Ammunition Sales Spike As Gun Owners Fear Price Increases And Restrictions

Ammunition sales have spiked to likely record amounts in the wake of the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, gun sales have also drastically increased. Dick’s Sporting Goods removed all guns from the Danbury Fair Mall, which is near where the 20 children and six adults were shot and killed by Adam Lanza. Walmart has sold out of guns in five different states in recent days.

Unlike guns, ammunition can be quickly purchased online and delivered right to your door. Fears by gun owners that the panic caused by the Sandy Hook shootings could result in a gun ban, gun restrictions, or a big jump in prices led to the increase in sales. The idea of making bullets and shot gun shells far more expensive to deter purchase has been raised by some on the extreme end of the gun control spectrum.

The shelves in gun stores across America are getting bare, and now apparently so are the warehouses that stock the ammunition. A recent poll by CNN reported that 52 percent of Americans support some type of gun restrictions or gun control. The hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on weapons and ammo since the Newtown school shooting indicates that a significant portion of the country disagrees with the survey.

A multitude of new and existing gun owners apparently want to make sure that they are well armed, have a big supply of bullets, and can protect themselves from the bad guys who would still find guns even if every last weapon were banned.

Missouri Gun store manager Rowdy Enderle noted sales were up approximately 300 percent compared to this time last year. Enderle blames the “crazy rhetoric” from politicians for the higher than normal foot traffic. The gun store manager had this to say when discussing gun ban fears:

“They never ban a gun, they only ban the future sale of it. They can pass all the bans they want, but it will never stop any of those school shootings because there are already 300 million guns out there in the open and they’ll never go and take those guns away.”

Fellow Missouri gun store manager Jim Dumey had this to say about the booming business during an interview with the Southeast Missourian:

“We had a gentleman who came in and bought $4,000 worth of ammo yesterday.”

Gun owners across the country in Maine are also stocking up on ammunition, according to 560 WGAN. Gun store owners report that customers are buying not just new weapons but extra-capacity ammunition clips because they worry item might soon be banned.

An increase in gun and ammunition sells after a mass shooting is common. According to a recent History channel broadcast, gun sales jumped by at least 21 percent after terrorists permanently altered our concept of national safety on 9/11.

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