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Hero Lifeguard Dylan Smith Drowns While Surfing In Puerto Rico

dylan smith

A 23-year-old lifeguard dubbed a hero after Hurricane Sandy drowned this weekend while surfing in Puerto Rico.

Dylan Smith, a 23-year-old lifeguard who was named one of People Magazine’s Heroes of the Year for his actions during Hurricane Sandy, was found dead on Sunday morning near Maria’s Beach in Rincon.

According to CBS, Smith’s body was spotted by local residents. He was rushed back to shore, but doctors were not able to resuscitate him.

Smith was included in PEOPLE’s Heroes of the Year this year for saving several people during Hurricane Sandy. The magazine reports that Smith, along with 51-year-old Michael McDonnell, saved six people during the storm with a surfboard and a homemade rope bridge.

Katie Cregg, one of the people who was saved by Smith and 51-year-old Michael McDonnell, said:

“Michael just took charge. He looked me straight in the eye, and I knew then and there we were going to be okay. And then the kid with the surfboard arrived like an angel, and everyone’s spirits lifted.”

FDNY Chief Michael Light, a friend of the hero lifeguard, told the magazine:

“The same sport – the sport of surfing – that he used to save all those people, it’s so shocking that he perished that way.”

Smith’s death is currently being investigated by local police.

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17 Responses to “Hero Lifeguard Dylan Smith Drowns While Surfing In Puerto Rico”

  1. Bonnie Braida

    He job on earth was finished. He was here to save those 6 people. RIP hero

  2. Anonymous

    3 lifeguards died this week. 2 from Newport Beach California a 47 yr veteran and a 22 yr veteran… it is a Sad week for the Lifeguard Family.

  3. Antoinette Nunnari McCarthy

    Maybe all of these lifeguards are now needed to comfort all those babies in heaven…..

  4. Kathryne Marenovich Dicks

    There are no answers when young, good people die. My late, sister-in-law used to say God sends us here to learn. Some of us don't have much to learn and learn it very quickly. It comforts me to think the children from Sandy Hook and now this heroic young man were very wise and learned very fast. My sister-in-law was one of the fast learners, and I miss her.

  5. Anonymous

    Too often it's the so-called experts that get hurt or killed simply because they're over-confident and think they know enough when in fact they've just be lucky. Mother nature must always be respected – humans just don't live long enough to understand 14 billion years of physics,,,

  6. Anonymous

    Poor fella… to die so young. I guess he fulfilled his purpose, now God's bringing him home out of this troubled world. Hope his family finds peace.

  7. John DeTemple

    That is a stupid statement. These so called experts are out there, living life. While the rest of us get hurt walking the stairs or playing beer league softball. Their beer league and stairs are these extreme places, except that they train endlessly. While you sit on your donut eating 4ss and make comments.

  8. Anonymous

    Hate to say this on Christmas, but this incident is another example of why people doubt God's existence.

  9. Anonymous

    Even though I do not believe in organize religion, I know this man served his purpose in this world. To not believe in God would have meant that he would have died before helping others. Most people forget to look for the reason and yet some how blame it on the exact saem reason. Hopefully people will someday understand the true meaning of life.

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