Facebook messenger gets a voice

Facebook Messenger Gets A Voice

Facebook Messenger is getting an update for both iOS and Android starting today, one that will allow them to begin use Voice Messaging … of sorts.

This release allows Voice Messaging to be integrated into the conversation. This service is now not unlike the Voxer app, a sort of Walkie Talkie system, with its ability to record messages and send them to users in a chat room. Facebook’s version of this app appears now to be a smaller part of the larger chat window. According to The Next Web, if you don’t like what you’ve recorded, slide it off to cancel the message or let go to send it.

In Canada, Facebook app users are beginning to get VoIP, allowing you to call your friends using the internet, and is currently only going to to be available to users physically in Canada calling other Facebook users in Canada on the iPhone and perhaps later the Android. This functionality uses data instead of phone “minutes.”

Let’s see this one make it below that border and use a regular phone interface to call people outside Facebook.

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