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Diamond Ring Finder Sues Owner Over Reward

Ring Owner

A woman who recently found a missing ring worth quite a bit of money has reportedly sued the owner for the reward.

Here’s the catch: Bonnie Land was arrested after finding a $20,000 diamond ring inside a tanning salon. However, the woman didn’t know what to do with the ring after she discovered it was still in her pocket several weeks later.

According to The Associated Press, the woman arranged a meeting with the ring’s owner in order to give it back. Unbeknownst to Land, police had been alerted to the situation. When she showed up to return to the item, police decided to ask the woman a few questions.

Several weeks later, Land says she was charged with stealing the diamond ring she had simply forgotten to return. In her eyes, it was an honest mistake.

“I felt so guilty about having it that I just rolled it up in some tissue and put it in a back pocket of my purse. I didn’t know how to take it back,” Land said.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the woman who found the ring is now suing its owner Melisa Boucek for the amount of the reward. Instead of being thanked for returning the item, Land says she was arrested and had her “character called into question.”

Jack Banas, former prosecutor and current circuit court judge, explained that elements of Land’s story didn’t add up. Banas wondered why the woman didn’t return the missing diamond ring as soon as she found it in her pocket. He added that he couldn’t imagine a jury giving Land the money for the reward.

Detective Mike Myers said the whole situation could have easily resolved had Land simply returned the ring to an employee of the salon.

“It was found in a room that only was used by one person at a time. Even if it was a week later, why not just go back to the place and say, ‘Hey, has anybody reported this missing?’ ” Myers said.

What do you think about the woman who is suing the owner of a ring she found in a tanning salon?

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67 Responses to “Diamond Ring Finder Sues Owner Over Reward”

  1. Sean Sopata

    "Even if it was a week later, why not just go back to the place and say,…."
    "However, the woman didn’t know what to do with the ring after she discovered it was still in her pocket several weeks later." So one week is ok. "several weeks" is not. She arranged to give the ring back. So…. what's the problem here?

  2. Bogusjoe Anzalone

    I worked for a large casino.When the maids found things in the rooms, they never made it to Lost and Found.It would be so easy to get things to the owner as the room always has a name and phone number and address attached to it.But how many motel/hotels make any effort?

  3. Peggy Hopfinger

    she probably had a million things to do and just forgot about ir big deal she was being honest when she found it in her purse now they want to be terrible to her she could have flushed it down the toilet at least she would not feel like a criminal.

  4. Sherry Farley

    I think the finder has been mistreated here. I have found stuff and put it away. Totally forgot it till I ran across it again whereever I put it. She met with the woman…the woman got her ring…why in the world would she not give the lady the reward. In my opinion the courts should award the finder the reward if nothing else but for the quesionable state the finder was put in. Arrested for returning something? Now the few honest people that do find something of great value are going to ask "If I return this am I going to jail?"

  5. Greg Herrick

    What, the doughnut shop was closed and the cops went into sugar shock and it distorted their good judgement? No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

  6. Rohn Kittel

    Dont be so stupid, found a ring you bring it to the front dest and turn it in. It's not your ring so why leave with it in your pocket unless you had no intention to turn it back until the word reward poped up. The lady that "found" it forgot it in her pocket weeks later, come on

  7. Anonymous

    What this article ignores to report is that the woman suing the owner "arranged" the meeting with the owner only after a reward for information leading to the return of the ring was announced. Why is no-one questioning how the ring got in the woman's pocket in the first place? If she found it in the room and had all intentions of finding the rightful owner, why didn't she turn it into the salon the same day she found it instead of sticking it in her pocket? Did she ask when she was leaving who had used the room before her? Not. Instead, she saw a reward posted for the ring, realized it might be difficult ot pawn, and contacted the woman to claim the reward. Don't you think since the police questioned her first before arresting her that her story didn't hold much water? Can't believe how many people here defend the "finder" just because of the way the article is written and not using logic to understand that the full story is not being told. Look up the original Associated Press article and get ALL the facts.. then see if your support for the "finder" is the same.

  8. Terry Adley

    Sherry, you are wrong! If someone finds a "diamond ring" you will not forget about it before you get out the front door.

  9. Shannon Allen

    I too think she should get the reward $. At least though she did the honest thing and have a clear mind.

  10. Brenda Oelbaum

    you know when you find something like that in a shop…I would not turn it over to an employee either…they could just pocket it themselves…she should get the reward for the trauma alone…hello…we all have lives we can't just drop everything because some rich woman snaps her fingers…I bet if she had taken the ring to the police station a cop it wouldn't have even got to her…some counter cop would just have pocketed it his or herself. Trust No One…and don't leave your shit around…clearly this woman has too much stuff for her own good, and what is she doing tanning anyways? more money then brains I would say.

  11. MissMerricka Seabrooks

    @terry, i think if the owner was so careless as to forget it, its easy for the person who found it to also forget…thats what everybody is missing…the finder did exactly what the OWNER did…forget. idk about this whole going to court thing, but i do believe it was just an honest mistake…remember we only know what the media tells us. Happy New Year!

  12. Cortland Gambino

    This one can't really be proven. Its a grey area. We don't know if her intentions were to steal it, even if we think we know. The facts are, she arranged a meeting at a time that is considered "too late"" but I would say at least she decided to return it for the reward, as it was very likely that the reward was less than the ring's value, so I'm sure she at least had some honesty. (or was worried that she would get caught with a stolen ring if she tried to pawn it). She didn't return it on the day she found it, but who knows, maybe she was in a hurry for work and forgot to return it for a couple weeks, it happens, even if a couple weeks does seem a bit sketchy. In my opinion, If she was really a good person, she would have not tried and sue for the reward, because any decent person would just give the ring back to its rightful owner and not expect anything in return..Although if it was me, I would be kind of mad that the owner got the police involved, but I would not expect a reward for property that is not mine, even if it is offered. All in all, I don't think she should be criminally liable since there is no "solid" evidence that she intentionally stole it, and she really could have found it and thought about returning it soon, no one really knows.. She should get the reward if she wants it because the owner DID offer the reward to ANYONE who had information on the ring, the owner shouldn't go back on their word, no matter how unethical they know the finder is, they still offered the reward to anyone who found the ring (my assumption).. Now if the founder got caught trying to pawn it, than the authorities should be in on that one. Just my opinion.

  13. Joanna Stair

    She could have gone back and said something like I'm so embarressed, this is what happened. Not taking it right back when she found it sound fishy to me.

  14. Brian Morrison

    I agree with her. If there was a reward that was offered, she should collect the reward. She did not pull the ring from the lady's clothes nor did she steal it out of her car, home, place of employment. She found the ring, held it, thought better of it, returned it for a reward.

  15. Craig Alexander Strobeck

    I was somewhat torn @ 1st…

    Side #1: Bonnie found the ring in a tanning salon & held tight to it in the pocket of her purse. After several weeks Ms. Land out of the blue recalled the ring was still on her person & contacted Ms.Melisa Boucek post haste to return it. The Police act as the law requires them to do so when 1st questioning Bonnie. She's arrested, charged with theft, her character called into question, & nationally humiliated.

    Side #2: Ms. Land discovered the ring in a "one room tanning salon". Which by guesstimation Melisa may… or may not… have been the last person in that room before Bonnie. Overwhelmed, as any person would be with what was starring back at her. (Bare in mind) a situation like this doesn't occur every day to most people. All things considered, her shock is what most of us could sympathize with. How & why Bonnie continued on with life after that, leaving the room, let alone the salon without notifying a soul inside is the 1st real question of many. I can't imagine anyone who could & would forget something so important. Thus Melisa Boucek is put through several weeks of unnecessary hell before reclaiming what's rightfully hers. Again, I couldn't begin to understand the pain and anguish she endured, though many could sympathize with her. So Bonnie's knee jerk reaction is to sue Ms. Boucek for the reward money? (Keyword – Money) With her only defense line being "I didn't know how to return the ring?"…Halfway through reading this story, the outcome I assumed would be Melisa suing her! But! We, the public don't have all the facts on both ends. I'd love to watch this case taken apart in front of jury though. Given the facts we do have before us it looks as though Ms. Melisa Boucek will win hands down!

  16. Dawn Abbatiello

    The woman didn't "forget" about the ring! she had every intention of keeping it until the reward was offered. Our society has become so dishonest and greedy. It would have been so simple for her to take the ring to the front desk and let them know she found it. Put simply, SHE STOLE IT!

  17. Matt Boyer

    As much as I think this "finder" might be a little shady, let me put it this way. I have found a wallet before and I would not leave it with the "help." Who is to say that the employee won't say "hey a wallet." So I took it upon myself to track that person done by finding his insurance card and contacting his agent. But who is to say its my "responsibility" to find or track down the owner. How can a person be charged with "theft" when they "found" something. So what's the purpose of a reward anyway. Just "most wanted" people or anything else. People increase the reward until someone is convinced it is worth their time. I believe the "finders" character is anything but angelic, but I would bet that the person who lost the ring is an inconsiderate a$$hole who thinks the world "owes" them the ring back.

  18. Anonymous

    Yea she should have gave it to an employee at the salon…RIGHT! they work hard to get minimum wage and lousy tips…That would have been the wrong thing to do…trust noone with something that valuable!

  19. J Douglas Froneberger

    Aside from the merits of the squabble itself is the problem here that a former prosecutor AND CURRENT CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE IS GIVING AN OPINION TO THE PRESS. JUDGES ARE ETHICALLY BARRED FROM THIS TYPE OF CONDUCT. He explained that elements of Land’s story didn’t add up. Banas wondered why the woman didn’t return the missing diamond ring as soon as she found it in her pocket. He added that he couldn’t imagine a jury giving Land the money for the reward.
    I helped my son on a recent assignment where he had to come up with the ideals, protections, and suggested changes of the 3 branches of government. This provoked some critical thought. However, we proposed the following: 1) prohibit judges from running on a partisan ticket and from affiliating with, actively or passively, any political party; 2) apply term limits; I am a believer that there are some judges that are reluctant to suppress evidence in criminal cases for fear of upsetting law enforcement or the general public; This would jeopardize their ability to be re-elected and get that six-figure plus retirement; 3) Require that all judges in the state of Texas be required to be attorneys, including justices of the peace. Too much power is given to non-lawyers who have power to issue warrants, (without being required to testify in district court as to probable cause), take money and property, and do damage; Again, I question. How many people would become a judge if they had term limits and couldn't retire in the position? How many people would want to do the job to serve the people, rather than power?

    It's no different than Congress! Why do we need 90 year old men in Congress who should have retired and brought in new blood? It's all about money! Congress can raise it's own salary without your vote!

    Yes, a great academic exercise for my child. He got a 95!

    Don't necessarily think like me – just with me.

  20. Anonymous

    I have to agree that this woman had no intention of returning it until a reward was posted. HOWEVER, this ring was not stolen. It was found in a public place. She isn't required by law to return something she found in a public place. People leave stuff everywhere, all the time. so, It shouldn't matter how long it takes to get back to the owner, if ever. No one should go to jail for this. Sounds like the other woman cried theft just so she wouldn't have to pay the reward.

  21. June Mike Duke

    This is an open & close case.. She found it…she probably went and had it appraised, she decided to keep it, but then saw the 'reward' that was being offered, and then arranged the meeting with the owner, with a made-up ridiculous story about "forgetting" she found it. paaalease! She just needs to fess up and put and end to it.

  22. Janet Robb

    There's no way you find an expensive ring and just forget about it. My guess would be that she waited to see if there would be a reward and then turned it in. She should have turned it over to the Police.

  23. Josh LeeVoris

    I would have just kept it. sold it few years later. there might have been tag on it but after couple years of not coming up she might have been home free. if the ring was worth that much the owner should have made sure that she grabbed it before leaving. here carelessness caused her to lose it.

  24. Brenda Wooten

    I find it funny that most of the comments are siding with the owner of the ring saying why didn't the lady turn it in as soon as she found it? Here is the simple truth. the lady found a very nice ring and kept it. when there was a reward offered she decided that she should collect $20K AND get the ring back to the original owner no harm no foul. Rewards are not meant for honest people in the first place because if they were honest they would move mountains to return something that doesn't bother them. rewards are an incentive for dishonest people to return things that don't belong to them in the first place. the lady offered the reward and should pay it. it accomplished the goal of getting her ring back. if she doesn't, next time she may not get her belongings back because she reneged…lol Karma will catch up to her AND the lady who found it.

  25. Justin Harrer

    What a greedy B!#^h. Returns it only when she thinks shes getting a reward. Then sues when she doesn't get free money for doing the right thing. Some people need to get slapped.

  26. Justin Harrer

    Someone should sue that lady for being so stupid. Or the owner should sue the lady for not returning the ring when she found it.

  27. Bianca Neff Diesel

    I wouldn't have turned it in to someone at that shop. A ring that nice? No telling who'd be wearing that ring now had she given it to the person working at a tanning bed.

  28. Jermell Beane

    If you dox this lady, she doesn't seem to be the scummy type. I say sue the shit out of the lady who got her arrested on false pretenses she could have sold it and made a quick buck if she had really stolen it and intended on fencing it. That "loser" who put the $3000 dollar reward is probably going to get taken for about 60k now for that scummy move (entrapment or close to it – offering a reward, then pressing charges when someone returns it). Look at the dates she tanned,"May9; June 6" the lady who found the ring only tans once a month. That being said, she was busy OBVIOUSLY she was getting ready to move and had a big trip planned some ring I found wouldn't be on the top of my todo list either. I hope the scummy lady who pressed charges for an act of altruism learns that being a b doesn't pay, especially when you're ignorant enough to leave something so valuable laying around.

  29. Anonymous

    If she returned to customer service who knows if it would be returned to the owner. Someone might just keep it. It's like finding something in the sand at the beach. At least she returned it when someone cliamed the item.

  30. Rose Snyder

    she didn;t steal it she found it and she should get a reward no matter what …..what the hell is wrong with you stupid people. She did not go into the woman's purse and take the ring. And anyone with a 20,000.00 ring should be able to pay the reward quit being so friggin cheap. let it go

  31. Mark Williams

    A reward for doing what is right and returning something tht is not your? demanding a reward.. there would be no discussion or article if the ring was worth 50 dollars i say the woman is looking for something she dosent deserve

  32. Chevar Washington

    I find it hard to believe that this woman just "forgot" she had something as significant as a diamond ring in her pocket for weeks. I would like to believe that if she had good intentions, then should would have given it to an employee as soon as she found it. Most people who lose items try to retrace their steps. I think that her so called conscience kicked in when a reward was posted.

  33. Donna Duzak

    If I found the ring, I'd NEVER give it to some person behind the counter. What makes you think they are any more honest than anyone else? I'd take the ring and bring it to the nearest Police Department, let them take possession of it and find the true owner.

  34. Sara Iqbal

    Land had no intentions of returning the ring. It's a lame thing to say that "I felt so guilty about having it that I just rolled it up in some tissue and put it in a back pocket of my purse. I didn’t know how to take it back,".
    It's more like she was guilty of stealing it.

  35. Torin Jacques

    yeah I'm with Donna. I go to a tanning salon on occasion, and although it is in a nice area, I wouldn't trust just ANYONE working behind a counter with a piece substantial piece of jewelry.

  36. Cindy Perme Hahn

    If she had turned the ring into the front desk I have to wonder if the employee would have been honest enough to try and find the owner. I mean really, a $20k ring? I think if I were going to be in a position to take it off for any reason I would have just left it at home!

  37. Karson George

    i dont know i was thinking about the argument that she should of given it to a employee.but i don't think giving a 20k ring u found to 20 year old blonde that makes less then 10 dollars an hour is a safe way to go

  38. Charlotte Lazaro

    I would have kept the ring until someone came forward at the salon to say it was lost.any one could claim it. the finder just had to put an ad in the paper and let the owner describe the ring.. simple and the cheapskate owner should have given a reward.,

  39. Yolanda McCrary

    I see both sides of the story. You lose something, you want it back. However, as an honest person who has returned things such as jewelry, cash, even debit cards, if a reward was offered, I'd want it. Many of you are overlooking the obvious here…if a $20,000 reward was offered, chances are that the ring is worth more than that and, the person is probably well off anyway, to even offer such a reward. Second, the ring was found at the same location where it was lost, so in theory, the "finder" can afford the same luxuries as the person who lost the ring. Third, a diamond ring is just that. Who is anyone to assume that the finder of the ring doesn't have there OWN diamond ring(s), or can't afford one herself? Like each of us, she has her own life and remembering to return the ring might not have been one of her top priorities! I've gone to tan before and usually it's just ONE of the many things that I've had to do that particular day! In my life, I constantly am running errands and going from one thing to the next. Forgetting to take care of something has happened to each of us. Just b/c this was of importance to the person who lost the ring, doesn't mean it was the most important thing going on in the other lady's life. It's wrong to assume that. For all we know, this could have been an insurance scheme. These days, many people insure rings over a certain value, so if they're lost, they get paid. Which, would explain the police involvement. If the ring was so dang important, why not put it in your OWN purse or belongings? Remember, things aren't always what they seem. Ijs…

  40. Jeffrey Bates

    well it really dont matter what she did with it….the owner got it back….but if this is what its coming to then hope you dont lose anything and i find it …im not goin to jail because you lost something…..ebay anyone….she woulda been better off…but instead… reward or no reward it made it back to the owner and this piece of trash has her arrested…nice work police department for even considering an arest….so after all that i would sue her ass too…………..

  41. Holly Wallace

    Yeah right! A $20,000 ring?! You would just forget that you had it?! I don't think so! She "forgot" she had it during the short walk from the tanning bed room to the front counter?

  42. Deb Morgan Meyers

    Something stinks all the way around here. Who takes off a 20K ring in a public space and then forgets it?

  43. Deb Morgan Meyers

    Something stinks all the way around here. Who takes off a 20K ring in a public space and then forgets to retrieve it?

  44. Aiden Kruskov

    You're all missing the big picture here. It doesn't matter when, where, or how she found it. She found it. How long she kept it is totally circumstantial. It proves nothing. She attempted to return it for a reward. Had she not returned it, it would have just been her ring. Because she found something someone else left behind. You can't steal property that someone abandoned. And whether or not you like it, the fact is, if you forget to pick something up in a public place, you abandoned the item. She should sue for the reward and sue the police IF she was officially detained. Because she commited no crime, and a posted reward is legally binding.

  45. George Morris

    EXactly why people don't return items, a freind and I metal detect togather, every school ring we find , I sell , but he always try ed to find the owner , sometime this took a lot of effort, gas., and labor, swinging a metal detector all day is not easy, well the last one he called the owner and told him instead of selling the ring for scrap , he would return it for 60.00 , which would cover his expences, the owner took him to court and the judge made him give it back for nothing, he has sense found about 30 school rings that he now scraps.maybe not right for the 30 but all it takes is on cheap bas____d like this to ruin it for a lot of people , but it is what it is! have a good day.

  46. George Morris

    kittel your the stupid one ,turn it in at the front desk and nobody will know what happen to it,it will disapeer,but if you must, be sure you get a receipt,with signature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. George Morris

    washington Try and remember back in your life when you were acussed of something you didnt do ,but everybody else was sure you did ,dont be so quick to pass judgement,sometime its very hard to face someone and tell them you made a mistake ,and tell them you are sorry,I have seen familys that were not on speaking terms for years over things like this,some even died before the truth was known,how sad!!!!!!!

  48. Anonymous

    The employee's story just doesn't pass the smell test. I'd have an independent jeweler examine the stones.

  49. Anonymous

    BTW: Who can leave such a ring, soon after notice it was gone, and called the salon as well as the police? Surely the store knew who used the tanning bed after the ring-loser. The salon manager should have contacted their client, received mucho brownie points for returning the item, and benefit from super word-of-mouth…. Unless, of course, the ring-bearer and the finder are partners in crime. I wish I hadn't read that story. I have more questions.

  50. Lee's Summit-Blue Springs area

    She didn't have to return it at all. As far as turning in that high-priced ring to someone making minimum wage in a tanning salon? Not too smart. Or for that matter -= overzealous cops? IT WAS NOT STOLEN! Owner should consider herself very lucky she got it back. But then again, she couldn't turn into insurance company and make another fortune on it? Hmmm Don't see her being arrested "on suspicion". If people are penalized and humiliated for doing the right thing, they will QUIT doing the right thing.

  51. Lee's Summit-Blue Springs area

    ok you people have a hard time believing she "forgot" about it when it is on the news every day that someone forgot about their kid in the back seat and it died? Far more precious than a damn ring! Get a grip America!

  52. Kathy Thomas

    No wonder people that find things just keep them and say nothing, {finders keepers} as the saying goes. So she put it in her pocket possibly intending to keep it but decided to hand it back and claim the reward and she should be given it! Next time my love just keep it and say nothing like thousands of others would have done had they found it!

  53. Cheryl Robb Auld

    Yup, I agree. If she had turned it in and no one claimes it, then maybe she would have gotten it back fair & square. If someone claimed it, then you get the warm fuzzies from making someones day. Either wa, you win!

  54. Gregory Gould

    No one other than the woman herself knows what her motives were and it does not matter.She found it, she didn't steal it. If a reward was offered and she returned it she's entitled to the reward.

  55. Anonymous

    Seriously? If you find something of value – it does not suddenly belong to you – if you choose to keep it versus turning over to the authorities or any party capable of finding the rightful owner, you are a thief, yes.

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