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New German Island Appears, Formed By Sandbanks Emerging From North Sea

New German Island Appears, Formed By Sandbanks Emerging From North Sea Top

A new German island appears to have formed in the North Sea, just 15 miles off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein.

Measuring 37 acres (equivalent to roughly 26 football fields), the landmass was created over the last few years by sandbanks emerging from the sea, and has already proven a hit with its first settlers: an array of (early) birds that have made the island their home.

Gulls, grey geese, eider ducks, common ringed plovers and even peregrine falcons have been spotted nesting on the landmass, which has appropriately been dubbed “Bird Island”.

And, despite being composed entirely of sand dunes, the new German island appears to be popular with plants: a total of 49 types have been spotted and recorded on the island. Mother Nature is to thank for Bird Island’s surprisingly lush appearance, with winds blowing seeds from across the European continent.

The new isle, which boasts sand dunes measuring up to 16ft high, has already prompted optimistic comparisons in the German press to Dubai’s man-made Palm Islands. German tabloid Bild writes:

“Who needs an artificial island off the coast of Dubai?”

However, Bird Island could be wiped out as quickly as it appeared. Biologist Martin Stock warned Bild:

“A strong storm flood could wipe the island out overnight. The plants do not have the roots necessary yet to bind the dunes together.”

Detlef Hansen, head of Germany’s national park, acknowledged the unusual origins of the island when he said:

“This is for us conservationists anything but ordinary.”

Here’s a close-up shot of the newly formed island:

New German Island Appears, Formed By Sandbanks Emerging From North Sea

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20 Responses to “New German Island Appears, Formed By Sandbanks Emerging From North Sea”

  1. Anonymous

    A Grand place to ship all the Loyalist who are loitering in Northern Ireland?

  2. Anonymous

    This simply cannot be! It absolutely must be a farce! "Scientists" have "proven" that global warming is melting the polar caps, thereby raising sea levels all over the world. We're being told virtually all coastlines will move far inland as a result! And, this story is trying to convince us a new landmass is literally rising up from the sea. Somebody is lying! I wonder if its the "scientists" telling us how evil man (and our machines) are killing the planet, or if its the folks reporting this story…hmmm, I'd say its pretty hard to argue with 26 acres of dirt where none used to be! How about all of the global warming alarmists erect a 10 meter high-dive right in the middle of it, then dive in head-first to test the validity of the story? Now, that would be entertainment worth paying to see!

  3. Don G. Heick

    The writer made it sound like the island just snuck up on them…

  4. Sasha Animelover Hannah

    by the powers vested in me..i proclaim this pie island soverign land of mine…passport required, visa's stamped at the gate 5000$ entry fee.. enjoy your stay.

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  6. Helen Cawyer

    That sea grass is pretty tough. It should hold things until there is enough bird poop to help some bigger plants grow!
    The birds will also bring in plenty of seed to do the job, too.

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