robbie Parker is seen nervously approaching what is very likely his first ever appearance live on national television, an experience that can in and of itself be intimidating. Sandy Hook truthers point out that Parker is prompted to “read the card,” another bit of what they say is evidence the event is scripted.

However, given the length at which Parker speaks and the coherence of his statement, it’s not difficult to imagine his remarks were prepared ahead of time. Regardless of the situation’s gravity and horror, it’s likely anyone speaking to every major media outlet in the US will prepare their statement to facilitate presenting a clear and consistent set of remarks. Imagine how the press conference would have gone, for a second, had the heartbroken man not had a guardrail of remarks on which to cling as he described the murder of his child the previous day to every single American tuning in?

Robbie Parker is not the only Newtown parent to address media, though by and large the grieving families have kept to themselves. And the same critique is offered time and again, as Sandy Hook truthers shout “NO TEARS” when families are interviewed in short segments on TV about their lost loved ones.

In truth, grief rarely looks the same between different people, and Parker is just grieving in the way that his own personality would dictate. The Inquisitr consulted with a psychiatrist about the specific behavior cited by Sandy Hook truthers in the now often-critiqued Robbie Parker clip.

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