police and bounty hunters targeted for Burns Round

Police And Bounty Hunters Targeted With Promotion For Safer Ammunition

Boise-based company executives are poised to start focusing a new type of ammunition specifically for law enforcement teams and designed to avoid causing serious or fatal injuries. You know, in case they accidentally shoot someone innocent.

Integrity Ballistics LLC is a company that has spent quite a while developing and testing the technology for a round that resembles a shotgun shell. The bullet is a synthetic ball that flattens upon impact, intended to subdue the target, and law enforcement is supposedly getting first dibs.

After the September 11 terrorist attacks, Integrity founder Joe Kolnik brainstormed ways to aid federal air marshals assigned to protect public aircraft, and the idea for safer ammunition was born. The aim, if you will pardon the pun, is to stop perpetrators without killing anyone accidentally in the way and make it much less likely for the round to penetrate the plane’s walls.

The result of said brainstorm is the Burns Round, named after Kolnik’s cousin US Marine Lance Corporal Kyle Burns, a casualty of Iraq in 2004, the Idaho Business Review reported.

Jim Greer, CEO since 2008, said:

“It will be a lot safer for the officer and for the person being shot. What our products are going to do is stop and defuse threats.”

Greer said Integrity Ballistics LLC obtained a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2012, paving the way to legal manufacturing.

In testing, Integrity’s partners used the Burns Round numerous times at indoor gun ranges and other federally approved land. FOX News says they also sent the ammo to Wayne State University of Detroit for more intensified trials.

The company will begin marketing and distributing its product to law enforcement agencies, bounty hunters, and prisons in January. Perhaps we’ll see it on store shelves for felon gun owners as well?