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3 Years Worth Of Ammo Magazines Sold In 72 Hours By Brownells

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Gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed in the wake of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. As the nation debates putting stricter controls on weapon sales, gun owners are flocking to stores to stock up. Firearm accessories supplier Brownells said that it recently sold more than 3 years worth of ammo magazines in just 72 hours.

Peter Brownell, the president of the ammo supplier, said that his staff has been working overtime to fulfill the growing demand for ammunition. Brownells released a statement apologizing for anyone who has experienced a delay on their order saying that the company was experiencing “unprecedented sales.”

Brownells writes on a web forum at

“I wanted to take a minute to shed some insight on the magazine situation if i can. First of all I wanted to offer an apology for the situation that Pacs and anyone else encountered with magazines being “In-Stock” and Backordered moments later. Cedjunior had it correct, the demand for magazines actually exceeded the ability for the system to keep up with the volume that was being ordered.”

Brownell explained that, in just 72 days, the store sold more magazines than it typically does in three years.

Brownell said:

“To shed some more light on the magazine situation at present, it really has been unprecedented in the last 5 days. (Edit – Sorry guys, meant 72 hour period) we sold the ‘average demand’ equivalent of about 3 1/2 years worth of PMAGS, and an even greater amount of our Brownells magazines.”

Brownells, the world’s largest supplier of firearms accessories, said that some companies have started to limit their offerings in order to keep up with the demand. A warning on the ordering page for one of Brownells magazine offerings, reads:

“Due to unprecedented demand levels Magpul is focusing their efforts on producing BLACK PMAGs for the foreseeable future. To expedite delivery of your order, we currently are only accepting additional backorders for BLACK 30 and 20 round PMAGs.”

Brownells, of course, isn’t the only ammunition supplier to experience huge sales in the wake of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Rowdy Enderle, a gun store owner in Missouri, said that the “crazy rhetoric” about gun control has caused sales to go up 300%.

[EDIT: This article has been updated to correct an error. Brownells sold 3 years worth of ammo magazines, not ammunition, in just 72 hours.]

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11 Responses to “3 Years Worth Of Ammo Magazines Sold In 72 Hours By Brownells”

  1. Justin Ray

    Brownells did not sell 3 years worth of ammo in 72 hours. They sold 3 years worth of magazines. Magazines do not come loaded with ammo. Whoever wrote this article made a huge mistake.

  2. Mark Makin

    We can all learn something by this. Most citizens know that the only thing betwen them and a bad person or a government run amuck is a weapon. We all know that the police cannot protect us, they risk their lives everyday but they really cannot protect us. The framers knew this and that is why we have a 2nd admenment, plain an simple. To deny this is to deny our very existance as a nation. Once the leftist gut the 2nd admenment, it is only a matter of time before the 1st is gutted, and so on. We don't need any more gun control, what we need is nut-job control.

  3. James Matt

    The 2nd Amendment is an outdated, passe provision that should and must be substantially revised otherwise more of our children will be slaughtered, many more innocent people will be victimized and killed. Guns in the U.S. truly serve no moral purpose and prevents America from being classifiued as a civilized country. All guns should and must be banned and this is the time to do it. Let's tell our prostituting legislators who are pimped by the NRA, the gun manufacturers and phycho gun nuts of America, who put guns ahead of our children, it's time to stand up and do the right thing. Ban all guns.

  4. Shawn Morse

    Guess you should expect this gun bann talk from these leftist. After all it all fits in with their abortion and death penality crap. I am so ready for Texas to get out. Liberals will bebthebdeath of this country.

  5. Deane Brune

    What makes you think that banning all guns will keep them out of the hands of criminals. All it will do is keep us from protecting ourselves and our property from the criminals and nut jobs who will always find a way to have guns. Criminals don't obey the law, that's why they are called criminals!

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