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Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Squash Pregnancy Rumors [Photos]

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Squash Pregnancy Rumors [Photos]

Jennifer Aniston’s bikini got an airing over the holiday season, with the star opting for a beach vacation over a white Christmas.

Aniston was spotted rocking her bikini beneath the sunny skies of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with fiance Justin Theroux, her toned stomach confirming that recent pregnancy rumors were wide of the mark.

Aniston’s Christmas vacation, which PopSugar confirms will last beyond New Year, saw the 43-year-old actress don both red and green bikinis while sunbathing. Aniston was joined by a shirtless Justin Theroux, who showed off some fairly elaborate back tattoos.

A recent OK! Magazine story claimed that Aniston was “pregnant with twins” after undergoing fertility treatment, a claim that was shot down by a rep for Aniston in a statement to GossipCop:

“She is not pregnant and shame on them for once again making up the whole story.”

OK! is not the only publication guilty of being economical with the truth where Aniston’s womb is concerned. In November, Star magazine ran a cover with the headline “JEN’S PREGNANT!”, leaving the star’s overworked rep to issue another rebuttal, this time to E! News:

“[Star‘s story] is all a complete fabrication. [Star] has done this and been wrong time and time again.”

Aniston and pregnancy rumors seem to go hand-in-hand nowadays, leading the actress to make fun of the constant gossip in an advert for Smart water:

The latest Jennifer Aniston bikini pics seem to suggest the Friends and Wanderlust actress is not carrying child. Is she planning to have a baby soon? In short, nobody knows.

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7 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Squash Pregnancy Rumors [Photos]”

  1. Sabine R Thoren

    A story like this lets you see the down right lying printed magazines that are selling every where. It's all about money. I'm glad I don't buy the tabloids, any of them. Lie to yourself, its cheaper that reading lies about the hollywood trash.

  2. Donna Card

    IT'S SAD THAT MAG, news, PEOPLE and.ETC. DON'T GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT, IF THE STORY ABOUT JENNIFER BEING pregnant is untrue and SHE HAS WANTED A BABY FOR SOMETIME NOW.WORDS can really HURT people no matter how famous they are.

  3. Sandra Hughes

    Sorry that you had to go thru this…….. Jen & Justin. These Mag. are full of Lies. Let's come up with a new Mag. The real Truth Celebs want you to know! I was so excited to had read it in the store the other day about Jen with twins, Boy & girl and their $1m babies room, with some help by dad to be? I very upset about that , because I know how much she wanted kids. Jen if this is a lie, them you need to sue this Mag. It's all about $$$ & Lies. Jen go after them. Hopefully one day this well be true for you.

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