How Will Google Glasses Be Used? Google Has No Idea

Google’s Project Glass raised a ton of eyebrows in 2012, and, while its technology is impressive, the search giant still isn’t sure exactly how or why buyers would use the experimental product.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Glasses, they are basically regular wearable glasses that place images and data directly in a user’s line of vision. The glasses will likely be attached, at least in the beginning, to a user’s internet connected smartphone or tablet-based devices.

Speaking during an interview with IEEE Spectrum, Glasses project leader Babak Parviz noted that the glasses would likely be used as “a device that would allow for pictorial communications, to allow people to connect to others with images and video. ”

Parviz then added that Google is still not sure exactly how that interactivity will occur, and therefore Google engineers are still trying to improve the communicative nature of the Google Project Glass experiment.

In no uncertain terms, Parviz revealed that the “feature set for the device is not set yet” and “is still in flux.”

The Google Engineer also noted that project participants have “experimented a lot with using voice commands” and “with some hand gestures.”

There was one happy announcement from the Google Project Glass engineer. Google has not made plans to serve advertisements through its high-tech wearable glasses technology.

While Google Glasses could easily be paired with augmented reality software it appears that Google is attempting to create a more complete package that surrounds every aspect of a user’s life.